Gajim - 2016-12-05

  1. Br0nek I updated merge request for gtk2 version. After it will be merged, I want to push gtk3 version of plugin
  2. ciblia ==> Validating source files with sha512sums... ... FAILED ==> ERROR: One or more files did not pass the validity check! :: failed to verify gajim-plugin-omemo integrity
  3. kimsehic3 ciblia: you are being watched
  4. lovetox ciblia
  5. lovetox are you trying to download via AUR?
  6. lovetox this is not possible at the moment
  7. cippaciong ciblia: I think it's working now but having a single zip file that gets updated without changing name it's hard for me to keep the pace with the new checksums. 😅
  8. lovetox i talked yesterday to asterix, we think about a way to release all plugins with version number
  9. cippaciong 👍
  10. ciblia kimsehic3: ? lovetox: yes cippaciong : trying
  11. ciblia seemed to upgrade
  12. lovetox set the topic to Welcome to the official room of Gajim. Gajim 0.16.6 is now released! Try it! Language is English. If you have something to ask, just ask. Don't circle around with questions like "Have anyone used Gajim on Windows?"... New bugs at New bugs about a plugin at Paste in shots in room logs in Spread Gajim!
  13. petmos Hello. I'm using Gajim with OMEMO on linux. Qrcode works fine. But can I generate qrcodes on a Windows machine, too? In the wiki "OMEMO Plugin for Gajim" it isn't clear (for me).
  14. lovetox yeah
  15. lovetox should work out of the box
  16. lovetox with plugin version 1.0.0
  17. lovetox petmos
  18. petmos lovetox‎: Thank you very much. So python-qrcode, pillow or other need packages are included in the installer?
  19. lovetox yeah, on windows everything is in the installer, because we cannot install additional packages like on linux
  20. Mic92 Hi, is it intent, that the gitlab project for gajim is not public?
  21. Mic92 the plugin repo is:
  22. Mic92
  23. petmos tells me "404 The page you're looking for could not be found."
  24. Mic92 could be also visibility settings
  25. mentor The trac and mercurial repository at seem to have fallen over slightly
  26. Link Mauve mentor, they have moved to gitlab and git.
  27. mentor Perhaps the website could be updated
  28. mentor I'm assuming that <> is the intended public location of the gajim git repository
  29. mentor It's requiring authentication to access
  30. mentor does not, for example
  31. mentor Back tomorrow
  32. SaltyBones Does gajim allow importing certificates or does it use some global store?
  33. SaltyBones which plugin do i need to display http_uploaded images automatically?
  34. SaltyBones
  35. SaltyBones pictures!
  36. treaki strange SaltyBones, i can see your image preview (without animation) in gajim directly but not on conversations
  37. treaki previously it was just the other way...
  38. treaki also it takes more then one secound to see the messages i send to this converence...
  39. treaki also it takes more then one seconds to see the messages i send to this conference...
  40. treaki also it takes more then one second to see the messages i send to this conference...
  41. treaki another thing, i just have recognized that many of my contacts have set some contact image/avatar that i can see through conversations but it is completely not shown in gajim,,
  42. treaki how can that be?
  43. treaki SaltyBones, maybe there is a problem do to that server uses just cacert instead of a valid cert...