Gajim - 2017-01-05

  1. lovetox then you better not look into Link Mauve ^^
  2. Link Mauve lovetox, I did, but it was a lot less easily splittable than this one.
  3. Link Mauve Anyway I should stop procrastinating. :<
  4. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *80221afc* <> Split ChatControlBase into its own file. *09c82c31* <> Merge branch 'split-chat-control-base' into 'master' Split ChatControlBase into its own file See merge request !21
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  6. lovetox Asterix, can you please tell me what _conv_textview_key_press_event
  7. lovetox does in
  8. lovetox ?
  9. lovetox i dont get it
  10. iPwn lovetox, plugins do not work well
  11. iPwn im trying OTR and it does not work
  12. iPwn is it normal?
  13. lovetox OTR is not ported to python3
  14. iPwn :(((
  15. lovetox the python3 branch is a development branch
  16. lovetox try omemo :
  17. lovetox :)
  18. iPwn i really need the OTR
  19. lovetox i dont think it will ever be available on the python3 branch
  20. iPwn :((
  21. iPwn its like a requirement for me
  22. iPwn can we try to use older python?
  23. lovetox tell you friends to install gajim
  24. lovetox :)
  25. iPwn i can try the same steps
  26. iPwn i can't , its too many contacts
  27. Link Mauve lovetox, what’s missing for OTR on python3?
  28. Link Mauve We’re using it in poezio just fine.
  29. lovetox i dont know probably a lot of string/unicode stuff
  30. lovetox i dont want to get into it as i hate OTR :9
  31. iPwn Link Mauve, can you help me out installing the OTR plugin ?
  32. lovetox iPwn, i dont think its a quick job
  33. lovetox try install gajim python2 branch
  34. Link Mauve iPwn, sorry, I don’t even use Gajim. :/
  35. iPwn lol
  36. iPwn ok
  37. iPwn lovetox, tell me the steps for gajim python2 branch
  38. iPwn this way we can put on wiki 2 guides,one for python2 other for python3
  39. lovetox go to the gajim dir
  40. lovetox git checkout -f gajim_0.16
  41. lovetox $ brew install libglade $ brew install --verbose --with-libglade pygtk
  42. lovetox and try to start
  43. lovetox lets see how this goes :D
  44. lovetox pip2 install pyOpenSSL
  45. lovetox should also be done
  46. iPwn its running
  47. iPwn wait lemme try to install plugin
  48. lovetox just like that?
  49. lovetox did you make any steps additionally?
  50. lovetox you have to install this plugin installer now
  51. lovetox
  52. lovetox its another one , a python2 one
  53. iPwn yeap
  54. iPwn lovetox, its working 100%
  55. iPwn i had to comment just one line
  56. iPwn anyway
  57. lovetox which?
  58. iPwn and i also had to install potr
  59. iPwn are u sure OTR not works w python3 even if i have potr installed?
  60. lovetox yes its just not ported from python2 to python3
  61. iPwn ‎[22:33:20] ‎lovetox‎:", line 32 ‎[22:33:22] ‎lovetox‎: comment this line
  62. lovetox though if you see it in the plugin list
  63. lovetox someone might have done this hm
  64. lovetox what did not work?
  65. iPwn that file line
  66. lovetox kk
  67. iPwn the OTR did not appear
  68. iPwn but when i installed this old branch i had to install potr
  69. Link Mauve lovetox, well, potr does run on python3.
  70. iPwn maybe you should add this on wiki
  71. lovetox hm maybe try installing potr then
  72. iPwn hmm
  73. lovetox i thought it was not ported, but it seem someone did this
  74. Link Mauve No idea if Gajim’s plugin does or not, though.
  75. Link Mauve I don’t use Gajim.
  76. iPwn i noticed branch that use python3 is more beauty
  77. lovetox yeah try installing potr iPwn
  78. lovetox should work then
  79. iPwn you think i should use python3 instead of python2 ?
  80. lovetox yes
  81. iPwn hmm
  82. iPwn ok i have to try
  83. lovetox you can btw switch between the two
  84. lovetox like you want
  85. iPwn hmm nice
  86. iPwn please give me instructions
  87. lovetox just do "git checkout master"
  88. lovetox and start
  89. iPwn thks
  90. lovetox the only problem is
  91. lovetox the plugins
  92. lovetox you have to now install the other plugininstaller
  93. lovetox again
  94. iPwn i think i only need OTR and anti-spam
  95. iPwn yeap i know
  96. lovetox please stay in this channel and provide feedback if something doesnt work, we have only very few mac users :)
  97. lovetox iPwn
  98. lovetox dont use XHTML when you use OTR
  99. lovetox there is a security bug that i didnt fix in python3 OTR plugin
  100. lovetox XHTML is all stuff that makes look the font different, bold and such things
  101. iPwn lovetox, how do i disable the XHTML?
  102. iPwn ok lovetox i will try
  103. lovetox you see the button in the chatwindow
  104. lovetox the one most left
  105. lovetox dont use it :)
  106. lovetox it makes stuff bold etc
  107. iPwn yes i know but icons do not display 100% well on python3 branch
  108. lovetox can you send me a screenshot?
  109. iPwn i mean button icons
  110. lovetox yeah
  111. iPwn yes, im about do upgrade again wait
  112. lovetox Asterix,
  113. lovetox why should Ctrl + C not work?
  114. lovetox and why should CTRL + Insert not work in the textview?
  115. lovetox ah i get it our pasting and copying events are captured and do not what we want
  116. lovetox iPwn could you test, can you past something to the chat window?
  117. lovetox is pasting working?
  118. lovetox yeah should work ignore it :)
  119. lovetox i really understand it now
  120. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *277e13bd* <> Handle Exception when there is no KEY_Insert This happens on MacOSX
  121. lovetox so updated the wiki
  122. lovetox fixed all mac startup problems in master branch
  123. lovetox so next time when you install should be more easy :)
  124. bot pushed commits to branch __ of _gajim-plugins_ <>:
  125. bullgard4 "A program error has been detected. The error problably is not fatal but should be reported anyway to the developers. Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nbxmpp/", line 497, in dispatch handler['func'](session, stanza) File "/usr/share/gajim/src/common/", line 1868, in _messageCB conn=self, stanza=msg, File "/usr/share/gajim/src/common/", line 76, in push_incoming_event self._generate_events_based_on_incoming_event(event_object) File "/usr/share/gajim/src/common/", line 98, in _generate_events_based_on_incoming_event if new_event_object.generate(): File "/usr/share/gajim/src/common/", line 1167, in generate if form['FORM_TYPE'] == 'urn:xmpp:ssn': File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nbxmpp/", line 1721, in __getitem__ raise IndexError('No such field') IndexError: No such field"
  126. tristank iPwn: Did you succeeded in building Gajim for MacOSX?
  127. lovetox yes tristank
  128. lovetox you can follow the wiki for python3
  129. lovetox Additionally before you add an Account set in the Advanced Config Editor (Preferences) the value "show_self_contact" to "Always"
  130. lovetox to prevent a current bug with the roster
  131. tristank Thats awesome! 🎉 I will try to follow the steps and report back here. Hopefully the OMEO Plugin is working as well. I'm still using Adium which is terrible outadted.
  132. lovetox the OMEMO Plugin does work, though its not the newest version, but it should nevertheless work in 1 on 1 Chats
  133. lovetox if you encounter problems and have to do additional steps please report back here so we can change the wiki
  134. tristank Will do.
  135. arune lovetox, setting show_self_contact is only needed on default?
  136. arune lovetox, setting show_self_contact=always is only needed on default?
  137. lovetox yes
  138. lovetox but i dont have the bug on windows for some reason
  139. lovetox :)
  140. arune ok ok
  141. arune what can happen if it's not set to always?
  142. johannes lovetox: the mac fixes are similar to the two I used. Also, the self contact thing appears to have had an effect on the instadeath issue that occured after a restart of gajim.
  143. johannes I'll give things a try with plugins now
  144. johannes also, as for now the issue with the python executable spinning at 100% cpu did not appear anymore. I'll have to keep looking what happens to see if it is permanently banned
  145. johannes installing the plugin manager zip fails though
  146. johannes lovetox: here's a log from what happens on current gajim startup on macos, as well as upon attempting to install the plugin manager. and a bug with profile location handling
  147. johannes Is there a way to manually set the advanced self_contact property in an existing profile?
  148. johannes lovetox: Also a bunch of bugs in the plugin installer and plugins such as the emoticons plugins
  149. johannes and the "chatstate in roster" plugin
  150. johannes The fullscreen mode works reasonably well on Mac
  151. johannes strike the last part. As soon as dialog boxes are opened (e.g. by a plugin) everything explodes
  152. johannes i.e. python dies
  153. johannes also the compose key action is not properly handled. pressing alt+dead key does not yield the desired action but sends the messe
  154. lovetox johannes from where do you install plugins?
  155. johannes The plugin manager and that from a zip from the website containing all plugins
  156. johannes It appears to fetch using https already
  157. lovetox
  158. lovetox that is the right installer
  159. lovetox johannes movims PM method is weird lets talk here
  160. lovetox the errors you posted
  161. lovetox the first part are only warnings, should not limit and function, im aware of these there are plenty of these to fix
  162. lovetox the second part with the plugins, is because you used the python2 plugins
  163. lovetox the bug with the path exists on all platforms, dont use it for now
  164. lovetox i have to look into it
  165. lovetox i think it only come to light if you use a profile
  166. lovetox what we do about shortcuts i have to look into it, probably have to catch that key for mac
  167. iPwn where is lovetox?
  168. lovetox here iam :)
  169. lovetox iPwn
  170. iPwn hi lovetox
  171. iPwn i test plugins installer on recent branch but it display a message like "plugin is not supported blabla"
  172. iPwn -- this one
  173. iPwn anyway, my question is: where Gajim store the logs on OSX?
  174. iPwn its inside git branch dir?
  175. iPwn which folder is it?
  176. lovetox there are no logs
  177. lovetox you have to make it yourself with the console
  178. lovetox redirect output to a file
  179. lovetox the problem you experience with the plugin installer
  180. lovetox exists because in your plugin dir is the older python2 installer
  181. lovetox you have to delete this and then you can install the new
  182. lovetox and yeah it cant be installed with the "install from zip" button
  183. lovetox because its not a normal plugin in that sense
  184. lovetox normally we ship it already
  185. lovetox just put the contents of the zip into your Gajim/Plugins folder
  186. iPwn i mean chat logs
  187. iPwn lovetox,
  188. lovetox the button in the chatwindow next to the settings symbol
  189. iPwn yea but where they are stored?
  190. iPwn because by default it seems they are enabled, even tough the option "not make logs while encryption enabled" is set
  191. lovetox this option is not for the OTR plugin
  192. lovetox its for gajims inbuild encryption
  193. iPwn oh i see
  194. lovetox they are in a sqlite db
  195. lovetox its called Logs.db
  196. lovetox and its stored in your app dir
  197. lovetox on linux its .local/share/gajim
  198. lovetox yeah many things that could be made better :)
  199. iPwn on osx should be /usr/local/share/gajim but it seems this dir not exists
  200. lovetox just use your system search
  201. lovetox for Logs.db
  202. iPwn im asking because i want to delete
  203. lovetox try
  204. iPwn i can del account from gajim but not sure if this file gets removed
  205. lovetox Actions -> Avanced
  206. lovetox - History Manager
  207. lovetox there you can delete
  208. iPwn but i want to use secure remove
  209. iPwn that way to delete its safe?
  210. lovetox no
  211. lovetox gajim is not a security software :)
  212. iPwn yeap ill try to find Logs.db file
  213. iPwn anyway, is it possible to set up a password whenever i execute Gajim?
  214. iPwn to encrypt clist etc
  215. lovetox its possible that you jabber password is stored in the mac keyring
  216. lovetox but thats it
  217. lovetox and what you really want is it seems
  218. lovetox is a secure system like tails
  219. iPwn maybe
  220. iPwn im looking for a way to encrypt my jabber chat aplication just like Miranda IM etc
  221. lovetox a application like gajim can never fully guarantee to delete everything from a system that runs unknown software to it
  222. lovetox the better way is to use a secure system
  223. lovetox setup Tails OS on a usbstick
  224. lovetox install pidgin with OTR plugin on that Tails OS
  225. lovetox thats probably the most secure way there is right now :)
  226. tristank lovetox: I followed the instructions to build gajim in osx but I'm unable so Start gajim with > ./launch --verbose The output dass > ModuleNotFound Error: No module named 'gi'
  227. tristank Output says
  228. lovetox hm try to start it from in another way
  229. lovetox go to console, cd into the gajim/src dir
  230. lovetox and type "python -v"
  231. lovetox and make sure you did this
  232. lovetox $ brew install gtk+3 $ brew install pygobject3 --with-python3
  233. johannes looks like i found bugs in the master regarding mucs / multiple devices / rejoins after a reconnect...
  234. tristank Strange. I did all this steps. There is no file in the source dir.
  235. tristank Just gajim.nsi
  236. lovetox you are not in the soruce dir
  237. johannes tristank if you had this already installed it may be necessary to reinstall pygobject - i once had to this, I guess dependent on a python upgrade
  238. lovetox you have to go into the "src" dir
  239. tristank Oh boy
  240. lovetox johannes if you find bugs regarding these things and feel its important, please report them to gitlab
  241. lovetox and i elevated your acc, you can now fork
  242. tristank Still the same error: > No Module named 'gi'
  243. lovetox reinstall gtk3
  244. lovetox $ brew install gtk+3 $ brew install pygobject3 --with-python3
  245. lovetox maybe johannes can help
  246. johannes basically what you said, gi is a case of these dependencies or a possible brew reinstall
  247. johannes as in "reinstall these packages"
  248. tristank I'm doing this right now.
  249. lovetox i have to go see you later
  250. tristank See you
  251. tristank Success!
  252. tristank 🎉🎉🎇🎆🎆🎈🎈🎇🎊
  253. tristank Next step: getting the plugins to work
  254. johannes install the plugin manager an get one plugin at a time. also: install the required dependencies beforehand
  255. tristank > ttps:// -- this one
  256. johannes and add copious amounts of restarts
  257. tristank Is this the correct zip?
  258. johannes i guess so
  259. johannes lovetox the path is a bit weird though: there's a gtk3 plugins folder and this plugins_1 folder. looks like it could use some cleanup
  260. tristank > on osx should be /usr/local/share/gajim but it seems this dir not exists Theresa is no such path. Where to put the zip?
  261. johannes ~/.local/share/gajim/plugins or just invoke gajim with ./ -c profilefolder
  262. tristank johannes: Thanks. It works. Is there a recommended way to install the OMEMO dependency python-axolotl in OS X?
  263. johannes I've choosen pip3
  264. johannes A recommendable way would be a decently packaged .app bundle ;)
  265. johannes but that will probably still take some time
  266. tristank OMEMO works. But httpupload seem kinda broken.
  267. tristank
  268. tristank Other than that. I'm pretty happy with that. Finally a decent xmpp client on os x with omemo support.
  269. johannes yup, although it is not very mac-y yet
  270. tristank thanks lovetox and johannes‎.
  271. tristank yeah, thats true. The icon in the menubar is pretty messed up.
  272. Link Mauve tristank, messed up how?
  273. Link Mauve It would be useful to report issues about these.
  274. Link Mauve Since none of the developers run OS X.
  275. tristank There are several graphic glitches. I would post a picture but httpupload is also broken. Will upload it on imgur.
  276. tristank
  277. tristank this one is better:
  278. johannes A kanban board collecting issues for each operating system and a bot allowing to convert conversion parts / links to tickets would also be helpful...
  279. johannes and I can confirm that issue
  280. Link Mauve GtkStatusIcon is deprecated btw, and has been removed in the next GTK+ version.
  281. tristank johannes‎: does httpupload works for you?
  282. johannes i have not tried
  283. johannes but something complained on startup
  284. johannes also there are issues with the menus, however those also happen when using thing such as virt-manager
  285. johannes or other unintegrated gtk apps
  286. Link Mauve johannes, what needs to be integrated?
  287. Link Mauve johannes, also, what would kanban bring over gitlab here?
  288. Link Mauve Is it using more tools for the sake of using more tools?
  289. johannes osx uses global menus, gajim does not. this leads to errors. try it for yourself
  290. tristank here is a pastebin of a httpupload stanza. Something makes the files unreadable.
  291. tristank It does upload them, but the files are not readable.
  292. Link Mauve johannes, is it a suggestion to offer me a license to use OS X?
  293. johannes as for the rest I suggest you inform yourself the differences between a tool, a process and what you are talking about...
  294. johannes gitlab already does kanban as a matter of fact
  295. Link Mauve I think it will have to go with a full computer, IIRC the EULA forbids me from using it on my current laptop.
  296. Link Mauve tristank, can you compare the file you get from the server to the one you sent?
  297. Link Mauve If it’s truncated, or if chunks are not in the right order, stuff like that.
  298. tristank I can diff them.
  299. tristank some files are not uploaded. here is another pastebin with a broken pip.
  300. tristank seems related to the size.
  301. Link Mauve Please report all of these issues.
  302. tristank Will do.
  303. tristank Should I report on github or gitlab?
  304. Link Mauve github is not supported by gajim.
  305. Link Mauve So gitlab.
  306. tristank Alright than it is gitlab.
  307. johannes Github also has the issue trackers deactivated and points to gitlab. The new gitlab supports github login
  308. iPwn johannes, Link Mauve ,
  309. iPwn i get this msg
  310. iPwn while trying to install OTR using recent branch
  311. johannes I have not tried that. maybe the plugin is not compatible
  312. iPwn i see
  313. iPwn where can i obtain a compatible?
  314. iPwn
  315. iPwn here ?
  316. iPwn ill wait for lovetox
  317. Asterix iPwn: you tool the plugin for 0.16 branch, but you run master branch
  318. Asterix where did you get the plugin from?
  319. bullgard4 Can one tell me how to install OMEMO on this computer using Gajim?
  320. Asterix no idea which computer you use ... tell us more
  321. bullgard4 What else data do you need?
  322. bullgard4 My Linux distribution is Debian stable.
  323. Asterix ok you use Linux
  324. Asterix
  325. bullgard4 My Gajim revision is 0.16-1+8debu1.
  326. Asterix bullgard4: you should use backports and install 0.16.6, then you can install gajim-omemo as said in the wiki page
  327. Asterix
  328. bullgard4 Asterix, I have taken another computer and have installed the package gajim-omemo on it.
  329. bullgard4 But I cannot yet talk to my friend »waldstepper«. I probably need to set up my Debian unstable yet in order that OMEMO works all right.
  330. Asterix I think you have to setup keys and accept your contact keys in plugins window (edit -> plugins -> Configure button)
  331. Asterix At least activate the plugin there
  332. Asterix I never used OMEMO, so I'm not sure how it works, but I don'tthink anything else is needed on your system. Only some configuration in Gajim
  333. bullgard4 Asterix, The Plugin OMEMO is installed and active.
  334. Asterix then configure it
  335. iPwn i get plugin from
  336. iPwn Asterix,
  337. Asterix iPwn: ok, this is the plugin installer, but where did you get the omemo plugin?
  338. iPwn its OTR plugin
  339. iPwn not OMEMO
  340. Asterix haaa ok. then it's easy: This plugin has not been ported to Py3 / GTK3, so not usable in master branch
  341. iPwn Asterix, but lovetox told me i should use Py3
  342. iPwn so if i want to use OTR i must downgrade to Py2 ?
  343. Asterix or port the plugin to py3 :)
  344. arune Didn't someone get otr working in py3 yesterday or some days ago, or did I dream that?
  345. Asterix nor from our repos then
  346. Asterix I should BTW remove plugins in gtk3 branch that have not been ported
  347. lovetox ...
  348. lovetox i thought there are only plugins that are already ported available for download
  349. lovetox so i was suprised that he could install it over plugin installer
  350. lovetox and thought someone has ported it
  351. Asterix
  352. Asterix and others have the same problem
  353. Asterix some are simpler to port than others
  354. Asterix OTR has a big lib, so py2 to py3 port will be longer I think
  355. Asterix birthday reminder should be easy
  356. bullgard4 Asterix, I have now established OMEMO communciation with my friend using Debian unstable. - Thank you very much for your help.
  357. Asterix bullgard4: tou're welcome
  358. Asterix bullgard4: you're welcome
  359. bullgard4 :-)
  360. lovetox johannes i appreciate your ideas, but all these tools are for project that have many active developers, management tools, tools that bring order to stuff
  361. lovetox all things that dont fix a single line of code in gajim
  362. lovetox tristank
  363. lovetox if you upload with httpupload, you should not do it in a window where you use omemo
  364. lovetox or else the file is encrypted
  365. lovetox other than that i have no idea why it should not upload, there is not really something we add, its basic python lib that sends a file to a webserver
  366. lovetox johannes im working the next days on a travis ci file that we can add to the repo
  367. lovetox then you can build your installer for mac automatically
  368. lovetox sadly travis ci is not supporting gitlab
  369. lovetox and have no plans to do, probably they get money from github :)
  370. lovetox but its the only platform i know that does mac builds for free
  371. lovetox hm ok sadly i just found out
  372. lovetox Python builds are not available on the OSX environment.
  373. lovetox in travis ci :/
  374. laverne Quick question, if Gajim is telling my that it can't verify my Let's Encrypt certificate, does it mean that I'm using too old a version of some library?
  375. bullgard4 Ich habe einen Denkfehler gemacht und finde nicht, wo: Ich verwende Debian stable. Ich habe in /etc/apt/sources.list die Zeile 'deb jessie-backports main' eingefügt, apt-get clean, apt-get update und apt-get dist-upgrade und apt-get install omemo-gajim angewiesen. Ich erhalte aber als Antwort: "Einige Pakete konnten nicht installiert werden. Das kann bedeuten, dass Sie eine unmögliche Situation angefordert haben oder …Die folgenden Pakete haben unerfüllte Abhängigkeiten: gajim-omemo : Hängt ab von: gajim (>= 0.16.5-1) aber 0.16-1+deb8u1 soll installiert werden … E: Probleme können nicht korrigiert werden, Sie haben zurückgehaltene defekte Pakete." - Wo steckt mein Denkfehler?
  376. boyska laverne, are you providing the fullchain.pem, with both the letsencrypt trust chains?
  377. iPwn lovetox, how do i add the to the apps folder on OSX?
  378. boyska many systems still do not trust letsencrypt root ca
  379. lovetox laverne what version of gajim are you using?
  380. lovetox iPwn what do you want to accomplish?
  381. iPwn i mean, to be able to start the Gajim via app icon instead of starting it trough console
  382. laverne lovetox, I'm running 0.16.5
  383. lovetox run 0.16.6
  384. lovetox i dont think the message means it couldnt be verifyied
  385. lovetox it probably means its new to gajim or something like that
  386. lovetox see if you still have the same problem on 0.16.6
  387. lovetox if yes that could mean that your cert store on your system doesnt have the root ca certs installed
  388. lovetox bullgard
  389. lovetox before you istall omemo
  390. lovetox first update gajim to latest version from backports
  391. laverne boyska, No. It looks like I'm using cert.pem
  392. lovetox iPwn, sorry i dont know never owned a mac :)
  393. laverne I'll give 0.16.6 a try and look into using the fullchain