Gajim - 2017-01-01

  1. Asterix Happy new year guys
  2. cuc happy new year to you too Asterix
  3. zak The 5 users of one of my accounts are not displayed anymore again (including the group-header).
  4. zak I just deactivated and activated the account as before and it works again. Still no idea where this comes from.
  5. Asterix zak: which gajim version? which GTK version?
  6. zak Gajim 0.16.6, from Debian Repository
  7. zak GTK+-Version: 2.24.25
  8. zak PyGTK-Version 2.24.0
  9. zak I did not do anything with this account. But the corresponding server was upgraded and completely modernized recently. I suspect it has something todo with that.
  10. Asterix ha, strange then ...
  11. Asterix that shouldn't ...
  12. zak I will observe this more in the next days, maybe I get a hint. Or maybe the problem just disappears at some point.
  13. lovetox maybe it happens when the server restarts
  14. Link Mauve Heh, now that Python 3.6 got released and packaged in my distribution, I get way more DeprecationWarnings than before!
  15. Asterix Nice, I expect a new MR soon then ;)
  16. Link Mauve Yup, first fixed a python2-ism that prevented the build.
  17. Link Mauve Otherwise Gajim seems to work perfectly fine on 3.6, as expected.
  18. Link Mauve Asterix, btw, for the followup to my chatstates patch, are you fine with changing the colour of the participant’s nickname when the chatstate changes, or do you have a better UI idea?
  19. Link Mauve IIRC it was how it was implemented in Jappix for example (using the same colorscheme as Gajim).
  20. Asterix Link Mauve: no that's fine. We already have a plugin to do that in roster
  21. Link Mauve You also already do that in tabs.
  22. Asterix to show chatstate in roster
  23. Asterix yes that's perfectly fine to me
  24. Link Mauve Or do you think that would be better off as a plugin?
  25. Asterix no, that's fine in Gajim itself Maybe an advanced option to disable that feature?
  26. Link Mauve I have the feeling that if it isn’t enabled by default, users won’t use any plugin.
  27. Link Mauve To disable the possibility to see them?
  28. Asterix yes
  29. Asterix hmmm
  30. Asterix no,
  31. Asterix just use the options we already have
  32. Link Mauve Yeah, I already have that. :)
  33. Asterix display_chat_state_notifications and outgoing_chat_state_notifications
  34. Asterix same options for MUC is fine IMO
  35. Link Mauve Ok.
  36. lovetox btw Link Mauve i will commit the MR for switch to GTKApplication in a few minutes :)
  37. Link Mauve lovetox, nice!
  38. Link Mauve Please commit !14 too.
  39. Asterix ha yes, a diff I made yesterday of the day before
  40. Asterix I merge it
  41. lovetox sorry already clicked
  42. Asterix ok
  43. Asterix np
  44. Link Mauve GtkApplication is the first step to remove the python-dbus dependency!
  45. Link Mauve *wakuwaku*
  46. Asterix dbus is not in glib right?
  47. Asterix I mean there is a dbus implementation directly in glib?
  48. Link Mauve There is.
  49. Link Mauve In Gio.
  50. Link Mauve Please merge !15 too. :)
  51. Asterix done
  52. lovetox Link Mauve choose a avatar on gitlab, pretty please :)
  53. Link Mauve Uh, can’t you just configure it to do a vcard-temp query to my JID? ^^'
  54. lovetox ^^
  55. Asterix I see that gtkapllication removes pid file. Does that mean we are not able to run twice Gajim now?
  56. Link Mauve Asterix, twice per dbus session.
  57. Asterix with pid files we could, because there was one pid file per profile
  58. Asterix arg, that's problematic!
  59. Link Mauve You can still start more than one by giving it its own dbus session.
  60. Link Mauve Which is very easy.
  61. Asterix much less that -p test_profile
  62. Link Mauve Asterix, benefit is that you won’t need to have a separate entrypoint for gajim-remote anymore. :)
  63. Link Mauve Asterix, for that you can just set another set of XDG_CONFIG_HOME/etc. right?
  64. Asterix no idea ... I don't know how to start a second dbus session ... but I'll have to look at that
  65. Link Mauve dbus-launch gajim
  66. Asterix I'll have to test things and write a wiki page. I'll sure we'll have several time the question
  67. Link Mauve I’m pretty sure you are the only person who ever used two Gajim profiles or ran it twice. :p
  68. Link Mauve Nowadays, it’s expected that starting a running program will only activate the existing instance.
  69. Asterix I can't developp and test thing without 2 running Gajim. I won't close and re-open my runnin Gajim every time
  70. Link Mauve But anyway it’s easier to just run two session bus.
  71. Link Mauve (Than to stay in the past with bad dependencies.)
  72. Asterix ho and option changed too
  73. Asterix -v was verbose
  74. Asterix now it's version
  75. Asterix and no more verbose
  76. Asterix this commit don't only do the switch to GtkApplication
  77. Asterix many things were changed too
  78. Asterix this windev option
  79. Link Mauve Windev?
  80. Asterix several paths were changed too
  81. Link Mauve I don’t remember having done that.
  82. Asterix self.add_main_option('windev', ord('w'), GLib.OptionFlags.NONE, GLib.OptionArg.NONE, _('Print stdout/stderr to the console ' 'on Windows'))
  83. Link Mauve Ah, that’s not mine.
  84. Asterix isn't it a convflict: self.add_main_option('version', ord('v'), GLib.OptionFlags.NONE, vs self.add_main_option('verbose', ord('v'), GLib.OptionFlags.NONE,
  85. Link Mauve Most likely, in the general case version is -V instead.
  86. Asterix def do_activate(self): # If a second instance starts do_activate() is called then why do we do the whole startup thing here is it's called only when a second instance is run?
  87. Asterix initialize path, database, ...
  88. Link Mauve Asterix, do_startup is called locally, do_activate remotely, IIRC.
  89. lovetox Asterix -v is a typo
  90. lovetox it should be -V
  91. lovetox i fix that
  92. lovetox windev is a option for developing on windows
  93. lovetox so that stdout and stderr is not routed to a log file
  94. lovetox instead its routed to console like on linux
  95. lovetox we have to do all startup in do_activate() because we need to know if a profile or config dir was input on command line
  96. Link Mauve lovetox, please don’t mix unrelated changes in a single commit. :)
  97. lovetox because only then we can initialize all paths and db etc
  98. lovetox whats is unrelated from the 17 commits?
  99. Link Mauve If the purpose of the change is “switch to GtkApplication”, adding an option for Windows development sounds pretty unrelated.
  100. lovetox but its not
  101. lovetox cause its name "and cleanup startup code"
  102. lovetox but yeah i could split that but its not like a single comit
  103. lovetox its 17 on its own commits
  104. lovetox and with switch to gtk application we had to refactor command line input and on that note we added 2 command line options
  105. lovetox i dont see it so unrelated
  106. Asterix you're right it's 17 commits. I should read them individually instead of the whole thing.
  107. lovetox yeah i tried to make it as splitted up as possible
  108. lovetox because its moving a lot of code
  109. lovetox about PID
  110. lovetox its not like removing the PID code removes second instances
  111. lovetox even with the PID code it would not work if we use GtkApplication
  112. Asterix not ignoring GTK warnings under windows will fill the log file
  113. Link Mauve Oh, you still have some GTK+ warnings left under Windows?
  114. lovetox no i dont see any
  115. Link Mauve Ah, the DeprecatedWarnings.
  116. Link Mauve Ah, the DeprecationWarnings.
  117. lovetox no not right now, but they could be one in the future.