Gajim - 2016-12-30

  1. lovetox Link Mauve, it must be a GTK bug
  2. Link Mauve It definitely doesn’t look like it.
  3. lovetox i can reproduce it on every login on 3.18.9
  4. lovetox i can never reproduce it on 3.20.9
  5. Link Mauve But yeah, an assert should never be triggered.
  6. Link Mauve Under any condition.
  7. lovetox im experiencing another problem under 3.18.9
  8. lovetox if the contact list is over 15
  9. lovetox Glib.io_watch never pulls any data from the socket
  10. lovetox it just doesnt connect and dies
  11. lovetox if i minimize the group so i dont see a contact
  12. lovetox it immediatly starts to pull data
  13. lovetox i stepped through the whole process with the debugger, but on python level i cant debug this, the debugger just ends after a time because no code is executed anymore
  14. lovetox but maybe i should forget 3.18.9
  15. Link Mauve Yeah, it’s obsolete.
  16. lovetox can i easily install 3.22 on the newest ubuntu?
  17. lovetox or do i have to install a system that brings that with
  18. Link Mauve I don’t know, I haven’t used Ubuntu in years.
  19. lovetox ah i can get it it seems :)
  20. lovetox hm
  21. lovetox installed 3.22.5
  22. lovetox but have no problems with it
  23. lovetox same accoutn that exploded in 3.18.9
  24. lovetox to be honest i love it :D
  25. lovetox does it make sense to channel stdout and stderr to different log files?
  26. zak Morning. I hate when devs do that.
  27. zak If those messages are distinguishable within a single file, I don't see a reason for that.
  28. zak Sometimes it is good to see info messages next to error messages.
  29. zak But that is my opinion of course.
  30. zak But I must admit in the end it depends on the message output of both channels. If they differ in their type, it might make sense to split them in two files.
  31. linus Nah, put them in one. Losing the time relationship between the messages is a pain
  32. linus I mean, ideally just leave them alone so the os or shell can redirect them as the user wishes
  33. linus Although on windows who knows
  34. lovetox yeah exactly what i thought
  35. lovetox without the context of the log message, i dont know when the error happend and around what activity
  36. lovetox and yeah this is for windows
  37. Asterix boyska: Hi, Thanks for yout merge request. except tests and code review, is there still something missing before merge?
  38. lovetox also it has merge conflicts
  39. lovetox as i had to update the installer_plugin to fix a bug
  40. lovetox please rebase onto master
  41. jere lovetox: Hi, do you want some feedback of gajim snap 0.16.6 29-12-2016 for windows ?
  42. lovetox yeah of course
  43. jere #1 The Plugin Installer within Gajim is outdated (0.12.0 -> 0.12.1)
  44. jere #2 After updating the Plugin Installer, I see 2 of them in the list of "Installed" plugins (the old and the new). I need to close the Plugin Installer and open it again in order to see only the current (0.12.1)
  45. jere #3 Related to #2, After installing plugins I don't see them in the list of "Installed" plugins. I need to close Gajim and open it again in order to see them. But now it says the last version of the Plugin Installer is 0.12.0.
  46. lovetox hmm thanks i will investigate whats happening here
  47. lovetox could you look in the install dir, under Gajim/plugins what version of plugin_installer is there
  48. lovetox you can see it in the manifest.ini
  49. lovetox i dont mean the app dir in the Users dir
  50. lovetox i mean the gajim install directory
  51. lovetox there is also a plugin floder
  52. lovetox or no it seems the script on the server did not update to the newest version
  53. lovetox Asterix could you have a look at it please
  54. jere In the user, 0.12.0 In the install directory 0.12.1
  55. lovetox do you have problems with zeroconf with this version?
  56. boyska Asterix, nothing else, except that I am expecting the UI-related code to be bad, idk but it just seems wrong to me
  57. boyska also, I haven't checked if gajim has some form of unit tests or similar stuff I could use to have some more QA
  58. Asterix lovetox: ftp updated
  59. lovetox thx
  60. Asterix (even if it's not ftp now :) )
  61. lovetox :D
  62. lovetox boyska could you please rebase your MR, so we can check it out with the current version of the plugin
  63. jere lovetox: Lan chat between windows is ok.
  64. jere I am trying ti compile the snap gajim on linux.
  65. jere I have python 2.7.13 pygtk 2.24.0 on Arch Linux. I compiled the last nbxmpp snap. This is the output of make check of Gajim:
  66. jere make[1]: *** [Makefile:341: check] Error 1 make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/jere/Portables/gajim-0.16.6/po' make: *** [Makefile:571: check-recursive] Error 1
  67. boyska lovetox, sure
  68. boyska urgh, conflicts
  69. jere lovetox: I installed it anyway. When I execute gajim from terminal:
  70. jere File "", line 45 os.mkdir(log_path, 0700) ^ SyntaxError: invalid token
  71. boyska ok lovetox, https-pinning rebased
  72. jere ( gajim-2016-12-29.tar.gz )
  73. lovetox are you sure you executing with python2?
  74. lovetox jere
  75. lovetox you could also just add the gajim repo deb unstable main
  76. jere the default "python" command is 3
  77. lovetox and install gajim-nightly
  78. jere I am in Arch
  79. lovetox yeah gajim is a python2 application
  80. lovetox so start with python2 :)
  81. jere I need sudo only with make install?
  82. lovetox dont know, not really a linux guy :)
  83. lovetox you could also just clone the git repo and start
  84. lovetox then you are always on the latest version
  85. lovetox no need for make and install :)
  86. lovetox but you have to clone the gajim_0.16 branch
  87. lovetox not master
  88. jere ok
  89. jere lovetox: I tried one more time changing python to python2 in 5 files of gajim and 1 file of nbxmpp. Same result. I don't think it is a problem of python version.
  90. lovetox jere
  91. lovetox code is written in python2 or it is written in python3
  92. lovetox gajim is written in python2
  93. lovetox you cant change it to python3
  94. lovetox you have to execute the code with python2
  95. jere yes I did that
  96. lovetox if gajim is correctly installed, you just have to type "gajim" into the console at least on debian
  97. lovetox if you didnt correctly install it as the errors above you posted suggest
  98. lovetox then i would clone with git the repo, and start "python2"
  99. lovetox also nbxmpp has to be installed into the python2 path
  100. jere I mean, it was a problem of python versions, but not now. And I am seeing the same error. Ok I will try cloning
  101. lovetox but clone the gajim_0.16 branch
  102. lovetox only that will work
  103. lovetox SyntaxError: invalid token -> this error is definitly python2 code run with python3 :)
  104. lovetox also for your information you dont have to build nbxmpp by yourself
  105. lovetox
  106. lovetox there is a package available on arch
  107. jere I installed python2-nbxmpp. Now the Lan chat works well, but with the first messages I saw this:
  108. jere 30/12/16 13:22:00 (E) gajim.c.ged Error while running an even handler: <bound method ConnectionZeroconf._nec_message_outgoing of <common.zeroconf.connection_zeroconf.ConnectionZeroconf object at 0x7f083bf88950>> Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/jere/Portables/gajim-gajim_0.16-cb9ec89e5a9c8986143e3c3c94a00776b20631f9/src/common/", line 93, in raise_event if handler(*args, **kwargs): File "/home/jere/Portables/gajim-gajim_0.16-cb9ec89e5a9c8986143e3c3c94a00776b20631f9/src/common/zeroconf/", line 382, in _nec_message_outgoing delayed=obj.delayed, attention=obj.attention, callback=cb) File "/home/jere/Portables/gajim-gajim_0.16-cb9ec89e5a9c8986143e3c3c94a00776b20631f9/src/common/", line 376, in _prepare_message attention, correction_msg, callback) File "/home/jere/Portables/gajim-gajim_0.16-cb9ec89e5a9c8986143e3c3c94a00776b20631f9/src/common/", line 532, in _on_continue_message subject, type_, msg_iq, xhtml) File "/home/jere/Portables/gajim-gajim_0.16-cb9ec89e5a9c8986143e3c3c94a00776b20631f9/src/common/zeroconf/", line 368, in cb on_not_ok=on_send_not_ok) File "/home/jere/Portables/gajim-gajim_0.16-cb9ec89e5a9c8986143e3c3c94a00776b20631f9/src/common/zeroconf/", line 777, in send if conn.add_stanza(stanza, is_message): File "/home/jere/Portables/gajim-gajim_0.16-cb9ec89e5a9c8986143e3c3c94a00776b20631f9/src/common/zeroconf/", line 206, in add_stanza id_ = self.Dispatcher.getAnID() AttributeError: P2PClient instance has no attribute 'Dispatcher' Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/nbxmpp/", line 549, in _process_events return IdleQueue._process_events(self, fd, flags) File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/nbxmpp/", line 413, in _process_events obj.pollout() File "/home/jere/Portables/gajim-gajim_0.16-cb9ec89e5a9c8986143e3c3c94a00776b20631f9/src/common/zeroconf/", line 502, in pollout self._do_send() File "/home/jere/Portables/gajim-gajim_0.16-cb9ec89e5a9c8986143e3c3c94a00776b20631f9/src/common/zeroconf/", line 591, in _do_send self._on_send() File "/home/jere/Portables/gajim-gajim_0.16-cb9ec89e5a9c8986143e3c3c94a00776b20631f9/src/common/zeroconf/", line 622, in _on_send self._owner.on_message_sent(self.fd) File "/home/jere/Portables/gajim-gajim_0.16-cb9ec89e5a9c8986143e3c3c94a00776b20631f9/src/common/zeroconf/", line 218, in on_message_sent self.conn_holder.ids_of_awaiting_messages[connection_id].pop(0)
  109. jere Another thing: I could not connect to my account, I saw this error: sh: nslookup: command not found
  110. jere But I solved installing bind-tools
  111. lovetox yeah gajim has some dependencys nslookup is used to resolve the server adress
  112. lovetox hm and does that error happen again if you send a message?
  113. lovetox or does the message not reach its target?
  114. jere I don't see the error anymore
  115. jere All the messages reach their target.
  116. lovetox hm k, hard to debug from this message alone, if this comes up regulary please tell me
  117. lovetox Link Mauve
  118. lovetox the absence of examples around GTK3 is staggering
  119. Link Mauve lovetox, ja?
  120. Link Mauve Oh?
  121. Link Mauve I generally just read other random programs.
  122. lovetox there is a single example of a GTK3 GApplication
  123. lovetox and its from the wiki of gnome
  124. lovetox for example i was wondering
  125. Link Mauve In glib too.
  126. Link Mauve What’s the most interesting in GtkApplication is GApplication anyway.
  127. lovetox
  128. lovetox after the command line handling
  129. lovetox you call self.activate()
  130. lovetox i tested this, and its necessary
  131. lovetox but i dont find any documentation about this, why its necessary
  132. lovetox it would make more sense for me, that we return 0 or -1
  133. bot lovetox: You can't change karma in outdoor conference!
  134. lovetox and then GTK goes further or exits
  135. lovetox sometimes i wish there would be a xmpp muc with GTK devs :D
  136. lovetox where i could nerv them with questions :D
  137. Link Mauve lovetox, that’s IRC, sorry.
  138. lovetox IRC?
  139. lovetox yeah no problem with that too :)
  140. lovetox where are they hanging out?
  141. Link Mauve lovetox, #gtk+ at gimpnet.
  142. lovetox thx
  143. Cigaes Hi. Would here be the proper place to ask for help using python-nbxmpp?
  144. Link Mauve Cigaes, here. :)
  145. Cigaes Link Mauve: thanks. The bot I am trying to write gets disconnected whenever a non-ASCII character is sent to it. Gajim itself does not have the problem, of course, so there is something missing in my code.
  146. Cigaes Adding sys.setdefaultencoding("utf8") fixes it, but it seems discouraged and Gajjim does not do it.
  147. Cigaes Does that ring a bell?
  148. Link Mauve Sorry, I never used it.
  149. Link Mauve Since you have encoding issues I guess you are using python2, maybe try python3 instead.
  150. Cigaes It works, indeed, thanks for the tip. Still, the Gajim I use runs on python 2.7, so there must be a way; I might need to run the bot on an older system.
  151. Link Mauve python3 should run on even older systems, imo you shouldn’t use a dead language nowadays.
  152. Cigaes I cannot install many things on this system. Also, intellectually, I would like to understand what I am doing wrong, since Gajim works.
  153. lovetox Cigaes, can you provide a traceback
  154. Cigaes lovetox: there is not really one, the exception is caught and causes a disconnect. There is some debug context, still:
  155. lovetox is the data you get sent utf-8 encoded?
  156. Cigaes Yes, it is correct (sent using gajim-remote from an UTF-8 xterm). I get this debug:
  157. Cigaes raising event from transport: :::::DATA RECEIVED::::
  158. Cigaes <message id='0c1ac44f-a2d9-4aeb-90b7-9f4386826243' type='chat' to='' from=''><body>tué</body></message>
  159. Cigaes ValueError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xe9' in position 131: ordinal not in range(128)
  160. Cigaes I also get a warning a little before that, that disappears with the setdefaultencoding:
  161. Cigaes /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nbxmpp/ UnicodeWarning: Unicode equal comparison failed to convert both arguments to Unicode - interpreting them as being unequal if received == '':
  162. Cigaes And I found the exception (not the warning) happens when XMPPDispatcher.ProcessNonBlocking calls self.Stream.Parse()
  163. lovetox can you test it not from gajim-remote?
  164. lovetox like could i send you a message?
  165. Cigaes lovetox: I just tested from Gajim's GUI (I think I already did that earlier) and from Conversations, same result.
  166. Cigaes In the meantime, I managed to get the python3 version running on the older system, so the question is just a matter of intellectual satisfaction.
  167. Cigaes If I forget to say it later: thanks both for your help.
  168. lovetox the warning suggest
  169. lovetox that we do not compare unicode objects
  170. lovetox a print statement around if received == '': something like type(received) would be interesting
  171. lovetox print(type(received))
  172. lovetox are you using the latest nbxmpp version?
  173. lovetox 5.4?
  174. Cigaes With python3 (working), received is bytes and data is str; with python2 (warning and disconnects), received is str and data is unicode
  175. Cigaes received is what causes the warning, data is what causes the exception.
  176. Cigaes Yes, it is version 5.4.
  177. lovetox ah fuck sorry no idea
  178. lovetox the whole str unicode buisness in python2/3 is a nightmare
  179. lovetox weird issue, i guess it must have to do with some system settings
  180. lovetox but its also weird that nbxmpp would depend on encoding settings taken from the system
  181. Cigaes lovetox: no problem, since following Link Mauve's advice I managed to get it working with python3, what was left was a matter of curiosity.
  182. lovetox i think the guy who wrote most of nbxmpp is not aroung anymore
  183. Cigaes Thanks for your time.
  184. lovetox =)
  185. ftw91 how to import pgpkey in gajim not from gui?
  186. lovetox i guess they are in some folder
  187. lovetox import one over the ui and look where it gets placed
  188. lovetox hm na i have no idea, Asterix can help
  189. lovetox hm if i look at the code, the keys are queryd from your gpg agent
  190. lovetox so i dont think you have to import them
  191. lovetox you just have to chose one i believe
  192. Asterix yes, we just call gpg --list-secret-keys to look in the user keyring.
  193. zak Hi there. Just got an error from the OMEMO plugin after activating a previously disabled account (which did not support PEP in the past but does now): Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/stefan/.local/share/gajim/plugins/omemo/", line 397, in account_combobox_changed_cb self.update_context_list() File "/home/stefan/.local/share/gajim/plugins/omemo/", line 590, in update_context_list deviceid = state.own_device_id AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'own_device_id'
  194. lovetox so if you open the plugin config window again
  195. lovetox does the same error happen again?
  196. lovetox i think this is nothing serious
  197. zak yes
  198. lovetox really?
  199. lovetox hm
  200. zak I think there is no key for this account
  201. lovetox after restart gajim also?
  202. zak When I select this account in "Own Fingerprints", the error appears, but the barcode stays the same as the previously selected account.
  203. lovetox maybe something went wrong at creating the db
  204. lovetox delete omemo_jid.db
  205. lovetox and restart gajim
  206. lovetox should work afterwards
  207. zak I restart Gajim first, without deleting anything... BRB
  208. zak Okay, it works now. No error anymore.
  209. zak The account now appears as first one. Are they sorted alphanumerically?
  210. zak No... R before j is not right.
  211. zak But nevermind.
  212. lovetox they are sorted
  213. lovetox like you added them in gajim
  214. lovetox like they are sorted in gajim account window
  215. zak Ah, if I disable and enable it again, it appears as last one again.
  216. zak Maybe the error above could still be fixed easy?
  217. lovetox yeah but thats only temporary i think until you close and reopen the window
  218. lovetox everything can be fixed if its reproduceable
  219. lovetox can you reproduce it?
  220. zak Not now anymore, because there is a OMEMO key now for the account.
  221. zak As I said, the account previously did not support PEP, so I disabled it for OMEMO.
  222. zak Now the server has been upgraded, and I reactivated OMEMO for this account.
  223. zak After that, the error appeared.
  224. lovetox account has always a key, its generated on adding the account to gajim
  225. zak That was reproducible until I restarted Gajim.
  226. lovetox it couldnt be displayed for some reason
  227. zak Hmm.
  228. lovetox maybe it has to do something with activating disabling accounts
  229. lovetox its a feature not many people use
  230. zak I have another problem: The 5 users are not visible in my contact list. It only says "(0/5)" in the header line, but there is nothing shown below.
  231. lovetox did you activate to see offline contacts?
  232. zak If I connect with Conversations, the five users are shown there.
  233. zak Offline contacts are shown for other accounts, so yes.
  234. lovetox is the account connected?
  235. zak yes
  236. lovetox double click on the account row does nothing?
  237. zak yes. nothing happens.
  238. lovetox did you maybe check "merge accounts" in the account window?
  239. zak No, I have three accounts, and they are all listed separately.
  240. lovetox click on the account row, go offline and online again
  241. zak Already did, now again. No change.
  242. lovetox hm then disable the account and enable it
  243. zak Thanks. That did it.
  244. zak No idea how that happened though.