Gajim - 2016-11-30

  1. baitisj Hi Gajim-folk. I'm still a little new to Python, and I'm trying to debug an issue where nbxmpp says, 'calling send on empty buffer and queue' over and over and then gajim locks up
  2. baitisj So, I moved the code in where it tests if if __name__ == '__main__': etc etc
  3. baitisj into a fuction called main()
  4. baitisj and then I'm invoking pdb as shown here:
  5. baitisj am I doing this correctly?
  6. baitisj also thank you for migrating gajim to git
  7. Br0nek I updated merge request
  8. Asterix baitisj: I never used pdb, can't tell you sorry
  9. Asterix Br0nek: thanks. I don't know how you did, but my comments are gone?
  10. SaltyBones baitisj, maybe this is helpful
  11. SaltyBones Not really what you want but still good for debugging.
  12. Br0nek I clicked 'resolve discussion' button in 2 comments.
  13. Br0nek On the third comment I answered.
  14. Asterix Br0nek: ho yes I see them, sorry. I learne gitlab :)
  15. Br0nek What kind of comment I should write in code?
  16. Asterix something like # we send question to that have con Contact instance, so not shown in roster window
  17. Br0nek mm.. ok
  18. Asterix Link Mauve: indeed hg-git is just perfect. It generates a file name git-mapfile, with: hg-commit-id git-commit-id
  19. Br0nek Asterix, I added comment and push commit
  20. Asterix Br0nek: I don't see the comment in code in your last commit:
  21. Br0nek Sorry, I fogot to do git add . before --amend
  22. Br0nek I did push again
  23. Asterix Link Mauve: arg not really. the hg repos I did when cloning git repos don't have the same commit id that the original hg repos :/
  24. Asterix Br0nek: ok thanks
  25. Asterix Br0nek: merged!!
  26. Asterix Thanks!
  27. Asterix could you do the merge request fot GTK3 branch?
  28. Br0nek I should test it in beginning
  29. Br0nek Asterix, can you send me system message from jabber server?
  30. Asterix I'm not admin of your jabber server
  31. Br0nek Hmm, I thought any server can send system message to any user
  32. Asterix no, system message are here for server admins to contact all users of the server
  33. Br0nek Do you know what type of this message?
  34. Br0nek in protocol I mean
  35. Asterix I'd say normal
  36. Asterix BTW your anti-spam feature don't work for normal messages, right?
  37. Br0nek right, only for chat type
  38. Asterix spammers also send normal messages
  39. Br0nek Well, I can add normal type in filter, but how to understand that message from jabber server
  40. Asterix looking at the from
  41. Asterix from is jabber server
  42. Br0nek Got it. I'll add this in future release
  43. Br0nek Asterix, what do you think, how be better to store jid's of passed users from conferences? sqlite, text-file, other?
  44. Asterix hmmm in fact I don't find this feature very usefull. if you are in the room, you are with ppl you know. do you often get spam from ppl in the room you are? if so, you can block them, or ask room owner to ban him?
  45. Asterix but you have a config file for each plugin. Just store a list in it
  46. Br0nek Are you about manifest.ini?
  47. Asterix what do you mean?
  48. Asterix manifest.ini is just the plugin identity card
  49. Br0nek What config file do you mean
  50. Br0nek plugin config file
  51. Br0nek which file
  52. v1ct0r Hi
  53. v1ct0r I use gajim on ubuntu
  54. v1ct0r and in the last version of gpg is and it is not copmpatible with python
  55. v1ct0r what i have understand it is that python-gnupg not supporte this version of gpg
  56. v1ct0r but there is also gpg1 wiitch is compatible
  57. v1ct0r how can i say to gajim to use gpg1 rather gpg (gpg2)
  58. Asterix Br0nek: in plugin code it's just self.config dict. just a 'safe_muc_jid' config option that default to [], then in your code add safe jid in it and that's it. Plugin will save that
  59. Asterix v1ct0r: which gajim version is it?
  60. v1ct0r Gajim 0.16.5-7eb2b43c233d
  61. v1ct0r ubuntu yakety
  62. Br0nek v1ct0r‎, попробуй обновить gajim
  63. Asterix v1ct0r: There is 0.16.6, and it's supposed to handle gpg2
  64. Br0nek в Gajim 0.16.6 есть фикс по GPG2
  65. v1ct0r ok
  66. v1ct0r is it in the gagim repo?
  67. Br0nek do you update apt in ubuntu?
  68. Br0nek v1ct0r,
  69. v1ct0r i have installing gajim from the official ubuntu repo
  70. v1ct0r with apt
  71. v1ct0r i have to install it from the mercury repo?
  72. Br0nek v1ct0r, Try to add 'deb unstable main' in source.list and install gajim-nightly as it described in url
  73. Br0nek But before remove current version of gajim
  74. Br0nek
  75. v1ct0r ok i will make a try
  76. v1ct0r thank you
  77. v1ct0r hem
  78. v1ct0r a question for you
  79. v1ct0r I use python-gnupg in one of my script
  80. v1ct0r and i have the problem with the latest version incompatibility
  81. v1ct0r how have you ressolving this problem?
  82. lovetox
  83. Br0nek I use windows))
  84. Br0nek I have a question about gajim message encryption. Does Every encrypted message should be 'received' confirmed?
  85. Br0nek I mean, when I receive not encrypted message, I can see <request xmlns="urn:xmpp:receipts" />, and send to user <received xmlns='urn:xmpp:receipts' ...>, but in encrypted messages there are no <request ...> line
  86. Br0nek How to confirm that I receive encrypted message?
  87. Br0nek received*
  88. lovetox encrypted with what?
  89. Br0nek between-gajim-encryption :)
  90. Br0nek I found the answer
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  92. elg0d0 Hello
  93. elg0d0 .
  94. lovetox hi
  95. simon Why am I on this channel with conversations? :)
  96. lovetox how should we know :)
  97. baitisj simon: Because you found a bug in gajim and are debugging and fixing it
  98. baitisj Or maybe you are on mobile
  99. cuc maybe just disable autojoin in conversations