Gajim - 2016-12-31

  1. arune lovetox: the window nightly (default branch), does it contain the patch for storing password with Windows password storage?
  2. lovetox yes
  3. Asterix arune: if it's in gajim_0.16 branch, then yes
  4. lovetox na i didnt port it to gajim_0.16 until now
  5. lovetox but its in the default nightlys
  6. lovetox please test extensively :)
  7. arune Hm, is it in 0.16 aswell? But no 0.16-release with it?
  8. lovetox ‎[13:28:06] ‎lovetox‎: na i didnt port it to gajim_0.16 until now
  9. Asterix it's not in gajim-0.16*
  10. Asterix it's in gajim-default
  11. lovetox
  12. lovetox we have snaps of both now arune
  13. arune Wow!
  14. lovetox i look that i have time to port it to 0.16 before 0.16.7 release
  15. lovetox if you install default, please pay attention that the conversion goes without prolbems
  16. arune We could probably just aswell run a snap, no problem
  17. lovetox you should not see a password prompt on any start
  18. arune I will test default/password as soon as possible
  19. arune If upgrading, will the current password be fetched from config, put in Windows storage, and the removed from config?
  20. lovetox yes
  21. lovetox not removed it will be replaced with "winvault:"
  22. lovetox that tells the password method to look in the vault
  23. Asterix arune: if you could pay attention at that, that would be usefull. Migration is an important thing, and carefully check if everything goes well is nice
  24. lovetox and i made sure the password is only removed after a successful storage ^^
  25. arune Nice, I'll test and come back with results, but it might take a while until I have time at a computer
  26. arune A windows computer that is
  27. bot pushed commits to branch __ of _python-nbxmpp_ <>: