Gajim - 2016-12-16

  1. mimi89999 lovetox: In a Python2 shell: from PIL import Image"/path/to/image.webp").save("/path/to/new/image.png"))
  2. mimi89999 That works...
  3. treaki hi folks
  4. treaki i just had a look into the logs.db and ive seen that there are some pices information missing
  5. treaki like: over which ressource the message has been recived
  6. treaki has it been postprogressed (like decryted using omemo (details on that))
  7. treaki which account have recived that message
  8. treaki what information have been given about the time (using the bod alice example; not just one time but time original composed by bob, time send to the server of bob by the client of bob, time it has been recived by alice)
  9. treaki (you know you can fake message send timestamp using the mobile phone bad connection protocol)
  10. treaki and most importently: which omemo key have been used to encrypt the sign and to which keys is it encrypted (to see if there is a maninthemiddle rootkit on the side of the comunication partner)
  11. treaki and last but not least, html message logging ??? i dont want to loose if someone underlines something...
  12. treaki it would be very grate if you could upgrade this database structure to hold all this information so it can be implemented step by step for a better logging feature.
  13. treaki thanks in advance
  14. treaki strange, right now i dont see anything from today when i open up the log window of this chat...
  15. treaki ah its saved after programm restart, good at least so...
  16. treaki but the underline is gone ;(
  17. lovetox treaki there is no time the server received the message, it would be great but i dont think it exists :)
  18. lovetox of course we save a timestamp in the db with which we order the message
  19. treaki then at least send sign by user and recived by me
  20. treaki i can send messages using conversation when i am out of network coverage, ofcause the messages arent send at this time, but the person i send that message will see the time as i have pressed the send button
  21. treaki nomether if it has been send then or not
  22. lovetox and thats not good?
  23. treaki and you tell me there is no possibility to detect that at the receiver side?
  24. lovetox the client can add a delay tag
  25. lovetox the server usually dont adds any time tag when he received something
  26. lovetox so we have the User information
  27. lovetox and the time when we got the message
  28. lovetox User information can be trusted to a certain extend i would say
  29. treaki its a good thing, but when i for example open a internet mail in plaintext i see in the headers when the mua says that mail was created (date) and when it was recived by all the servers in the row till mine (Received: )
  30. lovetox but its a complicated topic
  31. treaki so there must be something equivalent in xmpp i guess
  32. treaki or how is it there?
  33. lovetox no its not
  34. lovetox there is no standard that a server tells the time when he got the message
  35. lovetox i would love this
  36. lovetox but its not standard
  37. lovetox some modifications add this to some servers, but its not usual
  38. lovetox and not happening on every message
  39. treaki thats bad, so an user with an modified client could add a delay of -2days just to get his or here message dated back there?
  40. lovetox no because we would probably not value that timestamp :)
  41. treaki and the server isnt even checking if there was an tcp connection opened that is restored by now before that time the message is dated?
  42. lovetox i dont know what the server does to fight this
  43. lovetox i just know if you send me right now a message
  44. lovetox the server adds no timestamp
  45. treaki who is we and how is it checked how value a timestap is or isnt? (sorry for my curual english )
  46. lovetox we = gajim
  47. lovetox i dont know to be honest, would have to look into the code
  48. treaki allright, so what algorithm is inside gajim to prevent bad time stamping ?
  49. lovetox its just a rather non issue, because i use gajim for years, and we had no issues about wrong ordering of messages
  50. treaki or maybe in the protocol specifications, i would do to if i would understand all that technical talk things
  51. lovetox but you cant do this foolproof, there will always be opinions on how to do that
  52. lovetox its complex
  53. lovetox some argue that they ignore a delayed timestamp all the time
  54. treaki and whats about the other issues mentioned, could you include text formatting, account, resource and end to end encryption info into the log?
  55. lovetox some would say only value it if its not dates too far back
  56. treaki so there is a static time period given?
  57. treaki how long is it?
  58. lovetox no i told you what people have for opinions and how some implement this
  59. lovetox as i said i dont know how gajim does it exactly
  60. lovetox there is no standard that tells you exactly how to do this
  61. lovetox its a matter of taste
  62. lovetox probably there are server checks also
  63. lovetox against forging of wrong stanzas
  64. treaki allright
  65. lovetox also its not an old issue, delayed messages are with smartphones now more usual
  66. lovetox gajim is really old :)
  67. lovetox about the database
  68. lovetox yes some addition will be made in the future
  69. lovetox omemo is a plugin and is not gajim core, right now gajim doesnt allow a plugin to add data that have nothing to do with xmpp in generel to the db
  70. lovetox but of course it would improve the ability of what we can show in the UI
  71. treaki yea i know, and i have realised that already, but gajim is still the best out there (even if it is working very bad) to comunicate with conversation users using desktop operating systems...
  72. treaki i would be grate if any of that could be improved, please note down the list for the time you redesign the database structure. Thanks
  73. lovetox for your problem with xhtml
  74. lovetox look at the advanced config editor
  75. lovetox log_xhtml_messages
  76. lovetox try that
  77. treaki thanks for your help lovetox and thanks in advance to any improvements coming to gjim by regarding this
  78. treaki it has been activated since i first gone through the configuration of gajim but i cant find any place where html messages are logged
  79. treaki test with italic and bold text
  80. treaki now i have to restart it to get saved...
  81. treaki and now have a look to this:
  82. lovetox i dont have to restart to see messages in the history view
  83. treaki
  84. treaki and that: sqlite> select * from logs ORDER BY log_line_id desc limit 10; 220608|53|treaki|1481897403|2||now i have to restart it to get saved...| 220607|53|treaki|1481897393|2||test with italic and bold text|
  85. treaki so where should i look for the xhtml log instead?
  86. treaki i have either or wait some time if i am using multi user chat...
  87. treaki i am using Gajim 0.16.6, do i need to upgrade?
  88. treaki for me it lookes like that the configuration line about logging (x)html messages is there but isnt implemented jet (completely ignored...??)
  89. lovetox hm true, seems to do nothing
  90. lovetox i look into it
  91. lovetox about time issue
  92. treaki thanks
  93. lovetox i investigated a bit, if MAM is used
  94. lovetox MAM adds the timestamp the server received the message
  95. lovetox but in gajim honored is the user timestamp
  96. lovetox and yes forging would probably be possible
  97. lovetox the server does nothing to stop that
  98. treaki sounds grate, gajim is still synchronizing the message log with the server, then i think it wouldnt bee that much work to also save it to local disk and display it (maybe on right click show message details) or so
  99. lovetox yeah i thought about something like that
  100. treaki 😀
  101. johannes is the gajim repo and its issue tracker in the gitlab instance now live & good?
  102. Asterix johannes‎: yes I think it is