Gajim - 2017-01-04

  1. lovetox_ yeah simplexml is really useless
  2. lovetox_ i dont think we have to debug how a stanza is parsed
  3. Asterix not from a gajim point of view, but in case of a bug in nbxmpp, could be usefull to have it
  4. Link Mauve useful* btw.
  5. Asterix the -vv could be parseAndSetLogLevels('.nbxmpp=2') (if 2 is info)
  6. Link Mauve INFO is info. :)
  7. Link Mauve DEBUG is 10 IIRC.
  8. Asterix it seems it's 1
  9. Link Mauve It’s 10, I just checked.
  10. Asterix currently we have parseAndSetLogLevels('.nbxmpp=1')
  11. lovetox_ 1 means nothing i think
  12. Link Mauve 1 is below 10 so it works too.
  13. lovetox_ why are we using numbers btw
  14. Asterix strange I put 1. For quite I put CRITICAL
  15. Asterix si I could put DEBUG or INFO I think I'd have it done this way ...
  16. Asterix strange
  17. Link Mauve This is only because this logging module was designed before Python 3.4’s enum module, otherwise it would certainly have used it.
  18. lovetox_ can we not remove nbxmpp completly from -v, if we suspect a nbxmpp problem then we can just tell the user to add -l .nbxmpp=DEBUG
  19. lovetox_ and i think its rarely a nbxmpp bug :)
  20. Link Mauve Imo just lowering the debug level of nbxmpp.simplexml to DEBUG, and setting .nbxmpp=INFO on verbose is the most sensible way to go.
  21. lovetox_ yeah in case of errors .. we see them
  22. lovetox_ sounds good
  23. lovetox_ but not only simplexml
  24. lovetox_ also transports
  25. lovetox_ lower to debug
  26. Link Mauve I’m going to sleep though, you can do that if you want, I give you my LGTM already. :)
  27. lovetox_ =) i will make a MR for that
  28. lovetox_ gn8
  29. arune lovetox, is'nt the snaps built automatically?
  30. arune lovetox, I installed latest default snap to test password storage but I got an
  31. arune lovetox, I installed latest default snap to test password storage but I got a traceback "ImportError: DLL load failed" right on start
  32. arune ok, second time I started gajim I got no traceback
  33. arune and now config says: = winvault:
  34. arune great!!
  35. lovetox was that sarcastic or do you mean it works
  36. arune lovetox, I got a traceback after upgrading to latest snap, but at a second launch gajim no problem
  37. arune and password was stored in winvault
  38. arune so it works!
  39. lovetox nice :)
  40. lovetox hm about that DLL Import error hard to say what caused it
  41. lovetox more weird that its gone on a second start
  42. lovetox whats also weird that there is not a 04.01.2017 default snap
  43. lovetox Asterix could you look if you got errors in the build on appveyor?
  44. Asterix yep I look
  45. arune lovetox, do you plan to merge the winvault changes to 0.16?
  46. Asterix no build for 7 days ...
  47. Asterix no attempt
  48. Asterix and no debian build either
  49. Asterix ok I know why
  50. lovetox yeah i plan to
  51. Asterix build done. Does it make sens to keep only the last build as we do for debian packages?
  52. arune Asterix, yes, that makes sense
  53. lovetox yeah i also think its not really necessary to keep a big history of builds
  54. lovetox arune try the newest build now
  55. lovetox message correction should work with it
  56. lovetox was not working until now in default
  57. lovetox maybe we should stop calling it "default" as its now master in gitlab
  58. Asterix lovetox: about the verbosity, I wouldn't have see things as in your MR. I would have changed nbxmpp so that in nbxmpp/ become log.debug and in gajim: -v means log only gajim things (gajim=DEBUG) (so no nbxmpp) -vv means gajim=DEBUG and .nbxmpp=INFO
  59. Asterix I have the nbxmpp thing ready, I can commit if you think it's ok
  60. Asterix anyway having the xml parser as info is stupid
  61. lovetox ok then commit these changes and ignore the MR, i cancel it when im home
  62. lovetox about the -vv
  63. Asterix that's not possible I guess ...
  64. lovetox yeah we need a one letter thing
  65. Asterix - must have one letter, no?
  66. Asterix --very-verbose / -w ?
  67. Link Mauve Can be specified multiple times.
  68. Link Mauve -vv is equivalent to -v -v in most parsers.
  69. Link Mauve And to --verbose --verbose, and to -v --verbose.
  70. lovetox -w is already used by windows console options
  71. lovetox hm yeah i have to test than what -vv means in gtk
  72. lovetox or is it though a requirement to define a one letter shortcut?
  73. lovetox ah i will look at this in the evening :)
  74. Asterix arg .. what's that a VariantDict? It can't be printed directly
  75. Link Mauve Asterix, a GObject thing.
  76. Asterix yeah ... -v or -vv set vorbose to true in this varient dict
  77. Asterix yeah ... -v or -vv set verbose to true in this varient dict
  78. Asterix yeah ... -v or -vv set verbose to true in this variant dict
  79. Link Mauve You want a verbose level instead of course.
  80. Link Mauve So that everytime this option is found, it will be incremented.
  81. Asterix then -v 2?
  82. Asterix glib doen't cound the number of time arg is present.
  83. Link Mauve Uh, really? :/
  84. Link Mauve Hmm, indeed.
  85. Link Mauve Weird.
  86. Link Mauve Asterix, maybe add an optional level parameter then.
  87. Link Mauve --verbose would trigger the normal one, --verbose=DEBUG would trigger the bigger one.
  88. Asterix yep, that's what I said -v 2
  89. lovetox Asterix, would it not make sense to not completly get rid of nbxmpp in -v
  90. lovetox at least the stanzas should show or not?
  91. lovetox most of the issues we need debug logs for are around stanzas
  92. iPwn hi
  93. iPwn hi
  94. iPwn im trying to run Gajim on OSX, i've followed this instructions but svn repo is dead..
  95. iPwn what are the proper instructions to install Gajim on OSX?
  96. iPwn ive also seen that Mercury repo is dead and if i install it trough MacPorts it ask me for a X server
  97. Link Mauve Oh wow, these instructions are old! :o
  98. iPwn i see
  99. Link Mauve iPwn, Gajim is using git nowadays, you can clone it at
  100. iPwn but the date is Last edited by Yann Leboulanger 2016-12-24
  101. Link Mauve That’s because the wiki moved from Trac to Gitlab.
  102. Link Mauve Publication date probably didn’t get preserved.
  103. iPwn i see
  104. iPwn so, where can i find instructions to run it on OSX ?
  105. Link Mauve Anyway, Gajim on OSX isn’t working well I’ve heard, johannes could probably tell you more about it.
  106. iPwn yes i know its not OSX friendly but i really like Gajim thats why
  107. Link Mauve The current focus is on the GTK+ 3.x branch, it has a few bugs that are much heavier on OSX than elsewhere (but still present).
  108. Link Mauve It will probably happen at some point, but Gajim is seriously lacking OSX devs for that to happen fast.
  109. iPwn i see
  110. Link Mauve If you know anything about Python or GTK+ you are more than welcome to help. :)
  111. iPwn i just like to "hack" but TBH i dont know much
  112. Link Mauve For now the instructions should be about the same as for Linux, install the dependencies and run ./
  113. johannes iPwn the gtk branch runs with defects / limitations, you'll need gtk with the quartz native backend
  114. johannes gtk3
  115. iPwn i dont get the file
  116. johannes also a few patches. additionally the gtk2 branch also runs halfway, but needs more patches
  117. iPwn i followed the instructions present on README or smthing
  118. iPwn and i run : ./configure && make install clean
  119. iPwn where is that file "" located?
  120. johannes the configure and make is not needed from my experience
  121. iPwn im running OSX elcapitan
  122. iPwn ive install all dependencies i guess
  123. johannes gajim basically badly needs packaging as a proper application bundle to provide it with all needed libraries and frameworks independent of brew, macports or something similar
  124. johannes other than that i can only recommend homebrew to the warmest
  125. iPwn yes i have brew, but brew does not find gajim
  126. johannes but don't expect too much.
  127. johannes there is no formula for it, you can just clone & be happy
  128. iPwn yes thats what i want
  129. iPwn how do i clone it?
  130. johannes install the dependencies from either brew or macports, clone and use the sitting in the root of the repo
  131. iPwn the dependencies are the ones listed in ?
  132. iPwn clone it trough what? GIT ?
  133. johannes yes, git. you can either use the url listed above or the github mirror
  134. iPwn ok lmme try, holf
  135. johannes as for the dependencies i'm not entirely sure. you will need gtk3, gobject / glib and some more stuff
  136. iPwn *hold
  137. iPwn johannes, maybe i can make an updated tutorial for this? then you can place on git?
  138. Link Mauve iPwn, those dependencies are terribly old, don’t follow this guide.
  139. iPwn i know you told it not work well but at least its better than that wiki link
  140. Link Mauve Follow a normal Linux guide instead.
  141. iPwn oh ok thks
  142. johannes an updated guide would be useful. as would be a wiki cleanup I guess ;)
  143. iPwn can you please point me link for a normal guide ?
  144. iPwn what about the MacPorts Gajim version, does it work better than the compiled one?
  145. johannes I have no idea. However, since Gajim is Python, there is no compilation
  146. iPwn true
  147. iPwn well
  148. iPwn there is a file called "", does this matter for smthing?
  149. iPwn Link Mauve, can you point me normal linux guide ?
  150. johannes that is something I also wondered. Also, a cleanup or documentation of the various buildscript parts would be helpful
  151. Link Mauve iPwn, tried to find one but I don’t have any, I guess everyone installs it from their repository.
  152. Link Mauve Anyway, you can have a look at the dependencies here:
  153. johannes also: in what state are the unit tests that are present in the gajim code base? are they up to date or recent?
  154. Link Mauve iPwn, you don’t have to worry about or any compilation, just run ./ and install things as it tells you it’s missing.
  155. Link Mauve johannes, no idea. :(
  156. johannes I recently ran them with very mixed results
  157. iPwn yeap
  158. iPwn thks
  159. iPwn ive cloned with GIT n its running
  160. iPwn i get the following error: " GTK+ runtime is missing libglade support"
  161. iPwn this means prolly i need to install gtk3 ?
  162. johannes the default branch is gtk3
  163. johannes uhm, master
  164. iPwn ive cloned it trough github
  165. Link Mauve iPwn, run `git branch`?
  166. iPwn im not very familiar w git
  167. iPwn can you give me full command ?
  168. iPwn ive tried "git clone"
  169. iPwn but it does not work, so i used github
  170. iPwn i have no idea about the diff's between branches
  171. Link Mauve iPwn, you should do `git clone` instead.
  172. iPwn oh ok, thats the official "repo "?
  173. iPwn ok
  174. Link Mauve Remove any existing gajim directory you may have cloned already.
  175. Link Mauve Yes.
  176. iPwn Link Mauve, its complaining python3 is not installed
  177. iPwn can i run with a old version?
  178. iPwn or it will work even worst ?
  179. Link Mauve iPwn, you have to install python3, yeah.
  180. Link Mauve 3.6 just got released too. :)
  181. iPwn ok
  182. lovetox i deleted that macos page
  183. lovetox there is a second page here
  184. lovetox
  185. lovetox thats the one you want to look at
  186. lovetox iPwn
  187. Link Mauve (Only the bottom part.)
  188. lovetox yeah only run python3 stuff
  189. lovetox and the GdX11 stuff is already removed from gajim
  190. Link Mauve lovetox, instead of removing the page, could you make it a redirect to the new one?
  191. Link Mauve lovetox, also, the gettext, autotools, etc. dependencies shouldn’t be required since they are not used afterwards.
  192. Link Mauve They are here only if you install it system-wide.
  193. lovetox i didnt make that guide and i dont have a mac, people that are using this are free to update the wiki
  194. Link Mauve Heh, fair enough. :)
  195. iPwn Link Mauve,
  196. iPwn i get this error now
  197. iPwn it seems the github version works better
  198. johannes the github version is a mirror of the repo. the code is identical
  199. johannes Github just exists to facilitate cloning and solicitation of pull requests, enable access to various github bound tools and increase visibility
  200. lovetox hm weird error
  201. lovetox why is it loading demandimport...
  202. johannes Thats one of the errors I got to patch out. There will be another
  203. lovetox we dont use this anymore
  204. johannes maybe the mirror job did not run yet, after all it's a time based mirror instead of one using a post-submit hook...
  205. johannes but that error has been there all the time
  206. lovetox stop
  207. lovetox i dont think this is master branch
  208. Link Mauve iPwn, you seem to have tried to install it system wide.
  209. Link Mauve Please remove this installation first before using ./ only.
  210. iPwn what do you mean Link Mauve ?
  211. iPwn brb
  212. Link Mauve iPwn, you seem to run stuff from /usr/local/share/gajim, just remove that and try again.
  213. lovetox johannes i tryed to add gajim to sonarcube online webinterface
  214. lovetox but i see no option for this
  215. lovetox also if i look at the rules they define
  216. lovetox is this not the same pylint does?
  217. lovetox it seems to me they just gave pylint a nice webinterface
  218. Asterix johannes: make test work in gajim_0.16 branch (just fix a minor argument name) it's not really working under master branch, but shouldn't be far from working
  219. Asterix lovetox: about the zeroconf error: ok disableing the account fix the error, but we should not crash like that. Is it because they don't have bonjour installed? or something else? in this case we should just not connect, no?
  220. lovetox Asterix this is all already fixed with my zeroconf MR
  221. lovetox see the issue
  222. Asterix ok nice
  223. iPwn Link Mauve, yeap
  224. iPwn i think i made "make uninstall clean" on one downloaded src
  225. iPwn but it seems it not get removed
  226. iPwn btw, where can i find jabbers channels like this about programming and hacking?
  227. iPwn can you tell me a few?
  228. iPwn because by what i have seen most of channels ppl IDLE or few ppl
  229. Link Mauve iPwn, I’m on a French one, but I don’t know of any English one dedicated to that topic.
  230. johannes lovetox: that is why I told you that said tool needs a little more knowledge to properly put it to use. But pylint is one of the integrated components
  231. lovetox Link Mauve you told me you have hundreads of contacts in the roster?
  232. Link Mauve lovetox, 342 currently, why?
  233. Link Mauve I don’t generally connect to my main account with Gajim though.
  234. lovetox ok, but this would be a good test case in the future
  235. lovetox :D
  236. Asterix I have 217, I can test things too
  237. lovetox Asterix and you use this account with the default branch?
  238. cenysor why does gajim have to unlock the keyring on startup?
  239. Asterix yes
  240. lovetox so it can get your password cenysor?
  241. lovetox its stored in the keyring
  242. cenysor lovetox, but this is very inconvenient when I want to log into my system whithout having to unlock the keyring every time
  243. lovetox so what do you propose?
  244. Asterix cenysor: you prefer to store password insecurely in config file?
  245. lovetox you need a passwort to connect to an xmpp server
  246. cenysor I guess you are right
  247. lovetox if you want i can point you to the code to uncomment, so that gajim stores the password in a config file
  248. cenysor nah, It's ok, thanks!
  249. Link Mauve IIRC, long ago when I was still using GNOME, I could set gnome-keyring to use a keyring named login that would be unlocked at login, and get Gajim to use this one.
  250. Link Mauve Not sure how to do that, it was more than ten years ago.
  251. cenysor is there a directory of xmpp chat rooms somewhere?
  252. Link Mauve Not really a directory and more of a search engine, but there is
  253. lovetox Link Mauve
  254. lovetox can you check your preference setting
  255. lovetox show_self_contact
  256. Link Mauve lovetox, show_self_contact = when_other_resource
  257. Link Mauve Why?
  258. lovetox can you set it please to "always"
  259. lovetox and tell me if you still experience the roster bug
  260. Link Mauve Oh, I don’t.
  261. Link Mauve Was the first thing I tried. ^^
  262. lovetox ha? so you dont have the bug anymore?
  263. Link Mauve Yes.
  264. Link Mauve That “fixed” it.
  265. lovetox hm ok lets wait a few days and restarts
  266. lovetox johannes you could also try this
  267. lovetox out of interest Link Mauve do you show your offline contacts?
  268. Link Mauve I don’t on this Gajim.
  269. Link Mauve I also don’t have any offline contact.
  270. Link Mauve The buggy ones are not from my roster.
  271. lovetox kk
  272. lovetox if this is really the bug, it would be easy fixable, but lets wait some time
  273. lovetox i fear that there could be more than one bug piling on each other
  274. Link Mauve lovetox, why wait? You found something that should be fixed anyway.
  275. Asterix that's strange that showinf self contact line fixes that, I don't see how it's related ..
  276. lovetox no i definitly fix that link mauve
  277. lovetox i just meant wait on the "juhu we found the bug that stops releasing the software"
  278. Link Mauve It’s the one stopping it?
  279. lovetox i think a roster that leads to crashes is pretty serious for a xmpp client ^^
  280. lovetox otherwise i dont see many bugs that make it unusable
  281. lovetox im still not saying its at a super great state, but i would release a beta
  282. iPwn Link Mauve, i removed that dir /usr/local/share/gajim but it still not works
  283. iPwn i think i need to apply diff patch located at /usr/local/share/gajim
  284. iPwn at *
  285. iPwn can you tell me how do i apply this patch?
  286. Link Mauve No, you probably don’t.
  287. iPwn oh ok
  288. iPwn so whats the prob then?
  289. Link Mauve Do you have another error now, when you start it?
  290. iPwn no i think its the same
  291. lovetox i dont get why there are demandimport loading stuff in your error
  292. lovetox we dont use it anymore
  293. iPwn i dont have any idea too
  294. iPwn i tough it was a permission error but its not
  295. iPwn i think its because it tried to run with python default not python3 , right?
  296. lovetox can you start with -v argument?
  297. lovetox gajim -v
  298. Link Mauve iPwn, please run `git branch` in your repository.
  299. lovetox ah
  300. lovetox no
  301. lovetox gajim -V
  302. Link Mauve lovetox, he’s using
  303. iPwn wait
  304. lovetox ah
  305. iPwn yeap im using
  306. iPwn git branch link ?
  307. lovetox cd into the dir where gajim is with your console
  308. iPwn i mean, should i run "git branch" ?
  309. iPwn ok
  310. lovetox "git branch" shows what branches are available
  311. lovetox and what you are on
  312. lovetox it should give you a list
  313. iPwn it says * master
  314. lovetox thats good
  315. lovetox now run git "git rev-parse HEAD"
  316. lovetox and tell me what it says
  317. lovetox Asterix, i also find it weird its related, but do you know how i found out
  318. lovetox i had it on never
  319. lovetox and the number in the top of the account
  320. lovetox showed always one online contact more, than there really was
  321. Asterix and you found where the bug is? can I show the diff?
  322. lovetox no i didnt look at it in code
  323. iPwn ok hold
  324. Asterix ok so you just found a workarround for the moment?
  325. lovetox yeah
  326. Asterix ok
  327. lovetox we have to look why it counts it to online contacts even when not shown
  328. Asterix that's a very good start, we now know where to look, great!
  329. lovetox maybe its added to the model but not shown which brings the model out of sync or something like that
  330. Asterix (for me it's when_other_resource and it correctly count online users)
  331. Asterix I mean it's the some of each group
  332. iPwn lovetox, it says "90a80fedafef15fd24ac0e1eb95056d56bd7a9e0"
  333. Asterix I don't think it's added to the model, at least it should not be
  334. lovetox thats good iPwn
  335. iPwn so whats the problem, its a dependencie?
  336. lovetox hm no i dont think so, have to think about it
  337. lovetox could you try to run it from console
  338. lovetox dir into gajim/src
  339. lovetox run python3
  340. iPwn ok hold
  341. lovetox or python
  342. lovetox dont know what triggers python on your system
  343. iPwn lovetox, i got the same error
  344. Link Mauve iPwn, can you paste it again?
  345. lovetox
  346. Link Mauve lovetox, I want to see the file paths.
  347. lovetox ah did you install gettext?
  348. lovetox because AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'bindtextdomain'
  349. lovetox bindtextdomain needs gettext i think
  350. iPwn wait
  351. iPwn with python3 i get same error
  352. lovetox thats expected its just another alias for starting python
  353. lovetox brew link --force gettext
  354. lovetox did you do this?
  355. lovetox like in the wiki
  356. iPwn with normal python i get this
  357. iPwn
  358. lovetox you cant start with python2
  359. lovetox master branch is python3
  360. Link Mauve lovetox, btw, !20
  361. Link Mauve iPwn, I’m interested in the exact trace you get when you run it with python3.
  362. iPwn lovetox, i know
  363. iPwn i get this error
  364. iPwn not that bindtextdomain stuff
  365. lovetox ahhh
  366. iPwn now i get this only
  367. lovetox yeah this is expected
  368. lovetox now browse to
  369. lovetox and comment this code
  370. lovetox +# try: +# keycode_ins = keymap.get_entries_for_keyval(Gdk.KEY_Insert)[1][0].keycode +# except TypeError, IndexError: + keycode_ins = 118
  371. iPwn ok thks hold
  372. iPwn which line is it?
  373. lovetox ca. 100
  374. lovetox when gajim starts, dont add a account, we have to set a setting before
  375. lovetox Mac doesnt have a insert key or what?
  376. Asterix lovetox: for your logging question: should -v show stanza... That's true that most of the time, it's needed to know what triggers the bug. In this case no need of a -vv (or similar) thing then.
  377. lovetox yeah just add .nbxmpp=INFO
  378. Asterix yep
  379. lovetox and lets leave it at that for now
  380. lovetox i change my MR
  381. Asterix ok
  382. lovetox did you commit the nbxmpp stuff to the nbxmpp repo?
  383. Asterix yep
  384. lovetox no you didnt ^^
  385. Asterix ho ...
  386. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _python-nbxmpp_ <>: *88484a02* <> log XML parser as DEBUG insteaf of INFO
  387. Asterix yes I did a long time ago ! ;)
  388. lovetox :D
  389. iPwn lovetox, now i get this
  390. Asterix ho we see the time of the commit, not the time of the push
  391. lovetox iPwn, are you sure gettext is installed?
  392. iPwn yes it is
  393. iPwn it seems so
  394. lovetox also the --force line?
  395. Link Mauve iPwn, try to comment out these lines of gettext setup, you probably won’t need them right now.
  396. Link Mauve Maybe your distribution of Python doesn’t ship the locale module.
  397. lovetox", line 32
  398. lovetox comment this line
  399. Link Mauve According to it’s a mistake to call this.
  400. Link Mauve If that fixes it we should remove it for all.
  401. lovetox it will fix the error, but will translation still work?
  402. lovetox yeah but another point we should look into :)
  403. Link Mauve It should yeah.
  404. Link Mauve Just tested, it still works fine.
  405. Link Mauve According to the documentation, it’s perfectly redundant with the next line.
  406. lovetox ah now i understand
  407. lovetox locale just calls gettext
  408. Link Mauve Yes.
  409. lovetox k i remove this line
  410. iPwn Link Mauve, lovetox finally its working
  411. iPwn so what should i do now?
  412. lovetox go to preferences
  413. Link Mauve Enjoy Gajim? ^^
  414. lovetox advanced
  415. Link Mauve Oh.
  416. lovetox open the advanced editor
  417. lovetox type self_show_contact
  418. lovetox and set the field to "never"
  419. lovetox after that try adding a account
  420. iPwn ok hold
  421. Link Mauve lovetox, not always?
  422. lovetox ah
  423. Asterix show_self_contact
  424. lovetox no
  425. lovetox set it to always :D
  426. lovetox done link mauve
  427. lovetox Asterix cant we not have push notifications from the bot for gajim repo?
  428. Asterix yes .. we can ...
  429. iPwn lovetox, now how do i do to install plugins?
  430. iPwn also, i think the work we did now deserves a installation tutorial guide for OSX users
  431. lovetox yeah i fix all the stuff that you had to uncomment
  432. lovetox and update the Wiki file
  433. lovetox
  434. lovetox download this
  435. iPwn ok thks
  436. lovetox unzip it to your install dir
  437. iPwn nice work
  438. lovetox to the plugins dir
  439. lovetox i mean
  440. lovetox restart gajim
  441. lovetox after that go to the plugins menu
  442. lovetox shoud now able to download stuff
  443. Asterix but should bost things now
  444. Asterix bot should bost things now
  445. Asterix bot should post things now
  446. lovetox =)
  447. Asterix and I should sleep ...
  448. lovetox thx
  449. Asterix should doesn't mean will :)
  450. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 3 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *35142cf4* <> Remove redundant call to bindtextdomain locale.bindtextdomain just calls gettext.bindtextdomain *a1d07910* <> Merge branch 'remove-demandimport' into 'master' Remove demandimport, which is now unused See merge request !20 *3fa2db7c* <> Remove demandimport, now unused.
  451. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 3 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _python-nbxmpp_ <>: *88484a02* <> log XML parser as DEBUG insteaf of INFO *95254655* <> [NooN8] make all parameters immutable. Fixes #38 *b81a3ea7* <> [NooN8] make all classes inherit from object
  452. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 3 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim-plugins_ <>: *f6e76280* <> [plugin_installer] Update CHANGELOG *2c70bace* <> [plugin_installer] Update manifest.ini *3749559d* <> Merge branch 'master' into 'master' [plugin_installer] Fix automatic update check See merge request !8
  453. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *a5cce0c7* <> Make verbose logging less verbose *4afdba28* <> Merge branch 'dev' into 'master' Make verbose logging less verbose See merge request !19
  454. bot pushed commits to branch __ of _gajim_ <>:
  455. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 3 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _website_ <>: *3c5e7eab* <> Remove unused file *baa85941* <> Update translations *58216540* <> Fix links in development page. Fixes #3
  456. Asterix seems ok for all projects
  457. Asterix (I didn't put the gtk-bin project)
  458. lovetox yeah nice
  459. lovetox though why does it always list old stuff?
  460. lovetox Yann Leboulanger pushed 3 commits
  461. lovetox you only did one today
  462. bot pushed commits to branch __ of _gajim_ <>:
  463. Link Mauve Hi, please merge !21.
  464. Asterix lovetox: I pressed the test button to check