Gajim - 2016-12-17

  1. tmolitor lovetox, treaki: about the time thing: gajim should save BOTH timestamps into the history log and use the server timestamp for ordering and the user timestamp for displaying the time of the message...ideally with a tooltip saying when the message was originally received (that would be the server timestamp for messages received through mam and the timestamp when gajim received the message for "direct" messages)...
  2. tmolitor this way there would be no information loss and the ordering of the messages would be roughly the receiving order with mam messages sorted in where they belong...
  3. qeap can i ask why i cant make a acount on gajim using xmpp client
  4. Marzanna qeap: does your server support ibr? What error message do you get?
  5. qeap Marzanna: i meen that why user can make id on gajim using eny xmpp client
  6. qeap Marzanna: not a error its a msg tell tha user y cant make id . only use thd web to do it
  7. lovetox because the server doesnt support this
  8. mimi89999 Hello
  9. lovetox i believed i told you this months ago
  10. lovetox just use another server
  11. mimi89999 In the latest dev, I can enable the gtk3 plugins, but they aren't visible on the bottom bar.
  12. lovetox about what plugin are you talking
  13. mimi89999 OMEMO
  14. mimi89999 Client icons also doesn't show client icons...
  15. qeap lovetox: y have a good memory bat i ask why so to make may friends join me and a bout tha another serves in syria that a hard thing to do tha gov block all servers
  16. lovetox if you can reach, i dont think you will have problems to reach other jabber servers
  17. lovetox
  18. lovetox there try a few of these servers
  19. mimi89999 lovetox‎: What can be the problem?
  20. lovetox hm mom
  21. qeap lovetox: i will ask tha serve owner that if he can make it bouz i want modfail a client that make tha user join gajim with awt serch
  22. qeap that will be hopfel for many ppl
  23. lovetox no because we dont want to host a server for ALL people that use gajim
  24. lovetox jabber is about using many servers
  25. lovetox so that people like you, who live in a government who blocks servers, can use clients even if the gov blocked servers
  26. lovetox because they cant not block ALL servers
  27. lovetox so choose a server that supports registration, tell your friends about it and register there
  28. lovetox and if this is to much work, then use or something like that
  29. qeap amm oky
  30. lovetox mimi89999 i have no problems with omemo
  31. lovetox did you download the plugin through gajim plugin installer?
  32. lovetox do you know that master branch of gajim-plugins repo is not gtk3
  33. mimi89999 git clone -b gtk3
  34. mimi89999 Is what I did
  35. mimi89999 I ll try something. Coming back i 2 minutes...
  36. mimi89999 Still no OMEMO
  37. lovetox under plugins?
  38. lovetox start with -l gajim.plugin_system=DEBUG
  39. lovetox and see for errors
  40. mimi89999 `17/12/2016 11:28:53 (D) gajim.plugin_system PROTOBUF_MISSING : OMEMO cant import Google Protobuf, you can find help in the GitHub Wiki`
  41. mimi89999 What version of protobuf do I need?
  42. mimi89999 Because protobuf==2.6.1
  43. lovetox hm on what system are you?
  44. mimi89999 Linux debian 4.9.0-gnu #1 SMP Mon Dec 12 02:41:19 UTC 2016 x86_64 GNU/Linux
  45. lovetox are you sure you have protobuf for python3 installed?
  46. lovetox gajimgtk3 is also python3
  47. mimi89999 Ah, no... The wiki said pip2 .... Right.
  48. lovetox and omemo plugin is version 0.9.0 in that branch, so no groupchat experimental groupchat or some other things i dont remember
  49. mimi89999 Hmm... I do have python3-protobuf 3.0.0-9
  50. lovetox then downgrade ^^
  51. lovetox its hard to get it running without package
  52. lovetox but should the debian gajim-omemo package
  53. mimi89999 Let's see... Restarting...
  54. mimi89999 gajim-omemo would work?
  55. lovetox of course it downloads the python2 plugin
  56. lovetox but dependencies?
  57. lovetox i dont know probably will only be installed to python2
  58. mimi89999 OK. Anyway, restarting
  59. mimi89999 Still doesn't work...
  60. mimi89999 I will try something else...
  61. mimi89999 lovetox‎: Now I have `Warning: Error: invalid syntax (, line 848) `
  62. mimi89999 pip3 install protobuf==2.6.1
  63. lovetox i dont know what is
  64. lovetox its not part of gajim
  65. lovetox just install protobuf from pip
  66. lovetox the current version
  67. lovetox i think it has only problems if it is installed via package management
  68. lovetox and the actual import error would be good
  69. lovetox i could look up on my ubuntu what i use
  70. lovetox but i dont know the commands
  71. mimi89999 "pip" you mean pip or pip3?
  72. lovetox depends on your system
  73. mimi89999 Debian
  74. lovetox yeah but how old, is python3 default?
  75. lovetox pip -V
  76. mimi89999 2.7
  77. lovetox and now pip3 -V
  78. lovetox then you know which to use
  79. mimi89999 pip 9.0.1 from /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages (python 3.5)
  80. lovetox so use pip3 to install python3 packages via pip
  81. mimi89999 nothing changed...
  82. lovetox what did not change
  83. lovetox what is the actual error message
  84. lovetox sorry mimi i have not time for this, try to debug it yourself, put maybe debug output around the part where we import protobuf
  85. mimi89999 ok
  86. lovetox also you use python3.5, never done that for example
  87. mimi89999 How to port master plugins to gtk3?
  88. lovetox you have to change all code from python2 to python3 and gtk2 to gtk3
  89. linus Python 2 to python 3 is easy, just use 2to3
  90. linus gtk2 to gtk3 is a bit more of a pain. Which plugin do you want to port?
  91. mimi89999 How to show disconnected contacts in groups?
  92. Asterix ctrl+O ?
  93. mimi89999 Thanks
  94. Asterix mimi89999: or in view menu
  95. Asterix what's hapenning! gajim XMPP server now has mam and carbons!
  96. arune Modern
  97. arune I would love mam in this muc ☺
  98. Asterix I haven't installed this module, but I can
  99. Asterix arune: enabled. Let me know if you test it and tell me if it works
  100. Asterix ha no ...
  101. Asterix forget it:
  102. Asterix 0.9 Does not work
  103. arune Right
  104. Asterix and even the "will never release" 0.10 will support it partially. So in 2030, when nesxt version will arrive, we can have it :)
  105. johannes I'll switch over the GitHub repos then - other than that: does Gitlab maybe have some options to use hooks to sync mirrors?
  106. Asterix probably ...
  107. johannes As for the issues, I'll put a link to the GitLab tracker, it does, after all have OAuth with GitHub and is thus a reasonable option I guess
  108. Asterix yep
  109. Asterix and google auth too
  110. johannes Could someone who is involved with the Gitlab have a look at the hook option? Maybe that would be the best option for that case
  111. Asterix and update which repos?
  112. johannes push the changes to the github mirrors
  113. Asterix hmmm I could ... but I don't want ppl to use github bug tracker
  114. johannes That's why I'll deactivate the GitHub trackers and link to the Gitlab one
  115. johannes That way we can get all services tied to GitHub repos (such as travis and their mac slaves) and also get the popularity, visibility and possible contributions from there. After all it's GitHub and since it's Git now, taking in contributions from there to Gitlab is super easy
  116. johannes Basically free marketing and stuff...
  117. johannes And if the GitLab is down at some point is basically a free off-site backup...
  118. arune johannes: if someone makes a PR on GitHub, is that visible in gitlab?
  119. johannes I do not think so, but I guess we could bring up some hook to send a notice
  120. johannes You can, however, pull it into the Gitlab
  121. johannes Other companies use similar models that to solicit contributions too, it works rather well.