Gajim - 2016-12-27

  1. tuxayo lovetox_, Thanks for all these explanations. If most real world usage of PFS is also also correlated with keeping history then the benefit of PFS would be null because an attacker getting the key would often also get the history. It's still good to have it in the protocol though. Is that correct?
  2. hushibit I'm having trouble getting OMEMO to work... I enabled the plugin but nothing happened
  3. hushibit my friend enabled it too, from what I read we were supposed to get each other's keys to accept or deny the connection the first time we chatted
  4. lovetox husbit do you see the omemo icon in the chatwindow?
  5. lovetox to get the keys you have to write and send a message
  6. lovetox if you dont see the omemo icon in the chatwindow
  7. lovetox that means that there is a problem, either there are no keys to begin with, or you contact doesnt support omemo
  8. lovetox try to log off and log on again, if that doesnt help
  9. lovetox start gajim with -l gajim.plugin_system.omemo=DEBUG
  10. lovetox then you can see what is the problem
  11. praveen
  12. treaki hi folks, i am looking for a tweet which i cant find anymore where someone has posted the key with which all whatsapp end to end encrypted messages are encrypted additional to the correct recipients
  13. treaki any idea about how to find it again, maybe someone has got a link to it
  14. treaki i want to state it as an argument agains whatsapp
  15. treaki thanks in advance
  16. lovetox never heard of something like that