Gajim - 2017-01-03

  1. jere > > online tool to edit po files 👍
  2. jere Asterix: There is a mistake in the message for "Account Activation": . Please check your spam folder if you do not see the email.
  3. jere (Remove the initial dot)
  4. jere I think the title of the web page should be "Gajim Translations" (plural)
  5. thorsten.sick Hi. I founda bug in 0.16.5 (Ubuntu): It does not work properly with the XMPP bot from here: Bot answers are only visible in history, not in chat. With Conversations it works properly.
  6. thorsten.sick As I can not access the bug tracker (link broken) I decided to contact you here and ask if you already know this issue
  7. Link Mauve thorsten.sick, could you open your XML console and paste the message your bot is sending?
  8. thorsten.sick Yes...where is this XML console ?
  9. Link Mauve Actions > Advanced > XML Console
  10. lovetox thorsten.sick, we have moved to gitlab, links on the webpage are not updated
  11. thorsten.sick thans, lovetox
  12. thorsten.sick Here is the XML:
  13. thorsten.sick <!-- Out Di 03 Jan 2017 14:33:01 CET --> <message xmlns="jabber:client" to="" type="chat" id="215"> <body>FOOB</body> <thread>gnaEYFsSHYKEnrHWEMATfgVQKSeMSEJM</thread> </message> <!-- In Di 03 Jan 2017 14:33:01 CET --> <message id='5' to='' from=''> <body>Unknown command &quot;foob&quot;. Try &quot;help&quot;</body> </message> <r xmlns='urn:xmpp:sm:2'/>
  14. thorsten.sick "unknow command" is expected, the issue is, that it is not displayed in the chat
  15. Link Mauve thorsten.sick, it’s normal that it isn’t displayed in the chat, since it’s not a message of type chat, but it should open a separate window containing this message.
  16. Link Mauve Do you maybe see it when you click on the enveloppe icon in the notification area?
  17. thorsten.sick "Chat Verlauf" (Chat history, I assume) does contain it
  18. thorsten.sick I try to find any other "access" to this message, but fail so far
  19. Link Mauve thorsten.sick, make your bot add type="chat" to the message, and it should be fine.
  20. thorsten.sick ah, ok, second way: Gajim main window has the envelop, double click there shows it
  21. Link Mauve I’m surprised you don’t get normal messages, though.
  22. Link Mauve Ah, great.
  23. Link Mauve You do get it then. :)
  24. thorsten.sick Thanks !
  25. thorsten.sick Just started to dig into XMPP
  26. thorsten.sick (and Gajim)
  27. Link Mauve Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any question. :)
  28. thorsten.sick Yes, thanks
  29. Link Mauve might be more relevant if you have questions specific to XMPP, here is fine for Gajim itself.
  30. Asterix lovetox: webpage is updated, in git, not yet deployed
  31. Asterix ok website updated
  32. Asterix jere: I saw you did some translation work?
  33. jere Asterix: yes. Did I make a mistake?
  34. jere Have you read some suggestions I wrote 18 hours ago in this room?
  35. Asterix jere: no, no, I'm just setting the site up, so not perfectly working
  36. Asterix no
  37. Asterix jere: ha yes a mistale in english
  38. Asterix I saw a few too
  39. Asterix this string: "Changes the status of account or accounts" shouldn't it be "Changes the status of account(s)"?
  40. Asterix jere: I don't see this account activation string your find
  41. Asterix jere: I don't see this account activation string your talk about
  42. jere Asterix: I saw it after registering my new account.
  43. Asterix ha so nothing to do with Gajim itself
  44. Asterix the server show you that I guess
  45. jere No. It is about the new web site
  46. Asterix haaa
  47. Asterix so it's in Pootle (the software that runs behind
  48. Asterix not in Gajim.
  49. jere exactly.
  50. Asterix ok
  51. Link Mauve Asterix, got two new MR to blind merge~
  52. Asterix thanks, it's in
  53. Link Mauve Thanks. :)
  54. Link Mauve lovetox, on your dev MR, I can’t see any of the DeprecationWarnings anymore, why is that?
  55. Link Mauve Also very good job!
  56. lovetox_ thanks
  57. lovetox_ i dont know
  58. lovetox_ the only line i added is
  59. lovetox_ the ignore warnings, but it should only execut if == nt
  60. lovetox_ or do we have to activate warnings now?
  61. Link Mauve No idea, it was working before.
  62. lovetox_ hmm
  63. lovetox_ i get a lot of warnings
  64. lovetox_ i think you deactivated somethign somewhere on your machine
  65. lovetox_ or you run with 3.18 or something like that
  66. Link Mauve No, because when I run the installed master branch, I have them.
  67. Link Mauve These are also e.g. python-dbus deprecation warnings.
  68. lovetox_ hm i only see CSS warnings Oo
  69. lovetox_ you are right the others are gone
  70. Link Mauve I still get some Gtk-WARNING, from dbus names that are not owned.
  71. Link Mauve But nothing from Python.
  72. Link Mauve If I call warnings.filterwarnings('once') I get them.
  73. Link Mauve warnings.resetwarnings() has the same effect.
  74. Link Mauve Oh, so they are not actually enabled by default.
  75. Link Mauve I’m fine with putting that in --verbose or --debug instead.
  76. Link Mauve Hmm, no, --verbose is way too verbose.
  77. Link Mauve Is it really useful to have nbxmpp.simplexml spout its stuff in there? :/
  78. lovetox_ yeah hate that too, but i guess verbose means everything
  79. lovetox_ i can reset warnings its not a problem
  80. Asterix we can maybe have -v and -vv
  81. lovetox_ because if gajim is not run on console nobody can see it anyway
  82. Link Mauve Asterix, +1
  83. bot Link Mauve: You changes Asterix's karma to +2. Next time to change across: 1 day 00:00:00. Karma limit is 4
  84. Link Mauve :D
  85. Asterix LOL
  86. lovetox_ lol
  87. lovetox_ after years on this channel
  88. Link Mauve bot, that’s a terribly useful feature you have here. ^^'
  89. lovetox_ Asterix has still only +2
  90. lovetox_ :D
  91. Link Mauve Would it be possible to disable it?
  92. Asterix now that we don't need RSS anymore, no more usefull
  93. Asterix except for #123
  94. Asterix #123
  95. Asterix that doesn't work ...
  96. Link Mauve #8491
  97. Link Mauve !13
  98. Asterix it linked to trac, not gitlab
  99. Asterix btw gitlab doesn't post here anymore
  100. Link Mauve Asterix, it would be useful to have it speak about commits anyone does anywhere at, though.
  101. Link Mauve Maybe not the same bot, but a bot.
  102. Asterix maybe because I forgot to configure somthing when I created several Gajim project to find the correct config
  103. Asterix gitlab can whit here directly
  104. Asterix without RSS
  105. Asterix but XMPP directly
  106. Link Mauve That’d be very useful.
  107. Asterix I configured that
  108. Asterix I'll re-add that
  109. Asterix but now I try to work :)
  110. lovetox_ so what to do now about the warnings, should i add the -w option?
  111. Link Mauve lovetox_, I’d suggest to leave it like that, and to make it a future MR.
  112. Link Mauve Maybe report an issue if you don’t want to fix it right now.
  113. lovetox_ thats like a 1 minute thing
  114. lovetox_ to write the issue needs the same time ^^
  115. lovetox_ ok for a future MR then
  116. lovetox_ i rebase this now fix the typology
  117. lovetox_ i hope i can make this actually work, because of your blind merge
  118. lovetox_ i think all my commits are wrong now
  119. Link Mauve Hmm?
  120. Link Mauve Just rebase on top of master.
  121. lovetox_ the change to nbxmpp importing
  122. lovetox_ yeah it will give me still merge conflict i think
  123. lovetox_ but i will try
  124. Link Mauve I mean, git fetch origin, git rebase master, then at each conflict you edit the file, look for <<<<<, =====, >>>>>, fix everything, git add said file, then git rebase --continue.
  125. Link Mauve I highly prefer hg histedit for that, but you chose git instead. :(
  126. lovetox_ ok nice was only one commit that needed merging luckily :)
  127. lovetox_ ok changed the english stuff
  128. lovetox_ on rebasing some comments get lost
  129. lovetox_ in gitlab
  130. lovetox_ i think i have to read up what the correct workflow for adding to MR is
  131. lovetox_ Asterix you good on the MR?
  132. Asterix no, never did one
  133. lovetox_ haha
  134. lovetox_ no i meant if you agree to merge the Switch MR
  135. Asterix I'd like to see a --new-instance option or a way to simply be able to run a second instance. I can't say more, I haven't tested it yet. but I trust you, and it's default, not a stable branch
  136. Link Mauve Asterix, imo that should come in a next commit.
  137. Link Mauve Hmm.
  138. lovetox_ this should be added by Link Mauve, i use ubuntu to run gajim but im still a linux noob :/
  139. lovetox_ yeah so lets merge this
  140. Link Mauve lovetox_, it’s not specific to Linux or anything.
  141. Link Mauve It’s a simple matter of disabling the uniqueness testing.
  142. lovetox_ where do we test uniquness?
  143. lovetox_ i removed that all
  144. Link Mauve In GApplication.
  145. lovetox_ and where does it do that
  146. lovetox_ in startup?
  147. lovetox_ so we have to overwrite that and write our own?
  148. Link Mauve You call Gtk.Application.__init__(self, application_id='org.gajim.Gajim', …)
  149. Link Mauve If you don’t pass any application_id, it won’t check for uniqueness.
  150. lovetox_ really that easy
  151. Link Mauve If you pass it for example an application_id containing a profile name, it will check for uniqueness against that specific profile.
  152. lovetox_ ok nice then i consider this solved
  153. Link Mauve So that way you can have multiple profiles and still call into them from the bus.
  154. lovetox_ i will try this in the next days
  155. Asterix yes application_id could contain the profile given as argument if there is one then
  156. Link Mauve lovetox_, you could also pass Gio.ApplicationFlags.NON_UNIQUE to the flags.
  157. Asterix uniqueness per profile sounds good to me
  158. Asterix it's what we currently have anyway
  159. lovetox_ not fully though, except we use the switch tmolitor added
  160. Asterix I mean we currenty can't run twice gajim -p test
  161. lovetox_ ah k
  162. lovetox_ so warning switch and second instance is next :)
  163. Link Mauve Imo it shouldn’t be a warning switch, just making the verbose output actually useful.
  164. Asterix we can tune what we want with -l
  165. Asterix but usually it's easier to ask user to send us the output of -v
  166. Asterix but removing nbxmpp outpu from -v and add a -vv to have it sounds nice
  167. Link Mauve Asterix, imo its XML parser should be at debug level, not at info level.
  168. Link Mauve It’s highly unlikely you’ll want the XML parsing.
  169. Asterix yep why not, but -v is debug level anyway
  170. lovetox_ yeah its not like anyone uses the levels
  171. Asterix what is usefull is the XML stanza, and they are at info level of client_nb
  172. lovetox_ its debug or nothing
  173. lovetox_ :D
  174. lovetox_ but if we remove xml output from -v, we can just add warnings, because warnings are only printed once on occurance
  175. lovetox_ its a minimal amount of addition to a -v log
  176. Asterix no I mean remove all nbxmpp output
  177. Link Mauve lovetox_, I’m not saying to remove XML output, but XML parser output.
  178. Link Mauve Which is utterly useless.
  179. Asterix in logging_helpers -> set_verbose: parseAndSetLogLevels('.nbxmpp=1')