Gajim - 2016-12-08

  1. linus Yay git! (I'm still alive)
  2. linus Will look at doing that url_image_preview stuff I was working on one of these days then
  3. lovetox hm linus
  4. lovetox i added you as dev in the projects
  5. lovetox you can fork now and create merge requests
  6. johannes nice, the gitlab instance looks complete
  7. johannes however, clicking on an issue leads to HTTP 500 for me, e.g. here
  8. johannes I'll modify the github parts accordingly
  9. lovetox yeah we have a problem with issues
  10. lovetox they worked but then suddenly stopped
  11. lovetox maybe we have to delete the project and migrate again if we cant solve it
  12. johannes kk, looks like I'll wait a bit more xD
  13. qeap hi
  14. qeap can i ask why i cant make gajim acount using a xmpp clint
  15. bullgard4 "Warning: You are missing Python-Axolotl or use an outdated version." Installed OMEMO version is 1.0.0 . What should I do now? (Debian unsable)
  16. bullgard4 +t
  17. bullgard4 [solved]
  18. lovetox bullgard4 when using debian
  19. lovetox its best to install gajim-omemo package from debian testing or unstable repo
  20. lovetox should work out of the box then