Gajim - 2016-12-29

  1. johannes interesting observation of the day regarding the roster display corruption issue (gtk3, the one that yields tons of GTK warnings on either OSX or Linux, see start with all preferences -> general options off. activate them, the roster has all the activated features active and correctly working, none of the mentioned logs. quit gajim, start gajim -> log madness starts and the roster rendering is badly defective. go to preferences -> general and switch any of the first few options off/on (toggle), close options, logging stops and the roster rendering works perfectly
  2. johannes well. has a message and a link to gajim logs, roster rendering defects
  3. johannes and an intersting observation on it
  4. lovetox johannes im still trying to reproduce the error
  5. lovetox maybe it has to do something with a specific GTK version
  6. lovetox i cant reproduce it on ubuntu 16.10
  7. Link Mauve lovetox, I can reproduce everytime when I receive a message from someone not in my roster before starting Gajim.
  8. Link Mauve On Linux.
  9. lovetox interesting i try that
  10. johannes and that is why one should always have a controlled environment together with a controlled test harness and suite of unit and integration tests... ;)
  11. Link Mauve johannes, or use a proper language that checks that at compile-time.
  12. johannes Well, especially integration tests go beyond what a language can offer...But I guess making this anything else than Python would be a rewrite...
  13. lovetox hm no i dont have a problem receiving messages from contacts not in roster
  14. lovetox i install now ubuntu 16.04
  15. lovetox i think i experienced it there very often
  16. lovetox so funny
  17. lovetox the first thing that greats me if i start up gajim with an account on a vanilla ubuntu 16.04 is
  18. lovetox all kinds of Roster GTK errors
  19. Link Mauve lovetox, the same errors happening in johannes’ paste?
  20. lovetox yes
  21. Link Mauve Ok, the same ones I get here too then. :)
  22. lovetox but you are on the latest GTK or?
  23. lovetox ubuntu is 3.18.9
  24. Link Mauve No, I’m using 3.22.5.
  25. Link Mauve I could test 3.92 something if you want.
  26. Link Mauve But this error is definitely not a GTK+ version issue.
  27. lovetox no need
  28. Link Mauve It’s a misuse of the model.
  29. johannes Brew also provides the latest gtk3
  30. lovetox yeah but one that leads to crashes on 3.18.9 and does nothing on 3.20
  31. lovetox but atleast i have the error now reproduceable
  32. lovetox now i can try to solve it
  33. lovetox johannes can you downgrade to 3.20?
  34. johannes Nope
  35. lovetox i think there is a problem with the gtk loop
  36. lovetox im having weird gtk ui update issues
  37. lovetox like something is blocking
  38. lovetox for example i want to open the account window
  39. lovetox i cant until i minimize a group in the rost
  40. lovetox then it pops up
  41. lovetox so if something blocking the ui updates but in the background the model is altered
  42. lovetox of course we will see such out of sync messages
  43. lovetox maybe i have an idea
  44. lovetox pff
  45. lovetox this is insanely hard to debug in python..
  46. lovetox if i have all my groups expanded and go Online
  47. lovetox in the UI nothing happen i dont see anything changing
  48. lovetox if i look in gdb i see all the roster code executed
  49. lovetox but nothing changes in the UI
  50. lovetox i have no idea why this is