Gajim - 2016-12-01

  1. Link Mauve Asterix: of course hg and git have totally different internal representations which are not bijective, there is no way it could guess how you converted everything and redo the exact inverse operation.
  2. Asterix Link Mauve: the hg fast export has a --hg-hash. it sets the hg changeset id in git commit notes, then it's easy to do the mapping
  3. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8474 (Import error after upgrade to OMEMO 0.9.8) created Bug description Gajim raises an Import Error for module Image everytime the OMEMO configuration window gets opened. Happens after upgrade to OMEMO 0.9.8. Gajim still works, no crash happens, it just pops up the window everytime configs are opened. Steps to reproduce Open Gajim Go to: Edit->Plugins->OMEMO->Configure Error is displayed Go to "Clear Device" tab and click ref[…]
  4. Tirifto Hello all!
  5. Tirifto Would anyone happen to know if the Tic Tac Toe plugin is functional, and if so, how can it be used?
  6. Tirifto Both me and the contact I'd like to play Tic Tac Toe with have installed the plugin, but neither of us can find a way to initialize the game.
  7. Asterix you should have a new icon in chat window, no?
  8. Asterix is the plugin correctly enabled?
  9. Tirifto Icon? Oh, I think I have disabled those... if there were some. I'll try to re-enable them.
  10. Asterix have you tried restarting Gajim?
  11. Tirifto Thank you Asterix. It's probably the disabled toolbar; hopefully I'll manage to fix it. I guess I'll ask around again if not :)
  12. Asterix alt+c to show / hide
  13. Tirifto Ah, great!
  14. Tirifto Thanks a lot :)
  15. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8474 (Import error after upgrade to OMEMO 0.9.8) closed invalid: hi plugin issue tracker moved to ​ thanks for reporting this issue
  16. Br0nek Hi all. How I can get jabber account?
  17. lovetox i wouldnt, is not exactly a state of the art jabber server
  18. lovetox
  19. Br0nek I need an accout for testing 'normal'-type messages in anti spam
  20. lovetox if you still want, here
  21. lovetox but are aware of the limitations
  22. Br0nek Ok. Thanks!
  23. Link Mauve lovetox, uh, please never post a registration form over HTTP. :/
  24. Link Mauve Asterix, you should stop Prosody from listening on 5280 elsewhere than on ::1.
  25. lovetox sorry found it on google
  26. lovetox https doesnt work by the way
  27. Link Mauve It does on 5281.
  28. Br0nek Who have access to jabber server?
  29. Br0nek I need to receive a message from server admin
  30. Akasch from any server? or on
  31. Br0nek from
  32. Br0nek Akasch, but if your admin you own jabber server and can send 'normal' message to me - welcome :)
  33. Asterix Br0nek: ping?
  34. Asterix Br0nek: I'll come back later, we can test what you asked me then
  35. hermann Hi , is there a way to get Android 5 / 6 emojies into Gajim? The emoji packs I can see in Gajim don't seem to work well with Conversations on Android 6
  36. hermann it looks like twimoji is the right pack, but it doesn't work for me. I've put them unter /usr/share/gajim/data/emoticons/twemoji and restartet Gajim as mentioned here and installed them in the Plug-ins windows, but no success. They don't show up in the chat window. Someone any idea?
  37. Asterix hermann: choose your pack in pref window
  38. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8347 (Support kwallet-query, the KF5 replacement of kwalletcli) updated from azrdev: @asterix: cool that things are happening! Do I understand correctly that you're dropping support for kwalletcli (i.e. the KDE4 implementation) completely, which leaves us compatible with gnome and KDE 5 only? Also, please consider adapting my 03_migration.patch and integrating it: Avoiding to have the m[…]
  39. arune hermann: most of the emojis from conversations should work with twemoji but not on windows
  40. hermann arune, i'm on linux. thx
  41. hermann Asterix, yes it did put the checkmark on the twemoji pack and installed the pack
  42. Asterix in preferences window, you choose your pack once it's installed
  43. hermann Asterix, yep, now I got it. thx.
  44. Asterix Link Mauve: why should I close 5280 port?
  45. hermann Asterix Shouldn't this be stated ? Or even when I install the pack in the plug-ins window?
  46. Asterix it's the same for pack installed by plugin. Once a pack is installed, you have to choose the pack you want to use in pref window. If it's not clear, yes that could be added there
  47. hermann ok, many thanks Asterix
  48. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8347 (Support kwallet-query, the KF5 replacement of kwalletcli) reopened I don't know KDE, but I'm quite sure KDE4 supports libsecret. see ​this page talking about KsecretService?. Libsecret supports ksecretservice. For your patches, yes there is probably things to keep. I'll try to have a look at that ASAP. I reopen for that reason.
  49. Link Mauve Asterix, because users registering in plain HTTP is a very bad idea.
  50. Asterix yeah but that's only the adress used for bosh. I don't think BOSH is configured on 5281
  51. Link Mauve Asterix, uh, you mean everyone who used your BOSH endpoint has been doing so over plain text?!
  52. Link Mauve And no, you also have (at least) this one too:
  53. Asterix I'm not sur it's used at all ...
  54. Asterix except for my tests
  55. Asterix and muc_logs too
  56. Asterix but muc_logs work on 5281 and register_web too
  57. Link Mauve Why would BOSH not work?
  58. Asterix bosh_ports = { 5280 }
  59. Link Mauve You should change that for 5281 maybe, and also update your _xmppconnect TXT record.
  60. Asterix it seems to work:
  61. Link Mauve :)
  62. Asterix Link Mauve: config updated (5280 is no more mentionned anywhere) modules http, register_web, muc_log_http, bosh reloaded, but prosody still listen on 5280 :/
  63. Asterix 5280 blocked in fw, but that's not nice
  64. Link Mauve Asterix,
  65. lovetox arune, you using gajim at your company or?
  66. Asterix I don't work for a company ... or its name is France.
  67. Asterix I'm a teacher
  68. Asterix and no we don't use XMPP or any instant messaging system where I teach
  69. lovetox i was talking to arune :D
  70. Asterix oups
  71. Asterix sorry
  72. Asterix time to sleep then
  73. Asterix GN
  74. lovetox n8
  75. lovetox arune, are you aware that you could set up your own plugin server for gajim, you could set the path in the plugin installer config
  76. lovetox i just realized this when i was looking over the code
  77. SaltyBones "It seems Gajim is not running. So you can't use gajim-remote."
  78. SaltyBones Gajim is most definitely running. Two instances in fact.
  79. SaltyBones Anybody got a suggestion?
  80. lovetox you have to ask Asterix
  81. lovetox i dont know what gajim-remote should do :)
  82. SaltyBones It seems to be dysfunctional.
  83. SaltyBones I have to mess with the decoding of strings for Python 3.
  84. SaltyBones Otherwise it won't work at all.
  85. SaltyBones lovetox, how do you debug if you're not using the ipython shell?
  86. lovetox hm, mostly with print commands at various places