Gajim - 2016-12-28

  1. kalkin treaki: afaik this is not how WhatsApp encryption works, but may be I'm out of the loop
  2. kimsehic3 treaki: that must be a hoax
  3. bullgard4 A program error has been detected: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nbxmpp/", line 497, in dispatch handler['func'](session, stanza) File "/usr/share/gajim/src/common/", line 1868, in _messageCB conn=self, stanza=msg, File "/usr/share/gajim/src/common/", line 76, in push_incoming_event self._generate_events_based_on_incoming_event(event_object) File "/usr/share/gajim/src/common/", line 98, in _generate_events_based_on_incoming_event if new_event_object.generate(): File "/usr/share/gajim/src/common/", line 1167, in generate if form['FORM_TYPE'] == 'urn:xmpp:ssn': File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nbxmpp/", line 1721, in __getitem__ raise IndexError('No such field') IndexError: No such field
  4. johannes Does someone have any recent knowledge on how the testsuite of the Gajim codebase is supposed to behave? I've just let it run and the results were a bit strange - looks like there's been little maintenance to it
  5. johannes Is there a proper way to only install the plugin manager from source into a blank profile?
  6. lovetox you mean the plugin installer?
  7. lovetox because plugin manager is part of core gajim
  8. lovetox yeah just download from here and put into the profile/plugin folder
  9. lovetox
  10. johannes lovetox: the thing that fetches and downloads the other plugins
  11. lovetox on what branch are you talking about
  12. johannes currently I only get the "Installed" tab and a few dummy plugins listed
  13. johannes your latest mac-test branch + my fixes
  14. lovetox
  15. lovetox here then
  16. lovetox download the
  17. lovetox and extract it to the plugin folder
  18. johannes it offers to "Install from zip" should that not work?
  19. lovetox you can do that also
  20. lovetox but it does exactly that
  21. lovetox :)
  22. lovetox maybe you have to restart gajim
  23. johannes the import from zip actually explodes as it appears
  24. lovetox maybe this was never tested with the installer plugin itself ^^
  25. lovetox normally you do this if you already have that
  26. johannes oh, and funny issue: upon first start everything runs fine, however upon the next start, I get the usual instadeath
  27. lovetox do you test everytime with the same account?
  28. johannes jup
  29. lovetox just do another account maybe
  30. johannes sorry, that is really not a reasonable idea
  31. johannes To me it appears that something is stored inside the profile, even on a fresh profile that makes gajim crash
  32. lovetox there is nothing stored from the roster, besides avatars
  33. lovetox did you try in preference on generel tab
  34. lovetox to uncheck everything?
  35. johannes yes, the test is done with everything switched off there
  36. lovetox then really nothing is stored in the profile folder
  37. johannes and yes: blank profile: first start success, everything appears to work, second start: instadeath
  38. johannes entirely reproducible
  39. lovetox blank profile means
  40. lovetox no account
  41. lovetox of course it works
  42. lovetox because we crash on getting the roster from the server
  43. johannes create new folder, start gajim with it, create account+logon, quit gajim, restart gajim, boom
  44. johannes an absolute minimal test scenario
  45. lovetox with your specific account, i would like to have it ^^
  46. lovetox i dont have a account where this happens
  47. lovetox this is why i said, maybe create a second test account
  48. lovetox if that happens there also you could share it for testing
  49. johannes I've tried it with a different account, the result is not an instacrash however an entirely defective roster rendering
  50. johannes Both servers use the same software. Also, such a crash on a specific account or server software basically points to unclean handling inside Gajim or the xmpp handler...
  51. johannes the last message before the instadeath with the special account is "(gajim:34487): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_hash_table_destroy: assertion 'hash_table != NULL' failed"
  52. lovetox tells me nothing, GTK erros are so nice :)
  53. lovetox not even a line in code
  54. johannes let's praise the glorious gtk
  55. johannes also: if invoked as ./ -c ../profile I end up with a profile folder inside the directory of instead of a profile folder one level up...
  56. lovetox can i have a account on your server?
  57. lovetox because calls src/
  58. lovetox maybe
  59. lovetox and the arugment is given to
  60. lovetox not
  61. johannes maybe an array of the most common jabber servers together with a controlled set of account would be more helpful for reproducible tests...
  62. johannes i.e. prosody, ejabber, openfire
  63. lovetox can you give me a account on your server?
  64. lovetox i just started up my account on ubuntu, it loads without problems
  65. lovetox i need something to test with
  66. jere lovetox: are you going to build a gajim beta for windows before 0.16.7 ?
  67. lovetox we did just now
  68. lovetox
  69. lovetox try that
  70. jere thanks
  71. lovetox if you experience problems tell me
  72. lovetox we did these daily builds just now
  73. lovetox i dont know if there are any bugs with them
  74. lovetox missing libraries etc
  75. lovetox for linux use this
  76. lovetox
  77. lovetox and tell me if your zeroconf problems still exist then, jere
  78. lovetox ah fuck the zeroconf patch is not merged yet ^^
  79. jere lovetox: is there a way to regenerate an omomeo fingerprint in gajim?
  80. lovetox yes are you aware that this means all your contacts, have to trust the fingerprint again?
  81. jere yes, I know.
  82. jere I deleted a fingerprint from Conversations accidrntally
  83. jere accidentally*
  84. lovetox then delete the omemo_yourjid.db from your profile folder
  85. lovetox and restart gajim
  86. jere 👍
  87. lovetox afterwards got to the plugin config
  88. lovetox and press "clear devices"
  89. lovetox to remove the old fingerprint from your server
  90. jere Great! What happens if I clear devices without deleting the file?
  91. lovetox not much
  92. lovetox its just resets your devicelist on the server to zero
  93. lovetox but every device of yours that is online
  94. lovetox will register itself on the devicelist instantly
  95. lovetox again
  96. lovetox only devices that are not active anymore
  97. lovetox cant do that
  98. lovetox hence they are not in the devicelist after that
  99. lovetox and get not send to other partys
  100. jere aah, ok. Last question: How can I help translating to Spanish? here?
  101. jere
  102. jere Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Python27\lib\site-packages\cx_Freeze\initscripts\", line 27, in <module> File "src/", line 121, in <module> ImportError: intl.dll library not found
  103. jere lovetox
  104. jere After installing is ok, it starts fine. I saw this error trying the second start. Gajim can't start anymore.
  105. lovetox jere i look into it
  106. lovetox Asterix, can you describe the workflow for translating
  107. lovetox i think the wiki page is in shambles
  108. lovetox jere, where do you see that error
  109. lovetox in a log or does it pop up?
  110. lovetox because i dont get that error
  111. lovetox and intl.dll
  112. lovetox is in Gajim/bin/gtk
  113. jere in a new small window.
  114. lovetox and now gajim doesnt start anymore?
  115. jere exactly. there is a similar issue on gitlab
  116. lovetox can you look if intl.dll is in the Gajim/bin/gtk folder?
  117. lovetox which issue?
  118. lovetox link please
  119. jere #8271
  120. lovetox can you post the full path to the gajim installation
  121. lovetox and please look if the intl.dll is in the bin/gtk folder
  122. jere wait. I uninstalled it. I am updating python first
  123. lovetox python has nothing to do with it
  124. lovetox the gajim installer brings its own python with it
  125. lovetox it does not matter if you have python installed on your system
  126. jere I know, just want to be updated.
  127. lovetox but all those tickets say you can run gajim afterwards
  128. lovetox that its only occuring if you check the run box from the installer
  129. lovetox is this for you the case
  130. lovetox ?
  131. jere I will try unchecking that
  132. lovetox no i mean start gajim from the link
  133. lovetox not the installer
  134. lovetox i want to know if it occurs on every start of gajim
  135. lovetox or only on first from the installer
  136. jere Before, I tried with 2 fresh installations and happened the same: It starts fine automatically after installed, but it can't start again from the link
  137. jere The same happens now when I unchecked "run Gajim" on the installer
  138. lovetox the error appears when you start with the link on desktop?
  139. jere yes
  140. lovetox and what happens if you start the .exe from /Gajim/bin?
  141. jere No. the .exe works fine!
  142. lovetox wtf makes no sense Oo
  143. jere haha, now the link works also
  144. jere Sorry I never checked the desktop link before. the problem is the link on Start menu (windows 10)
  145. jere it still fail
  146. lovetox ahhh
  147. lovetox ahh
  148. lovetox i see the same error
  149. lovetox nice :)
  150. jere the intl.dll is there also.
  151. lovetox the 2 links are different somehow
  152. lovetox even have different file sizes
  153. lovetox but i dont see how they are different
  154. jere > Asterix, can you describe the workflow for translating > i think the wiki page is in shambles I want yo help with spanish.
  155. lovetox jere thanks, the error with the broken link in startmenu should be fixed in tomorrows build
  156. lovetox also the zeroconf changes are merged and in tomorrows build
  157. jere for linux also?
  158. lovetox yes
  159. lovetox but the builds are made in the night :)
  160. jere 👍 see you tomorrow
  161. lovetox jere asterix will update our online interface for translating :)
  162. lovetox if it is ready i tell you