Gajim - 2016-12-06

  1. SaltyBones and now the entire chat room is bogged down with trying to get that image but failing because of the damn cert :)
  2. SaltyBones treaki, I see avatars in gajim both in the roster and in the muc user list...
  3. treaki i see them in the converences user list but not in the contact list (what you call roster)
  4. treaki there i only see them from a server i have used also still as there wasnt smartphones already but on that server i use mostly for smartphone conversations i cant see any user pictures
  5. treaki how can that be?
  6. treaki i just clicked in gajim on report programm failor as a bug message poped up and ive got only a 404 page
  7. treaki also why dont you use xmpp to report bugs just form within the program as conversations handles it?
  8. anotheragency It seems the Norwegian Bokmål translations didnt make it into 0.16.6
  9. anotheragency on is 404
  10. SaltyBones
  11. SaltyBones Test!
  12. SaltyBones
  13. SaltyBones Is it possible that gajim and conversations use different ways to format links for http upload and don't recognize the others?
  14. lovetox no saltybones
  15. lovetox its just a link to a picture
  16. lovetox there is nothing to regcognize
  17. lovetox i think the gajim server has some problems , this chatroom is very sloow
  18. lovetox but gajim will not display a picture inline with a faulty cert, and i htink conversations will neither
  19. lovetox treaki, we moved to gitlab a few days ago, thats why you get a 404
  20. SaltyBones Hm.
  21. SaltyBones Where do I get the plugin as a zip to use it in the hg version?
  22. SaltyBones lovetox, can the git version not even be cloned without asking for access?
  23. vorner SaltyBones: use the https link, not the git one.
  24. lovetox yes works with https link
  25. SaltyBones I might be looking at the wrong page:
  26. lovetox and there is no hg version anymore
  27. lovetox
  28. SaltyBones lovetox, I just discovered that. That's why I'm asking about git. ;)
  29. SaltyBones lovetox, that page also has no clone url.
  30. SaltyBones And this chat is really amazingly slow today. :)
  31. lovetox it has in the top
  32. lovetox the server will be restarted
  33. SaltyBones I don't see any link.
  34. lovetox like in the middle
  35. lovetox besides "Fork"
  36. SaltyBones Give me second to take a screenshot. :)
  37. vorner lovetox: Are you logged in? It seems rather bare to me too. There's no „Fork“ either.
  38. louiz’ first
  39. lovetox test
  40. SaltyBones we re back!
  41. SaltyBones
  42. lovetox refresh
  43. lovetox should work now
  44. SaltyBones yay
  45. SaltyBones lovetox, does the git version compile?
  46. SaltyBones autoconf gives me warning: AC_INIT: not a literal: "version-set-in-hgversion"
  47. SaltyBones ah it was ./autogen
  48. SaltyBones sorry the wiki is gone :p
  49. SaltyBones and finally back to my original do I install http_upload in the self built version? Where can I get the zip file?
  50. lovetox its easiest
  51. lovetox to install the plugininstaller
  52. lovetox
  53. lovetox for gtk3 branch this here
  54. lovetox
  55. lovetox test
  56. lovetox test2
  57. SaltyBones there is a gtk3 branch?
  58. SaltyBones I don't see one.
  59. lovetox
  60. SaltyBones oh in the plugin repo
  61. SaltyBones so it doesn't matter which gtk version the rest of gajim uses?
  62. lovetox of course it does
  63. lovetox gtk3 branch will only work with master gajim branch
  64. lovetox and master plugin branch will only work with 0.16 gajim branch
  65. SaltyBones that's what I needed, thanks!
  66. SaltyBones lovetox, it tells me the plugin already exists...I assume the different gajim versions try to use the same plugin directory and it clashes?
  67. lovetox yes
  68. lovetox if you want to define another config directory#
  69. lovetox start gajim with -c switch
  70. lovetox -c PATH
  71. SaltyBones ah...I was only using -p
  72. lovetox yeah i dont know how good that works
  73. lovetox what is in the profile included, it seems not plugins
  74. SaltyBones not sure, but definitely accounts and settings
  75. SaltyBones actually I'm not sure about settings didn't try much
  76. SaltyBones lovetox, -c simply doesn't work for me can you show me your entire call?
  77. lovetox gajim.exe -p portable -c ../DataDir
  78. SaltyBones ah windows
  79. lovetox it should work the same on linux
  80. lovetox have to go working :/
  81. lovetox bye
  82. SaltyBones ;)
  83. SaltyBones thanks for your help!
  84. SaltyBones phew
  85. SaltyBones that took forever
  86. SaltyBones the bloody command line parser made a huge mess :)
  87. Willly test
  88. mentor Willly: Failed
  89. Willly :D
  90. zak What does it mean if one OMEMO fingerprint appears in grey instead of green. I have two of my own, both trusted, one is green the other one grey.