Gajim - 2016-12-02

  1. SaltyBones it works but on the wrong gajim instance.... :)
  2. SaltyBones I think my self built python might not sign up for dbus correctly or something. :(
  3. arune lovetox: sure
  4. arune lovetox: cool idea, never knew that
  5. Deep Hi
  6. SaltyBones hi
  7. lovetox SaltyBones, in GTK3 there is a new DBUS api, so instead of fixing the remote code, i think it would be easier to switch to that
  8. lovetox or not easier, but probably more future prove
  9. Link Mauve That can also remove the need for a separate gajim-remote executable, instead doing everything inside of gajim itself.
  10. lovetox i try and rewrite the plugin installer plugin to fetch from https first i think
  11. lovetox not checking the cert seems to be a no go today ^^
  12. Link Mauve Why not using hg in the first place?
  13. Link Mauve Having to use a brittle update mechanism doesn’t make sense.
  14. lovetox i dont understand, what do you mean with hg?
  15. lovetox we should update plugin with hg?
  16. Link Mauve Sounds better than FTP, yeah.
  17. jere The plugins are in a GitLab repo:
  18. Link Mauve So s/hg/git/ but my point is the same.
  19. jere One is for releases, only clicking with the mouse. The other is for the lattest commits, using the console for clone/pull.
  20. Link Mauve I mean, why not use the same one for both?
  21. Link Mauve It’s much better than FTP anyway.