Gajim - 2017-01-08

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  2. jere lovetox: I can't start Gajim if I install any of the last 2 snap builds of 0.16.6 on windows (01-04 and 01-05). But luckily I keep the old good 2016-12-29.
  3. jere The process starts and finish after 2 seconds. It doesn't show any error message.
  4. Asterix lovetox: hmmm about auto issue creation: 1/ That would also be nice to automatically get gajim and gtk version for exmple. But creation by a bot is not a good idea because then when we ask a question in the issue, reporter is not notified, so we never get an answer
  5. Link Mauve Asterix, you have the reporter’s JID, if you want further integration.
  6. Asterix then we need to add it in the issue, but writing it publicly isn't nice
  7. Link Mauve Of course not publicly.
  8. Link Mauve And of course not without their consent.
  9. Asterix account creation via XEP-0070 would be what we need
  10. lovetox jere, the build on itself doesnt have issues i have tested it
  11. lovetox i guess a plugin makes the problems
  12. lovetox could you start gajim with -v to see what causes the problem
  13. Link Mauve Asterix, yes.
  14. lovetox i see such a automatic issue reporting system as low priority, the problem here is not that we dont know about enough issues
  15. lovetox if someone wants to fix something there are 400 issues open
  16. lovetox :)
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  18. bot pushed commits to branch __ of _gajim_ <>:
  19. Link Mauve Both of my pending MRs are ready for review.
  20. Asterix lovetox: are you pushing to one of your branches?
  21. lovetox no
  22. Link Mauve Asterix, I was updating my MRs.
  23. Asterix ha cool!
  24. lovetox i did absolutly nothing right now
  25. Link Mauve Would be nice to have a better reporting. :)
  26. Asterix bot message is far from being clear!
  27. lovetox i dont know why the bot tells us this
  28. lovetox ahh
  29. lovetox ok
  30. Link Mauve lovetox, because it isn’t extracting the correct information yet.
  31. Asterix it's a webhook I found on the internet
  32. Link Mauve Which software is that btw?
  33. Asterix
  34. Link Mauve Meh, python2.
  35. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 4 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *2439a8b8* <> Make dialogs.AboutDialog inherit directly from GtkAboutDialog. *fd167974* <> Fix website URL (missing https:). *553fd8f7* <> Add the actual GtkApplicationWindow to the GtkApplication. *30f8a76b* <> Merge branch 'gtk-application' into 'master' Misc simple GTK+ fixes. See merge request !24
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  37. lovetox i test the chatstate MR in half an hour
  38. Asterix it's only the sending part?
  39. Link Mauve Yes.
  40. Link Mauve So far I’ve been unable to figure out the ged things to get them propagated.
  41. Asterix shouldn't be hard. Let me have a look before my neighbors arrive
  42. Asterix can't join muc anymore with your diff:
  43. Asterix Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/asterix/gajim/src/", line 2602, in auto_join_bookmarks bm['password'], minimize = minimize) File "/home/asterix/gajim/src/", line 2160, in join_gc_room gc_control = GroupchatControl(None, contact, account) File "/home/asterix/gajim/src/", line 302, in __init__ 'groupchat_control', contact, acct) File "/home/asterix/gajim/src/", line 387, in __init__ id_ = parent_win.window.connect('motion-notify-event', AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'window'
  44. Link Mauve Uh, your Gajim is trying to create a window without a parent?
  45. Asterix maybe yes, auto-joined MUC aren't shown
  46. Asterix is they are minimized on start
  47. Link Mauve Hmm, I did test with an auto-join MUC, but with another single chat window already open.
  48. Link Mauve Ugh, this minimise-on-start feature is so terrible…
  49. lovetox there is no parent when we dont have a chatwindow open
  50. lovetox as in minimized on start
  51. Link Mauve Which event should be used to know when the window will get or drop its parent?
  52. lovetox mom
  53. lovetox you dont need this i think
  54. lovetox just test if a parent is set
  55. lovetox on every chatstate send action
  56. Link Mauve lovetox, this is for the mouse motion event.
  57. lovetox yeah
  58. Link Mauve So that an inactive chatstate can be sent after 30s.
  59. lovetox ah its about connecting the event hm
  60. lovetox hm
  61. Asterix what about taking the roster window?
  62. lovetox its not just to set any parent, events are connected to the window, if we dont have a window we dont want events connected to the roster
  63. lovetox Link Mauve
  64. lovetox the problem seems to come with moving the event connect to
  65. lovetox it was always there and worked in chat_control class
  66. Link Mauve Asterix, not everyone uses single-window mode, it isn’t even the default.
  67. Asterix yes because we can't have a chat window minimized (so without a parent)
  68. Link Mauve lovetox, when the MUC is minimised we can switch to inactive chatstate unconditionally.
  69. Asterix no. Then ... don't connect the even at this moment? Connect it when the window is created?
  70. lovetox yeah thats what link mauve wants
  71. lovetox he searches for event that tells him that the window is maximized
  72. Asterix ha yes I missed that sentence
  73. Asterix Link Mauve: in probably
  74. Link Mauve Not maximised, created.
  75. lovetox yeah .. i meant that :)
  76. Asterix MessageWindow -> new_tab / remove_tab
  77. lovetox or on opening the group chat
  78. lovetox parentwin is set like this ctrl.parent_win = mw
  79. lovetox if we dont do this like that, and do it with a method
  80. lovetox ctrl.set_parent(mw)
  81. lovetox we can then in this method connect event
  82. johannes so the current master runs on osx, even without the self-contact setting
  83. lovetox thats just luck johannes ^^
  84. lovetox we didnt fix anything
  85. johannes however, dependent on the profile, the 100% cpu issue is back again. The profile has the similar plugins installed, the plugin that has contact with gtk2 has the issue, the other does not.
  86. Asterix johannes: do you need patches to have it workin on OSX?
  87. johannes software development usually should not have anything to do with luck, "rockstars" or anything similar...
  88. johannes Asterix: Not anymore, lovetox added the two patches I used to have himself
  89. Asterix ok. And I guess the wiki page is not uptodate to install it?
  90. lovetox i dont understand the sentence
  91. lovetox there is no plugin that has contact with gtk2
  92. lovetox what should that be
  93. lovetox Asterix the wiki page is updated
  94. johannes it should have been profile instead of plugin in that place
  95. johannes A current nasty issue is that the keyboard is handled badly such that all keys are catched with breaks compose and window manager functionality
  96. Asterix nice!
  97. johannes with/witch
  98. lovetox so you mean its a problem of using the same profile for the gtk2 branch and gtk3 branch
  99. johannes maybe. maybe it even suffices to have gtk2 branch access the folder once
  100. Link Mauve johannes, IIRC your 100% CPU issue was due to your proxy, is it still the case?
  101. Link Mauve An up to date cProfile would be useful.
  102. johannes also, there appear to be direct accesses to /dev/dsp, they should not be in there
  103. johannes dev ='/dev/dsp', 'w') NameError: name 'oss' is not defined
  104. johannes common/
  105. johannes obviously not existing on anything but linux
  106. lovetox ah yeah sound thing
  107. lovetox yeah we have to do something for mac here
  108. Link Mauve johannes, nah, it doesn’t exist on Linux anymore, that’s more for older BSD support.
  109. Link Mauve lovetox, imo Gajim should just stop playing sound by itself, and instead rely on GTK+.
  110. lovetox if thats possible sure :)
  111. lovetox can you point me to the lib?
  112. Asterix I have a camberra patch somwhere
  113. Link Mauve ^
  114. Asterix it's attacjes to a ticket somwhere
  115. Asterix need to GO
  116. Asterix CU
  117. Link Mauve \o_
  118. lovetox so whats the lib
  119. lovetox canberra?
  120. Link Mauve Yes.
  121. johannes Let's see how things evolve, I've heard of people around Psi+ adding more patches to support recent XEPs
  122. johannes If they manage to add a working OMEMO feature they'll be quite some bit ahead in the cross-platform messenger race
  123. lovetox there is no race johannes
  124. lovetox nobody gains something from it :)
  125. johannes how about end users getting a decent, easy to use messenger to use everywhere?
  126. lovetox i meant for the developers
  127. lovetox i would race if i would get more money if more users use the software :)
  128. lovetox and if people add something to psi or pidgin its not to win a race
  129. Link Mauve lovetox, it’s only due to you that you don’t get money for that. :p
  130. lovetox its just so they can use the software that they like
  131. lovetox is asterix paying you and i dont know about it? :D
  132. Link Mauve I’m not talking about Asterix or me, we obviously did the same choice as you to not get paid by anyone to work on it, but you can do otherwise if you prefer so.
  133. Link Mauve I get paid to work on other free software.
  134. lovetox ah thats what you mean
  135. Link Mauve If that would help it progress faster, then definitely go for it. :)
  136. lovetox no working conditions in software development are not good
  137. lovetox my job is better :)
  138. lovetox i dont find any documentation about libcanberra
  139. lovetox also its seems not to be available on windows
  140. lovetox and it uses gstreamer as backend
  141. lovetox so why not just use gstreamer?
  142. Link Mauve lovetox, no, it doesn’t depend on Gstreamer, it can use multiple backends, and it implements the XDG Sound Theme Specification.
  143. Link Mauve You could implement it yourself, but why do that when you can just focus on telling it to play a sound?
  144. lovetox it seems not something i want to build on
  145. lovetox last update 2012
  146. lovetox how long is this going to work?
  147. lovetox is it available for mac?
  148. Link Mauve Until GNOME stops using it I guess?
  149. Link Mauve No idea, probably.
  150. Link Mauve I don’t know anything about OS X.
  151. lovetox the whole reason we talk about this is to get it working on osx
  152. Link Mauve Contributing it a backend sounds way more useful than bolting yet another sound backend to Gajim.
  153. Link Mauve (If it doesn’t already have one.)
  154. Link Mauve GSound sounds even more interesting btw.
  155. lovetox yeah
  156. Link Mauve So johannes, please install gsound and try it on OS X, to see if it works properly.
  157. Link Mauve Same to you lovetox on Windows.
  158. lovetox yeah :)
  159. lovetox no seems that is not available for windows
  160. lovetox but to be honest there is not much to gain here
  161. lovetox it just one call to the winsound api, thats all
  162. lovetox playsound(asdasd)
  163. lovetox we can use GSound for mac/linux
  164. lovetox hm LinkMauve
  165. lovetox GSound is not a solution, its not working on mac nor windows
  166. lovetox i think in this case the easiest solution is just to import the apple api and call there soundplaying api
  167. Link Mauve lovetox, a real benefit of switching to the XDG specification would be to allow users to change sound themes very easily, which is currently impossible AFAIK.
  168. Link Mauve And to manage that system-wide.
  169. lovetox but that would only work on linux
  170. lovetox much work for something about never be used
  171. lovetox there are maybe 2 sounds that we play
  172. lovetox and they can be changed through preference
  173. Link Mauve lovetox, why do you always want to duplicate system-specific stuff, instead of letting your libraries do that for you? :/
  174. lovetox there is no library that can play sound on all platforms
  175. lovetox and im talking about adding 4 lines of code to play a sound on mac
  176. lovetox and you talk about, i dont know, sound themes and stuff
  177. lovetox i couldnt care less even if mac has no sound at all, this would probably diminish the gajim experience about 1%
  178. lovetox there are a multitude of real problems that diminish the experience significantly
  179. lovetox so priorities is what im about
  180. lovetox im not holding anyone back to rewrite the whole soundstuff, i would rather want that they invest theire time into something else :)
  181. Link Mauve lovetox, what are the remaining blockers for the next release btw?
  182. Link Mauve I’ve been wanting to give a shot at audio/video, audio works properly it seems.
  183. lovetox hm lets see
  184. Link Mauve Maybe it would make sense to open a tracking bug for that.
  185. Link Mauve Maybe it would make sense to open a tracking issue for that.
  186. lovetox i find audio/video not blocking, because its not a core feature of gajim
  187. lovetox the roster issue we should fix that
  188. lovetox and rewrite all windows so we can use them with global menus
  189. lovetox i think thats about it
  190. Link Mauve I tried to get GAction to work yesterday, but I didn’t manage to find out how to test them.
  191. Link Mauve GNOME-Shell didn’t display any of them for example.
  192. lovetox hm is there not some command to export all actions
  193. lovetox hm no by adding them they should be automatically exported
  194. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/gajim_0.16_ of _gajim_ <>: *a74fcd91* <> Add 'common' to packages included in win build Because demandimport is not used anymore cx_freeze doesnt add it to the build, this causes plugins that still import demandimport to fail
  195. lovetox jere thanks for reporting the issue, i found what caused it, i think you can use the nightly after tomorrow again
  196. iPwn lovetox, branch 0.16.0 trought git clone dont run well on OSX, to work well i have to comment a line
  197. lovetox yeah which?
  198. iPwn line 32 from some plugin
  199. lovetox can you be more specific :D
  200. lovetox
  201. lovetox you mean this?
  202. lovetox i fixed that in the master branch
  203. lovetox just update your repo
  204. lovetox git pull
  205. iPwn lovetox‎:", line 32
  206. iPwn hmm ok
  207. iPwn bb
  208. lovetox Asterix, Link Mauve, i would start now to add global menu, but as we cant modify the global menu once its exported, i see 3 ways to port our account submenus
  209. lovetox 1. we move all menus that need the account name to the rightclick on account row menu
  210. lovetox 2. on clicking for example "XML Console" a window opens that lets you choose account and then opens the xml console
  211. lovetox 3. we integrate a account chooser into every window that needs it
  212. lovetox xml console, add contact, join chatroom, privacylists, archivepreferences ..
  213. Link Mauve Add contact already has one AFAIK.
  214. lovetox yeah its easy there, we only have to make it visible always
  215. lovetox from a design view, its kind of wrong that we have account dependent actions in a global menu
  216. lovetox but we have a lot of these, and for example the Actions menu would be gone without them
  217. lovetox though the richtclick on account row is not obvious, people will not find it
  218. zak How about a submenu "Accounts" in global menu?
  219. Link Mauve lovetox, maybe have a look at how other clients solved this issue?
  220. lovetox there are other clients that use GTK3?
  221. zak lol :-D
  222. lovetox zak thats not possible as accounts number can change but we can build the global menu only once
  223. Link Mauve Sure, Pidgin, Empathy, and probably some other ones.
  224. zak You can only create a global menu once in GTK3? Guess we'll have to wait for GTK4 then...
  225. lovetox why should it be different there zak?
  226. zak Then a second menu "accounts"?
  227. lovetox whats a second menu?
  228. lovetox you cant modify the menu at runtime
  229. Link Mauve zak, it’s a system limitation, more than a toolkit one.
  230. zak I understand with "menu" you mean the menubar of applications?
  231. Link Mauve (AIUI.)
  232. lovetox yes the menubar
  233. Link Mauve zak, menubar which can happen to be put somewhere else than in the program’s window.
  234. Link Mauve In which case, you can’t do anything about it.
  235. zak Okay, and you cannot change the items in there during runtime? Okay then... that's bad I think.
  236. lovetox we just have to think of another way :)
  237. lovetox hm maybe im wrong
  238. zak In Pidgin there is e menuitem "Accounts" with an item "Activate accounts ->" and the items there are added dynamically.
  239. lovetox pidgin can do this it seems
  240. lovetox :)
  241. zak :-)
  242. lovetox but are we sure they use gtk3
  243. zak Not yet I think. That's why I proposed waiting for GTK4. Maybe they did something in GTK3 so that it's not possible there.
  244. lovetox there will be no GTK4 in the next 2 years
  245. lovetox GTK4 will be a development branch 2 years long until its released
  246. zak It was not meant seriously.
  247. Link Mauve lovetox, yes, their default branch is on gtk3.
  248. lovetox hm so maybe i was wrong, have to look into that
  249. lovetox sadly its all written in c
  250. Link Mauve lovetox, gtk4 is already a thing, it will be used by every GNOME projects on release, and every DeprecationWarning you still have in Gajim will prevent you from using it. :)
  251. lovetox why should i use a development branch of gtk?
  252. Link Mauve There are a bunch of very interesting new features.
  253. lovetox that you cannot be sure stay in there until its released :)
  254. Link Mauve Sure you can…
  255. Link Mauve As if people were going to write code, get everyone else to use it, to end up removing all of it.
  256. johannes lovetox: maye you would like to give this a look:
  257. lovetox gnome said themself only use gtk4 if you accept its a dev branch and can change heavily
  258. Link Mauve lovetox, yes, just like gtk3 has done from 3.0 to 3.22.
  259. johannes the apple hi guidelines actually are quite good at many points. after all they appear to influence or more than influence UIs aside of apple...
  260. lovetox johannes we use GTK, not a apple UI SDK
  261. lovetox the global menu is build by apple itself we dont have anything to do with it
  262. lovetox and other than that i dont see how we can do much more in a apple way
  263. johannes that does not hinder you from using gtk in a way that would comply with their HI guidelines
  264. johannes there is a difference between a concept a sdk
  265. johannes if you comply the probability that gajim is accepted by osx users significantly raises...
  266. lovetox and what about Windows guidlines and Ubuntu Guidlines? and Gnome Guidlines?
  267. lovetox :D
  268. lovetox you get your global menu
  269. lovetox thats about it, i dont see what more can be done here
  270. lovetox maybe you can point out something specific
  271. lovetox not pointing to some guidlines
  272. johannes I guess if you take a look at recent ubuntu, gnome and osx the question answers itself ;)
  273. johannes windows surely has UI guidelines too.
  274. johannes take a look at the "integrating with macos" part, that actually illustrates the concepts very detailled.
  275. johannes that appear to be the microsoft guidelines.
  276. johannes the "ux checklist" looks quite detailled
  277. Asterix while I hate the idea to change our GUI because of the SDK instead of user experience, I think we don't have choice unfortunately. for start chat, we can add a account combobox. And it's already in accounts row send single message, we can add a combobox and maybe add it to accounts row (but it's never used. So bloating the menu isn't nice) join groupchat: the accounts seubmenu isn't enough. The groupchat list is there too and that's not possible. So we can only show the join new groupchat window, and add a bookmarks combobox there add contact: show the account combobox discover services -> show our contacts in the top of the address combobox maybe? advanced -> maybe only in account row? That doesn't really matter if user don't see that.
  278. Link Mauve Asterix, btw, I wanted to replace the “start chat” dialogue with the one in single chat to invite other users to an ad-hoc MUC, Tobias gave me that idea the other day.
  279. Link Mauve It’s already almost usable as-is.
  280. Link Mauve It only needs the ability to use arbitrary JIDs too.
  281. Asterix Link Mauve: you mean chosse the contact to chat with from our contact list instead of typing the JID? and keep the ability to write a JID somewhere?
  282. Link Mauve Yes.
  283. Link Mauve And make ad-hoc MUCs the default in case the user selects more than one contact.
  284. Asterix I often use this window only for starting a chat with a JID not in my roster. It's easy to type contact's name in roster to search it and type enter to start chat
  285. Link Mauve But you can’t start a chat with two contacts at the same time, can you?
  286. Asterix we can select them, right click -> invite to -> new groupchat
  287. Asterix not obvious I Agree
  288. Link Mauve I very often hear that Gajim’s UI is bad, or “not modern”, but I’m not too sure of what to fix for that.
  289. Link Mauve A bad thing is the tendency to add checkboxes for common operations, things that should be hidden away imo.
  290. Asterix Hard for me to tell. As I designed most of the things, they are obvious to me ;)
  291. lovetox its not so bad for people that use pcs for a decade
  292. lovetox for young people who only know smartphones
  293. lovetox its seems bad
  294. Asterix Link Mauve: do you want me to report the TB I have when I use your MR for sending chatstate in MUC?
  295. bot pushed commits to branch __ of _gajim_ <>:
  296. lovetox so i looked at pidgin code
  297. lovetox they dont use gtkapplication, hence they dont use global menus
  298. lovetox its just ubuntu translating theire menus into global menus
  299. lovetox its just ubuntu translating their menus into global menus
  300. Asterix so it doesn't work in ubuntu as it doesn't work for us?
  301. lovetox it does work in ubuntu, because they build their menus different than we do
  302. lovetox we depend on a click event on the menu
  303. lovetox to start the build
  304. lovetox we dont get events from ubuntu
  305. lovetox hence our menus dont work
  306. lovetox pidgin builds their menus depending on a event "add account" for example
  307. lovetox and then they modify the menu
  308. Link Mauve Asterix, nah, I already reproduced, I was just doing other things today.
  309. Link Mauve lovetox, that’s the correct way to go.
  310. lovetox so not using global menus?
  311. Link Mauve Ah, no, I mean creating the meny as early as possible.
  312. Link Mauve It reduces the delay when the user clicks on it.
  313. Link Mauve That’s one of the biggest things making the user perceive a software as being slow.
  314. lovetox yes ok, but thats only a issue with normal menus
  315. lovetox i still think we cannot modify GMenus
  316. lovetox pidgin doesnt use GMenus
  317. lovetox they use GtkMenus
  318. lovetox which are not global by default
  319. lovetox the OS has to make them that way
  320. lovetox i could modify our menus to build not on click event
  321. lovetox but i wanted to use GMenus originally
  322. lovetox for example OS X doesnt translate GtkMenus to glaobal menus
  323. Link Mauve Yeah, GMenu is the correct way.
  324. lovetox yeah i also think that
  325. lovetox and it good that we revamp our gui
  326. lovetox and think about whats useful and whats not
  327. lovetox in the process
  328. lovetox for example all advanced options, we could move to the right click on account row
  329. bot pushed commits to branch __ of _gajim_ <>:
  330. bot pushed commits to branch __ of _gajim_ <>:
  331. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *f433c099* <> Add NSIS Script for portable windows installer *1bef52cf* <> Merge branch 'portable' into 'master' Add NSIS Script for portable windows installer See merge request !26
  332. bot pushed commits to branch __ of _gajim_ <>:
  333. bot pushed commits to branch __ of _gajim_ <>:
  334. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/gajim_0.16_ of _gajim_ <>: *435c201e* <> Add NSIS Script for portable windows installer *1258e654* <> Merge branch 'gajim_0.16' into 'gajim_0.16' Add NSIS Script for portable windows installer Fixes #2860 See merge request !27
  335. bot pushed commits to branch __ of _gajim_ <>:
  336. bot pushed commits to branch __ of _gajim_ <>:
  337. Asterix lovetox: did you see my message:
  338. lovetox yeah
  339. Asterix if we really cannot change a GMenu, then that's the way to go
  340. lovetox i will do it that way, we can test and discuss if we like it when the MR is ready and everyone can checkout
  341. Asterix hmmm there is g_menu_remove / append
  342. lovetox yeah i think thats when you build the menu in code
  343. lovetox but once you tell the application -> this is your gmenu
  344. lovetox you dont have a handle on the object anymore that the system than creates
  345. Asterix can't we tell application, forget the menu, this is the new one?
  346. lovetox yeah i thought about that, i will test that
  347. lovetox Asterix with tomorrow we now have portable installers
  348. Asterix I'm seeing that
  349. lovetox difference is, no registry entrys, nothing is done outside the dir you choose to install, no admin rights needed
  350. Asterix this mean a .bat with -c? no reg
  351. lovetox the installer, places one shortcut inside the Gajim dir
  352. lovetox that has the -c ../UserData
  353. lovetox arg set
  354. lovetox everyone that browses to the installdir, will first see this shortcut and will not think about browsing the bin dir
  355. lovetox to start the gajim.exe
  356. lovetox but i will a make a wiki entry about this also
  357. Asterix yep ok
  358. Asterix nic
  359. Asterix nice
  360. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/gajim_0.16_ of _gajim_ <>: *b75b753e* <> Add German translation string to NSIS Script
  361. Asterix arg ... still no way to run 2 Gajim instance. I can't run your chatstate with my normal account as it crashes. So I'll play with received chatstate when I'll be able to
  362. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/gajim_0.16_ of _gajim_ <>: *18058708* <> Fix German translation typo in NSIS Script
  363. lovetox Asterix
  364. lovetox just change the Application ID
  365. lovetox in
  366. Asterix org.gajim.Gajim.1 is not valid. org.gajim.Gajim1 is
  367. lovetox good to know
  368. lovetox hm cancel what i said, it seems we can modify the menu ^^
  369. lovetox or at least i hope, i have to test it
  370. lovetox if we can do this we still should think about how we can improve the workflow
  371. lovetox now we have the action menu
  372. lovetox which has on every item a submenu with accounts
  373. lovetox from that we go furter, so 3 menus
  374. lovetox what if we had a account menu that displays the accounts
  375. lovetox and has a submenu with all functions
  376. lovetox this spares a whole level of submenus
  377. lovetox ok i think i have time tomorrow then i will add the MR for this :)
  378. Asterix how many users have several accounts?
  379. Asterix if there is only one account, no submenu is displayed
  380. lovetox yeah we could do this again
  381. lovetox have to go
  382. lovetox n8
  383. Link Mauve Asterix, every user having Avahi enabled?
  384. Asterix Link Mauve: yes ... that's not that much, am I Wrong?
  385. Asterix I now have the received chatstate that arrive in the GroupchatControl -> _nec_gc_message_received() function
  386. Link Mauve It’s preinstalled on pretty much every Linux computer, at least.
  387. Asterix ok
  388. Link Mauve I think OS X also ships Bonjour by default, so that only leaves Windows users without it.
  389. johannes
  390. johannes That has been discussed in the conversations channel, looks interesting to me.