Gajim - 2016-12-23

  1. johannes lovetox_ sounds good. Currently I can not create a fork inside gitlab myself, is there anyone who could allow me do that?
  2. johannes lovetox_: i've tried your modifications, however gajim still more or less immediatly crashes
  3. johannes
  4. johannes this is the console output while crashing
  5. Link Mauve johannes, the _gtk_rbtree_insert_after assertion failing I can also reproduce on Linux.
  6. Link Mauve And it also crashes here.
  7. Link Mauve But you have many more assertions here.
  8. johannes other than that: Can someone aid me with the creation of said hook of the main repo+plugin repo to GitHub? I've updated the main org page with a link to the GitLab. The mirrored repos would get their Issue tracker deactivated and also a hint to the GitLab added. This would enable usage of GitHub bound services and bring some visibility
  9. johannes (also: a free off-site backup...)
  10. Link Mauve johannes, have you tried disabling all of your plugins before starting Gajim?
  11. Link Mauve The _stun._udp error is normal.
  12. Link Mauve The Screen.width/height should really be fixed, there is no way it would work when people have more than one screen for example.
  13. Link Mauve Or when their density is high.
  14. johannes with deactivated plugins the result looks like this:
  15. johannes immediate crash
  16. johannes no main window, just dead
  17. Link Mauve johannes, if you have gdb, could you run Gajim in gdb with all warnings set as errors? (cd /usr/share/gajim/src; G_DEBUG=fatal-warnings gdb --eval=run --args python3 -m gajim)
  18. johannes I've changed the GitHub gajim org+repos as mentioned
  19. Link Mauve johannes, did gdb tell you anything useful?
  20. johannes nothing useful
  21. johannes gdb and macos don't like each other
  22. Link Mauve johannes, please test this patch: 0001-Remove-Gdk.Screen.width-height-usage.patch
  23. Link Mauve `git am 0001-Remove-Gdk.Screen.width-height-usage.patch` if you are not used to git.
  24. johannes In case someone is interested, I can recommend their tools to the warmest and probably the project would qualify:
  25. johannes For that I'd need the mentioned patch first...
  26. Link Mauve johannes, oops,
  27. Link Mauve Sorry. :D
  28. Link Mauve johannes, Asterix would most likely be against yet another migration, especially to an external and proprietary service.
  29. johannes for the nth time: a *mirror* is *not* a *migration*
  30. johannes [...]
  31. Link Mauve Depending on external tools is a migration, not depending on them means they are useless.
  32. johannes without any offence: that is bullshit
  33. Link Mauve What would you use from their services, btw?
  34. johannes I guess the discussion is pointless at this point
  35. Link Mauve I guess so, I know Asterix won’t want to depend on such services.
  36. johannes Let's just put it that way: There are shades between black and white. Some people seem to lack this knowledge...
  37. Link Mauve Does my patch fix anything for you?
  38. Link Mauve johannes, which GTK+ version is that, btw?
  39. Link Mauve lovetox_, did you do any progress on the GApplication migration?
  40. Link Mauve It’s blocking the removal of python-dbus and python-notify.
  41. johannes no effect
  42. Link Mauve Just less warnings?
  43. johannes 3.22.5
  44. johannes literally *no* effect
  45. johannes there is this gtk3-demo-application which appears to actually provide osx integration.
  46. johannes it does not look pretty or osx-y in any way, but has menubar integration
  47. Link Mauve Well, you didn’t apply it correctly if you have no effect, because it should fix the three DeprecationWarnings you had in
  48. Link Mauve johannes, menubar integration depends on GApplication, lovetox said he was working on it.
  49. johannes lovetox: this happens on gtk2 gajim and osx, it runs however after about 30/45 seconds start to take 99% on one core:
  50. Link Mauve johannes, oh, don’t use the gtk2 version.
  51. johannes It's the one that works, but I guess that is not really of any interest to you
  52. Link Mauve johannes, seems like your proxy is the issue.
  53. johannes And he asked for it
  54. johannes Yeah right.
  55. Link Mauve johannes, yeah, I wanted to know whether my patch would fix your gtk3 issue.
  56. Link Mauve johannes, I can’t do the service discovery on your server from s2s, can you see if the proxy is functional?
  57. Link Mauve In any case Gajim should bail out, but you may also want to tell your service provider to fix it.
  58. Link Mauve In most cases it would just be a matter of opening port 5000 to the XMPP server.
  59. lovetox johannes, i talk about gtk3 branch, thats the one i want to get running on mac
  60. lovetox you will not have any osx menu integration with gtk2 because its not supported
  61. lovetox and the problem you have with gtk3 is that you told me it crashes immediatly after start
  62. lovetox so the priority is to get the app running, and not shiny menus
  63. lovetox LinkMauve, i migrated the patches you made from hg and reapplied them, but i wanted to split one, and didnt know how to keep you as the commiter
  64. lovetox i added a thanks note in the commit message
  65. lovetox if thats ok for you
  66. lovetox the commits are here for now,
  67. lovetox this is running and working, i could make a merge request for that
  68. lovetox for the menus, its not that easy, because gajim menus build itself now on click and the count of menus depends on how many accounts are active
  69. lovetox we cant build menus with GMenu, it can only be once applied to the application at start
  70. lovetox which makes it necessary that many windows like xml console, privacy lists, bookmarks
  71. lovetox have account comboboxes in it so we can choose the account
  72. lovetox thats a lot of work
  73. Link Mauve lovetox, I’m totally fine with you not conserving authorship as long as you add a note, you can also use `git --amend --author 'Emmanuel Gil Peyrot <>'` for that.
  74. Link Mauve It’s so much easier with hg. :(
  75. lovetox ah nice didnt know that option
  76. lovetox i will try it
  77. Link Mauve You can also use it with `git rebase -i master`.
  78. lovetox yeah i will, rebase is nice :)
  79. Link Mauve hg histedit is so much more friendly though. ^^
  80. Link Mauve And it guarantees it won’t overwrite already public commits.
  81. lovetox yeah the longer i worked with hg the more i saw that you can do the same things as with git, just a bit different
  82. Link Mauve lovetox, hmm, fixing the menus to be declarative would be pretty nice.
  83. lovetox yeah i plan to because thats the way all OS distris now display menus except of windows
  84. lovetox but as i said we cant do it until all windows can change account on themself
  85. lovetox i can not even implement it partly
  86. lovetox johannes, did you test the branch i linked you?
  87. lovetox on windows the switch to GApplication solved some weird GTK loop problems
  88. Link Mauve Awesome!
  89. ratanparai I am looking for a xmpp client for windows that support XEP-033 : Chat Markers. So far found a plugin for gajim , . But it partially works.
  90. ratanparai *XEP-0333
  91. ratanparai Is there a good reason for not implementing it? I think its more important than XEP-0184: Message Delivery Receipts.
  92. ratanparai sad
  93. lovetox there is no windows client that supports that
  94. lovetox that github plugin doesnt work
  95. lovetox it was a try to start something then discovering that its not going to work with a plugin
  96. mrDoctorWho Hi. After I cleaned ~/.cache while gajim was running now it shows just few items from my roster (I restarted gajim after, but that doesn't seem to help). Is there anything I can do?
  97. ratanparai oh.
  98. lovetox and yes 0333 is preferable to 0184, but 0184 is very old and every client supports it
  99. lovetox and 0333 is new and i know only of one other client that supports it
  100. lovetox i plan to implement it sometime but we have other priorities right now
  101. lovetox mrDoctorWho‎: what do you mean with few items
  102. lovetox you roster has nothing to do with cache
  103. lovetox its not downloaded and saved
  104. lovetox we get it on login from the server
  105. mrDoctorWho well I guess so
  106. ratanparai Thanks for the information
  107. mrDoctorWho sometimes it could just load roster partially
  108. lovetox on what system are you?
  109. mrDoctorWho arch linux, same on ubuntu 16.04. Server prosody 0.10 nightly
  110. lovetox and you are using gajim 0.16.6
  111. lovetox ?
  112. mrDoctorWho on arch linux yes, lemme check ubuntu
  113. mrDoctorWho on ubuntu gajim has version 0.16.5-1
  114. lovetox so if you use 0.16.6 or 5 i think is not very likely that gajim just only displays half of your roster, because of a bug
  115. lovetox to track down the problem
  116. lovetox i first would install another client like pidgin
  117. lovetox and see if the same problem occurs
  118. lovetox i mean we dont talk about something trivial here like the display options "show offline contacts" or "show transports"
  119. lovetox maybe you have "only show active contacts" selected?
  120. mrDoctorWho no, I don't have this selected
  121. lovetox do you have a second account on another server?
  122. lovetox does it happen there too?
  123. mrDoctorWho so I joined with Psi+ and my roster is fine, not like in gajim
  124. mrDoctorWho I personally don't have a second account
  125. mrDoctorWho but no one has reported of such problem to me yet
  126. johannes lovetox: I've put some pastebin things online and linked them here regarding your branch. Have a look in the history
  127. johannes Sadly, they did not have much effect as it seems
  128. lovetox did you post them before ‎[16:10:43]
  129. johannes Although look reasonable.
  130. lovetox because thats all i can go back
  131. lovetox can you post them again
  132. johannes Unsure, but the online log should help I guess
  133. lovetox ah
  134. lovetox always forget about that ^^
  135. johannes The 100% CPU issue happens only with gtk2, on gtk3 nothing can be said, as it does not get far enough.
  136. johannes And yes, getting gtk3 to actually run is preferable to the nice menus, although nice menus and osx integration is nice as well. Just not as important currently
  137. johannes And you will have to have that if you are interested in normal users
  138. johannes The current state, even the running gtk2 variant is entirely beyond everything a Mac user would accept
  139. Link Mauve lovetox, what do you say of
  140. johannes On Linux it is nice, although apparently lacking desktop integration too.
  141. johannes On windows it is one of the best xmpp messengers that are available as far as I can see
  142. mrDoctorWho oh now I've got a strange thing. And it repeats
  143. Link Mauve lovetox, the same should be done for emoticons etc.
  144. mrDoctorWho I started gajim, only 2 contacts are visible, then I turn on the option “show offline contacts” and other contacts appear. Gajim shows that they're offline, but they are not. Then I restart gajim and those contacts don't appear anyhow (the option to show offline contacts is still turned on and toggling it doesn't make any changes)
  145. Link Mauve johannes, did the proxy thing work btw?
  146. Link Mauve And did you successfully apply my patch to your gtk3 branch now?
  147. johannes There is no proxy involved. But that has never been a problem anyway
  148. lovetox thanks link mauve, i have a look at it later
  149. Link Mauve johannes, the issue you see in your gtk2 branch is definitely an issue with the proxy65 of your server.
  150. lovetox mrDoctorWho
  151. lovetox how big is your MAM archive?
  152. lovetox could it be that you maybe did delete your message logs?
  153. mrDoctorWho I suppose it's pretty big
  154. lovetox could you look at the xml console and see if there is stanzas incoming
  155. lovetox and if they stop some seconds after login
  156. johannes The spinning CPU one?
  157. lovetox yes johannes
  158. lovetox mrDoctorWho, gajim has a bad habbit
  159. lovetox it downloads all MAM messages ever from the server
  160. lovetox if you start "fresh"
  161. lovetox depending on how big your archive is, this can block your connection for severel minutes
  162. lovetox it could be that we dont receive all contacts only part
  163. lovetox because the server is busy with sending mam messages
  164. mrDoctorWho well now it shows me messages from over ‎‎26 days ago‎
  165. lovetox question is, do you want to download your whole mam archive now?
  166. lovetox you could disable it
  167. mrDoctorWho it's also a usual thing in gajim and I dealt with it
  168. mrDoctorWho no activity in the console
  169. lovetox hm thats weird then
  170. mrDoctorWho and now it doesn't show anyone online, although the roster seems to be full
  171. lovetox hm could you maybe start gajim from console
  172. lovetox and look for errors?
  173. mrDoctorWho and after a restart it just shows everything fine
  174. mrDoctorWho let me check the previous log
  175. lovetox so did everything work before you deleted chache?
  176. lovetox hm i think its definitly a overload..
  177. lovetox should go away
  178. lovetox by itself
  179. lovetox after you delete chache you should start gajim and do nothing for several minutes probably
  180. mrDoctorWho yeah it looks like it just did
  181. mrDoctorWho well I don't see any errors, except for traceback which is not related to the problem (ImportError: No module named libasyncns)
  182. johannes lovetox: that sounds like a badly handled network connection. Loss of connectivity should not lead to spinning CPU...
  183. johannes O_o
  184. mrDoctorWho thanks anyway
  185. johannes The first should be having to wait for a timeout but that is about all
  186. johannes And having to wait once or twice
  187. lovetox i cant follow
  188. lovetox why are we now at loss of connectivity?
  189. lovetox johannes whats your username on gitlab?
  190. lovetox hm looked at the pastebin
  191. lovetox the roster issue seems to be a generel issue
  192. lovetox but now that i have someone where this always happens i can maybe track it down
  193. lovetox first you should make you two separate starters
  194. lovetox if you start gajim with -c PATH
  195. lovetox you can define another config directory, and then its separated from your gtk2 stuff
  196. lovetox it would be good to do this to rule maybe out some problem with switching between gtk2 and gkt3
  197. lovetox after that you should start with a fresh gajim
  198. lovetox dont add your account
  199. lovetox first go to preferences
  200. lovetox uncheck everythin on the first page
  201. lovetox the "general" page
  202. lovetox then add your account
  203. lovetox and see if the issue still happens
  204. lovetox Link Mauve, ok of course by declarative menu you mean move ui stuff into glade files
  205. lovetox thats a good thing :) i will try to do it with the whole chatcontrol
  206. lovetox Link Mauve instead of sending patches here would it not be easier to make your changes in a gitlab fork and make a merge request?
  207. lovetox also for some reason i get
  208. lovetox error: data/gui/chat_control.ui: patch does not apply
  209. lovetox Link Mauve you forgot to handle the Clear Formatting button
  210. lovetox do you want to change that or should i add it?
  211. lovetox and how would we do this with emoticons
  212. lovetox its a menu dynamically build it depends on how much icons are in the emoticon pack