Gajim - 2016-12-22

  1. volin What's the best way to check that I'm using Gajim over tor?
  2. Link Mauve lovetox_, “18:07:43 lovetox> but it seems to happen more often on mac, and leads to a crash which it doesnt on windows and linux”, it actually crashes on Linux too.
  3. vith I'm a user of gajim-plugin-omemo on Arch, and I've noticed the AUR packager has had to stop doing integrity checks on the source code archive recently because the contents of is constantly changing, despite having a version number in the filename. Is there somewhere else the plugin source should be acquired now?
  4. vith It seems that all plugin development has also been mixed together into one mega-repository, so there's no more git tags either :(
  5. cippaciong vith: there is no version number in the filename, 0.16 refers to gajim version, not to the plugin version.
  6. vith i see. so do we just need to use git and check out a specific commit by hash in order to get reproducible packages? or is there another distribution point that is versioned?
  7. SaltyBones anybody in the mood to help me debug mam?
  8. SaltyBones I've got it turned on on the server and I've got "Synchronize logs with server" turned on for the account.
  9. arune SaltyBones: did you enable mam for all mucs server side?
  10. arune Does it work on Conversations?
  11. SaltyBones arune, I would be happy if it worked for 1to1.
  12. SaltyBones I don't know how to enable it for mucs.
  13. SaltyBones I don't know know if it works in conversations because conversations is always on and gets carbons. :p
  14. arune SaltyBones: just disable network connection or your account
  15. SaltyBones Alright, I'm trying.
  16. arune I guess mam must be enabled for all 1:1 chats aswell serverside
  17. SaltyBones uh...isn't that what the mam plug-in does?
  18. SaltyBones I admit to not having looked at it extensively yet.
  19. arune Plugin?
  20. arune Which server do you have?
  21. arune In prosody there is the config default_archive_policy
  22. arune
  23. SaltyBones I'm using ejabberd.
  24. SaltyBones But shouldn't clients be able to activate it?
  25. SaltyBones Doesn't work in Conversations, either.
  26. Holger
  27. Holger If you set the mod_mam option 'default: always', MAM storage is activated for all accounts by default.
  28. Holger You might also want to set 'request_activates_archiving: true'.
  29. Holger For MUC, it's a room configuration option. You can have that activated by default for new rooms in your ejabberd.yml.
  30. Holger SaltyBones:
  31. SaltyBones Holger <3
  32. SaltyBones ...
  33. SaltyBones Wow. This 16.5 really cannot cope with disconnects and mucs.
  34. lovetox johannes, i created a mac-test branch on my rep
  35. lovetox i hope with the changes we dont have the roster issue anymore
  36. lovetox
  37. lovetox GdkX11 imports are removed
  38. lovetox you have to apply your patch for the other two lines
  39. lovetox but i would be interested in the errors you get from these lines
  40. lovetox because they are not system specific, so i would want to know why they dont work on mac