Gajim - 2017-01-02

  1. Link Mauve I gave a patch to johannes the other day, for him to test whether removing any usage of Gdk.Screen would fix something, but he failed at applying it IIRC.
  2. lovetox yeah i will add this again but only for the logfile not for console output
  3. Link Mauve It’s actually quite pressing, because it will utterly break on any HiDPI or mixed-DPI system.
  4. Asterix gtkexcepthook is not ported to GTK3 yet, but it's the GTK windows that appear when there is a TB so user can see it and report it easily. It should be ported to GTK3
  5. lovetox but we get windows on python tracebacks
  6. lovetox or is this something explicitly for GTK errors
  7. Asterix so when is it imported?
  8. lovetox i guess in the module where its used? its not used in the startup for anything
  9. lovetox why should it be imported there
  10. lovetox maybe there was code back in the past that used this
  11. Asterix ha mybe yes ...
  12. Asterix for the TB window, is it really shown in GUI when there is a TB in master branch?
  13. Asterix I don't see how it's possible ...
  14. lovetox its the same like on linux
  15. lovetox i mean i dont know if EVERY error gets poped up like this
  16. Asterix yes, but it's not working under linux either as this line is commented
  17. lovetox but if i have a keyerror in some code and the exception is not caugt
  18. lovetox usually we see a window
  19. Asterix it works un 0.16 branch, not in master
  20. lovetox i dont want to remove gtkexceptionhook, it probably is useful for something
  21. Asterix it's supposed to work only under win. Under linux, it's printed in console
  22. lovetox i just removed a line that was commented, i can try and port that code
  23. Asterix yes I just inform you that this commented line should not be removed, but uncommented when it will work.
  24. Asterix ho no
  25. lovetox k i add it with a "to be ported" note :)
  26. Asterix not under win only:
  27. Asterix if == 'nt' or not sys.stderr.isatty():
  28. Asterix so win or no console
  29. Asterix GN
  30. lovetox hm? dont understand what you mean thats not in the code
  31. Asterix it's in We are supposed to show this dialog when we are under win or when we run Gajim not from a console. If we run from the console, TB is shown in console
  32. lovetox ah
  33. lovetox so this is only shown if we have no console
  34. lovetox i will try and port this these days
  35. lovetox maybe instead of ignoring all warnings we should not always write a logfile on windows
  36. Asterix if we don't always write a log file, we'll never have itopened when there will be a problem
  37. lovetox Asterix, so thats the same on Linux and it seems not be a problem
  38. lovetox it see 2 problems with that approach
  39. lovetox 1. we never get warnings which could be helpful maybe to see a problem
  40. lovetox 2. we have to determine the path we store at the start of the program
  41. lovetox where no profile paths are initialized
  42. lovetox so for example its never real protable
  43. lovetox would not the normal approach be, if a user has a problem he starts with logging options
  44. lovetox though for 2. we could change the path to a relative dir, maybe the same as the .exe file, so that would solve that
  45. lovetox and for 1., a warning probably is never the reason for a bug, as its only a warning
  46. arune I prefere log output in terminal, I didn't think it was possible in Windows when running a GUI application
  47. lovetox i dont think its possible with the .exe
  48. lovetox but if you start from source its the same like on linux
  49. bot pushed commits to branch __ of _python-nbxmpp_ <>:
  50. andrey.g Link Mauve‎: > I’m pretty sure you are the only person who ever used two Gajim profiles or ran it twice. In order to test jingle file transfer I ran 3 gajim instances (packaged and 2 mainline) and 3 profiles (default and 2 for tests). > Nowadays, it’s expected that starting a running program will only activate the existing instance. But you should still be able to run a new instance of a program without using other tools, e.g. firefox --new-instance
  51. fphome > But you should still be able to run a new instance of a program without using other tools, e.g. firefox --new-instance This could be done by a simple wrapper script
  52. andrey.g 7 years without any change: Time to change?..
  53. Asterix andrey.g: why change it?
  54. andrey.g Only if needed in context of the discussion of dbus-launcher / how to start more than one instance. Or it is already solved?
  55. Asterix from Link Mauve's POV it's solver, it seems to be easy. I don't know yet how to do it.
  56. Asterix Any fedora user here?
  57. mimi89999 Debian...
  58. lovetox btw, andrey.g many things can just be tested with adding a second account to gajim
  59. lovetox in most cases you do not need a second instance
  60. lovetox i only use a second instance if i need another codebase in one
  61. Asterix except when you test intensively. In this case you disco / reconnect every few seconds and maybe you don't want to annoy your contacts with that ...
  62. lovetox haha i definitly annoy my contacts
  63. lovetox but to disable sound on connecting contact is the first thing i disable ^^
  64. lovetox also smartphone users who use servers with no stream managment disconnect very often
  65. Asterix it's not a reason to doi it too ;)
  66. lovetox Asterix in the exception hook, do we want a direct link to the issue creating in gitlab, or to a wiki article how to create a issue?
  67. Asterix I'd say gitlab directy
  68. Asterix if user have to read a whole book to fill a ticket, they won't do it
  69. Asterix they already will have to create an account ...
  70. lovetox kk :)
  71. lovetox i have the except hook working now
  72. lovetox i will add it to my MR
  73. Asterix nice. a lot of changes were needed?
  74. lovetox to get it just working only one or two lines
  75. lovetox but i rewritten it
  76. lovetox 1. it needed like a huge list of modules from all parts of gajim
  77. lovetox i wanted to make is as basic as possible
  78. lovetox so it can run on its own
  79. lovetox because we import it very early into gajim
  80. lovetox and if only one of the modules has any error probably whole gajim will not start because we import them all with excepthook
  81. Asterix if it still work the same way, that's enough
  82. lovetox it does
  83. lovetox i find it funny that if i start glade i get a lot of gtk warnings :D
  84. andrey.g ‎lovetox‎: Before I discovered that the most gajim-dev discussions are here not on the mailing list, I used a test account, but then I found it easier to use test profiles and running several gajim instances.
  85. Asterix yes same for me. I'll have to try how to start 2 Gajim instances and try to make it as simple as possible
  86. Asterix ans as you said andrey.g, maybe gajim bash script will be improved probably to have an option to start a second instance
  87. lovetox
  88. lovetox Asterix
  89. lovetox try it, you can run it without gajim
  90. lovetox has a test exception build in
  91. Asterix maybe link should be
  92. Link Mauve lovetox, you should make the report link go directly to the new issue form.
  93. Link Mauve Also pre-fill it.
  94. andrey.g I'm wondering, how the firefox's "--new-instance" option is named in other "one-instance" applications.
  95. Asterix yep having the tb already in description could be nice
  96. lovetox yeah could be, but issue creating without registration?
  97. lovetox good luck with spam
  98. Asterix for gedit it seems to be -s: -s, --standalone Run gedit in standalone mode
  99. Asterix lovetox: right. we need to check what it does when we are not logged
  100. andrey.g Choosing between standalone and new-instance, I'm for new-instance, since standalone seems to me to imply more than just a new instance.
  101. lovetox i just tried on ubuntu
  102. lovetox dbus-launch python3
  103. Link Mauve lovetox, with your GtkApplication branch?
  104. lovetox but if failed because it has a timeout on getting my passwort from secretservice Oo
  105. lovetox yes
  106. Link Mauve Ah, you didn’t have your libsecret backend launched on this specific session bus.
  107. lovetox ok so i have to launch this first then gajim?
  108. Link Mauve Maybe it would be useful to have Gajim automatically start it if it can?
  109. Link Mauve Probably yeah.
  110. lovetox i leave this stuff to you linux nerds :)
  111. Link Mauve But don’t do that in the same MR please. :)
  112. lovetox yeah i found just 2 bugs with my MR when testing just now :)
  113. lovetox that tells me no one from you did run it :)
  114. Link Mauve I didn’t. o/
  115. Asterix nor I did yet. No time unfortunatly. Pootle takes me a lot of time to setup correctly and talk to the dev to fix bugs
  116. lovetox damn :/
  117. Link Mauve What is Pootle?
  118. Asterix
  119. Asterix online tool to edit po files
  120. Link Mauve Oh, nice.
  121. Link Mauve People didn’t like poedit or their favourite text editor?
  122. Asterix never got complaints, but one more tool to help ppl. And here the translation will be in daily package automatically without developper action
  123. Asterix and that doesn't prevent to d/l po file, edit with vim, and re-upload it
  124. Link Mauve Right.
  125. Asterix and imagine one day there are several translators for one language, that will be easier for them to work (ok I know I dream :) )
  126. lovetox :D