Gajim - 2017-01-06

  1. iPwn ok lovetox np
  2. marcus Hi guys. I'm new here. I want to find the source of a bug in gajim-omemo and since I am running Debian stable, I decided to get a python virtualenv and compile gajim and its plugins. I dont't know much about Python either. I got stuck running gajim from the virtualenv (python3.6virtualenv) marcus@hades:~/tmp_xmpp $ /home/marcus/bin/gajim-git-install/bin/gajim Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 86, in <module> import gi ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'gi'
  3. marcus Is there a list of dependency a can put into pip3 to make it run?
  4. Link Mauve marcus, this one is python-gobject, I don’t think it’s in pypi.
  5. marcus I hope for more guesses. Debian only supports Python3.4, gajim requires >=3.5, so it was some effort to get Python3.6 running. How can my way forward work? I'ld like to have a debugging environment.
  6. blabla Does anyone know whether ChatSecure has a development muc like this one?
  7. jere blabla: But the devs are not there.
  8. blabla I'm looking for active mucs ideally, so this is the only one then?
  9. vanitasvitae Hi!
  10. vanitasvitae I'm using gajim with the gajim-omemo plugin on Debian Testing. When I receive a message and have no chat opened, I get a notification with a "quick-response" kinda textfield. When the message was sent to me from a new OMEMO device which key I not yet trusted and I respond using the quick reponse field, the message gets sent to all trusted devices without me getting asked to verify the new fingerprint. This results in the message "getting lost" for the device that sent the message to me. Is that expected behavior? If not, is it a bug with gajim or with the gajim-omemo plugin?
  11. lovetox marcus
  12. lovetox gajim doesnt require python 3.5
  13. lovetox it does not require a specific version of python 3 at all to my knowledge
  14. lovetox also you dont need to compile something
  15. lovetox just clone and start
  16. lovetox see what errors you get on dependencies
  17. lovetox and you dont need virtualenv
  18. lovetox dependencies on linux are (install with pip)
  19. lovetox or no sorry dont install with pip
  20. lovetox python-nbxmpp
  21. lovetox pyopenssl
  22. lovetox python-gobject (but is included in a standard installation to my knowledge)
  23. lovetox I get a notification with a "quick-response"
  24. lovetox vanitasvitae
  25. lovetox what? never saw something like that
  26. vanitasvitae In my case the message got send immediatelly
  27. vanitasvitae So there was ne chance for me to trust the new fingerpint
  28. vanitasvitae as a result, the sending device discarded the message due to lack of a fitting key
  29. lovetox yeah i know, but this is hard to fix
  30. lovetox 1. we only query the keys if you send a message
  31. lovetox so i would have to hold back your message
  32. lovetox wait on a server response, if there are keys abort the sending
  33. vanitasvitae As I said, I dont know, whether this is a bug :D
  34. vanitasvitae I mean, it is probably a rare edge case
  35. lovetox lets say its a inconvenience
  36. vanitasvitae I just wanted to inform you about that :)
  37. lovetox that only happens really rarley :D
  38. lovetox yes thanks
  39. vanitasvitae no problem :)
  40. lovetox hm no actually i think i will look at that
  41. lovetox :)
  42. lovetox there is no guide in the wiki on how to get a linux dev env for gajim
  43. laverne
  44. laverne sorry wrong window
  45. laverne I'm using the omemo plugin and have hit a problem
  46. laverne When sending a message to a new user I get the following "‎To send an encrypted message, you have to first trust the fingerprint of your contact!"
  47. laverne but I'm not shown a screen with fingerprints
  48. zak laverne‎: Click the orange fish icon in the bar.
  49. laverne If I click on the icon and then on "Fingerprints" the list of my contact's fingerprints is empty
  50. lovetox that could mean
  51. lovetox that there is a problem with getting the keys of your contact
  52. lovetox are you on linux?
  53. laverne lovetox: Yes
  54. lovetox did you just add now the contact new?
  55. laverne Yep
  56. lovetox is the contact online
  57. lovetox ?
  58. laverne yes, the contact is online and can send messages which show up as "**Unencrypted**" in Gajim
  59. lovetox is he also on gajim?
  60. laverne No, The contact is using Conversations on Android and Conversations thinks that OMEMO is disabled for this chat
  61. lovetox is he on the same server you are?
  62. laverne Yes.
  63. laverne I've successfully used this server to have OMEMO encrypted conversations with a user on another server ( as well
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  65. lovetox tell your friend to restart conversations
  66. lovetox and you should restart gajim
  67. lovetox if it does not work after that lets talk further
  68. laverne okay, going offline
  69. laverne lovetox, restarting worked. Gajim then showed me the fingerprints which then allowed me to turn on OMEMO in Conversations. Thanks! (Y)
  70. lovetox i think it was rather the restart of conversations
  71. lovetox :) but im happy it works
  72. lovetox like 50% of all IT problems can be solved with : turn it off and on again
  73. laverne ;-)
  74. lovetox Zash, do you know in which prosody version MAM is by default included?
  75. lovetox woops wrong channel ^^
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