Gajim - 2016-12-09

  1. aleks.vienna With which server do you use omemo?
  2. linus Lol an issue with issues
  3. linus That's like a meta-issue
  4. lovetox aleks.vienna, omemo can be used with most servers
  5. lovetox a overview about good servers you have here
  6. lovetox
  7. cuc any known issues with http_upload+omemo+gajim on windows ?
  8. cuc i try to send an 1.8mb png and it shows 100% sent.. and then freezes
  9. cuc with 0% cpu activity
  10. cuc it works with 43kb pngs :)
  11. cuc limit on server is default i guess with 10mb on prosody?
  12. cuc no limit is set to 5MB but none the less it shouldnt just freeze :(
  13. lovetox hm
  14. lovetox which gajim version?
  15. cuc Gajim 0.16.6
  16. cuc latest for windows i guess
  17. lovetox which prosody mod do you use
  18. lovetox i think this is a server issue
  19. lovetox does it work from conversations?
  20. cuc i would test it with conversations but i think conversations always resizes the images no?
  21. cuc i use the "old" http_upload mod.. not the external one
  22. cuc it works with a small png from gajim
  23. cuc just the 1.8mb image freezes
  24. cuc it doesnt even create a directory on the server
  25. cuc when gajim freezes
  26. cuc as in .../http_upload/<uuid>/file
  27. lovetox i dont think conversations resizes the image
  28. lovetox you could also test with a PDF or a file
  29. cuc when i upload a small image
  30. cuc i see a logentry in the prosody debug log
  31. cuc when gajim freezes it doesnt log anything
  32. cuc ok let me just transfer the file to my phone.. ill try
  33. cuc grrr
  34. cuc i dunno which app on android does resize the image
  35. cuc but the 1.8mb image got resized to 100k
  36. cuc ill try with another bin-file
  37. cuc maybe the gallery or downloads app does the resizing...
  38. lovetox why are you sending images?
  39. lovetox just send a file
  40. SaltyBones I think that's what he's trying to do now. :)
  41. lovetox apperantly there is a setting in conversations cuc
  42. lovetox where you can deactivate image resizing
  43. lovetox i go away for half an hour cuc
  44. lovetox if it also not work with conversations
  45. lovetox please record the xml stanzas that are send in a httpupload transfer
  46. lovetox with the xml console
  47. lovetox then i have a look at it
  48. aleks.vienna lovetox: thank you for answer
  49. lovetox so cuc?
  50. lovetox what did you find out
  51. cuc sorry had to work on an incident
  52. cuc ah ok foudn the setting thanks
  53. cuc ok conversations fails to funny
  54. cuc i should i paste the xml console when gajim freezes as in "not responding"
  55. cuc i wonder if the prosody module should log anything if a client cannot successfully send a file
  56. lovetox no
  57. lovetox that confirms that its a server issue
  58. lovetox please use another httpupload module or report it to prosody
  59. cuc yeah i have no problem with that.. but gajim should freeze .)
  60. cuc so its an issue of both
  61. cuc s/should/shouldn't
  62. lovetox it shouldnt, it freezes with a lot of other conditions too
  63. cuc oh ok
  64. lovetox you can always make a pull request an contribute to gajim :)
  65. cuc is this windows specific ? never had problems with linux
  66. cuc sure, when i quit my 60hr/week job ill have time for that :)
  67. lovetox i think what you want to achieve is a working httpupload set up, gajim not freezing in this situation would be nice, but it would not make httpupload work
  68. cuc yup already on it i will test with conversations to get it working and try again with gajim
  69. cuc thanks for the hint with the resizing ;)
  70. lovetox if you find something beyond error catching to improve for the plugin, please tell :)
  71. cuc sure, maybe if it isnt too complex i maybe indeed try to contribute,.. if just the day had 48 hours
  72. cuc :)
  73. lovetox python is actually not complex at all
  74. lovetox and it is only one file that would need modifing :)
  75. cuc ;)
  76. cuc yeah found the issue... layer8 problem in this case
  77. cuc forgot there is a reverse proxy inbetween which shows 413 in the logs..
  78. cuc :)
  79. cuc et voila, gajim doesnt freeze anymore
  80. SaltyBones yeah, it's true I messed with http_upload quite a bit last week to debug my own setup
  81. SaltyBones it's pretty straightforward code
  82. cuc hmm urllib2.urlopen should raise and exception with 413.. have to try at home
  83. cuc s/and/an
  84. SaltyBones lovetox, this reminds me....what happened to that windows nightly build you wanted to kick off?
  85. lovetox yeah i have it running
  86. lovetox we have to make it auto uploading to the gajim server
  87. lovetox but until we make this you can download here
  88. lovetox
  89. lovetox thats a build from yesterday
  90. SaltyBones cool, thanks
  91. lovetox let me know if something doesnt work SaltyBones
  92. lovetox its quite hard to think about all libraries to include
  93. SaltyBones Yeah, I only use windows at home so it'll have to wait until tonight.
  94. Br0nek lovetox, where is Asterix?
  95. Br0nek My merge request is hanging a few days(
  96. mentor Is there a publicly readable gajim git repository anywhere?
  97. lovetox ah sorry
  98. lovetox yes one moment
  99. lovetox mentor
  100. lovetox
  101. lovetox should be visible now
  102. mentor I'm cloning <>, and it's prompting me for username/password for HTTP basic authentication
  103. mentor I've tried empty for both
  104. lovetox did you try after 19:2
  105. lovetox 19:23
  106. mentor lovetox: Sorry, yes. It is now working
  107. SaltyBones great way to distribute malware
  108. SaltyBones just hang out in software channels and give people nightly builds :p
  109. SaltyBones windows tried to protected me but I am reckless!
  110. SaltyBones first problem occurs before even getting a gui
  111. SaltyBones takes so long it seems like it has crashed
  112. SaltyBones actually, everything is extremely slow
  113. SaltyBones lovetox, are you running this build?
  114. mentor SaltyBones: You mean, the entire Windows software distribution system?
  115. SaltyBones no, this gajim build for windows I am currently running
  116. mentor Oh, nevermind
  117. lovetox yeah im running it
  118. lovetox why should it be malware ?!
  119. lovetox and of course every application that runs could potentially harm your system
  120. lovetox SaltyBones
  121. SaltyBones yeah, i was just kidding
  122. lovetox so what is the problem you are talking about?
  123. SaltyBones I just felt a little dirty running an executable by a random person on the internet ;)
  124. SaltyBones the only "problem" i have encountered is that it feels pretty sluggish
  125. lovetox im not random
  126. lovetox im admin of this channel !!!
  127. lovetox :D
  128. lovetox yeah i know
  129. lovetox but i can solve this i think
  130. lovetox mom
  131. lovetox download
  132. lovetox
  133. lovetox this file
  134. lovetox change line 233
  135. lovetox to PROCESS_TIMEOUT = (5, False)
  136. lovetox and copy it into the install directory build/nbxmpp
  137. lovetox and try again
  138. SaltyBones need to reboot but I know where the logs are so keep talking ;)
  139. lovetox still no as fast as on linux, but its way better
  140. SaltyBones why is slower than linux?
  141. SaltyBones and why is the timeout so high? :)
  142. SaltyBones not that i know what it does ;)
  143. lovetox basically all programms run in an endless loop
  144. lovetox there is a main loop, every iteration you can update all visible stuff in your programm
  145. lovetox the main loop is the fastest possible loop
  146. lovetox on linux we ask every iteration in this main loop
  147. lovetox if there is data for us from the server that we can process
  148. lovetox i dont know how fast the main loop is but i guess it iterates even faster then 1 ms
  149. lovetox on windows i cant bind this network call, to the main loop
  150. lovetox i have to create my own loop
  151. lovetox and this loop asks for data every 100 ms
  152. lovetox i dont know why 100ms was chosen, i set it to 5 and it works still ok
  153. lovetox thats a factor 20
  154. lovetox but its still probably factor 100 slower than linux
  155. lovetox so im not so good with network stuff, but this can definitly be solved better for windows
  156. SaltyBones hm...I vaguely remember how winforms does it
  157. SaltyBones but that is only built on top of the old message queue
  158. SaltyBones and I have no clue how gtk on windows works whatsoever :)
  159. Asterix ok got it
  160. Asterix oups :)