Gajim - 2016-11-28

  1. SaltyBones So, I've created a translation file that should work for both 0.16 and default and includes all the missing translations.
  2. johannes I guess you've already found this: ?
  3. SaltyBones lovetox, can I send it to you or is there a better way to get it committed?
  4. lovetox no please send it to asterix
  5. lovetox do you have his mail?
  6. SaltyBones
  7. lovetox
  8. SaltyBones ah org
  9. SaltyBones fair enough
  10. Br0nek Can anyone write me test message in private?
  11. Br0nek ping
  12. lovetox yes
  13. lovetox add
  14. lovetox me
  15. Br0nek I mean in conference
  16. lovetox yeah
  17. lovetox add me,
  18. lovetox Br0nek
  19. Br0nek Try to send standalone message to
  20. lovetox ah k
  21. lovetox ‎[18:37:52] ‎br0nek‎: Antispam enabled. Please answer the question: 12 x 12 = ?
  22. Br0nek And try to write me private message in this conference
  23. Link Mauve Br0nek, also, use “×” instead of “x”. :p
  24. lovetox did you make the question configurable over the config plugin interface?
  25. Br0nek Yes, question is configurable through plugin config
  26. lovetox before you make your pullrequest, could you please make your commit messages in the format [anti_spam] ... commit msg ...
  27. lovetox also please increment the plugin version in the manifest.ini
  28. lovetox and please start a CHANGELOG file in the folder
  29. Br0nek Ok
  30. lovetox Link Mauve
  31. lovetox if a project is under BSD
  32. lovetox can i just copy it and distribute it with omemo?
  33. Link Mauve Just keep it under BSD if you can.
  34. lovetox can i keep only part of a project under BSD?
  35. lovetox hmm..
  36. Link Mauve Sure.
  37. lovetox k i just copyed the license file to the folder :)
  38. arune Br0nek: you will need to create a wiki page also on
  39. Br0nek Mm.. ok
  40. lovetox there is already one
  41. lovetox
  42. lovetox just edit it
  43. Br0nek Please, test my description: Block incoming messages from users not in your roster. In response, the Plugin sends a question that you configured. After correct answer(also configurable) you will be receive all new messages from user. **Attention!** All messages before correct answer will be lost. Also you can enable this function in Plugin config for conference private messages.
  44. Br0nek Correct?
  45. Br0nek As I understand, I can not create pull-request of master branch?
  46. SouL Br0nek, «you will be receive..» I would sey «you will receive», without «be»
  47. Br0nek Thx
  48. SouL say*
  49. Asterix Br0nek‎: hmm no pull request? why that?
  50. Asterix hmm it's marked as protected ... maybe that's the problem
  51. Asterix ok it's now writable
  52. jsk Shit
  53. Asterix ??
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  57. SaltyBones Do we publish nightlybuilds somewhere?
  58. SaltyBones I you? :p
  59. SaltyBones See, contribute a one-line patch and I already feel like I'm part of the project. x)
  60. Asterix SaltyBones: yes. Tarball and debian package
  61. Asterix for tarballs
  62. Asterix and for debian repos
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  64. SaltyBones Hm....that's fine but I can simply compile on linux...a nightly would be nice for windows
  65. Asterix lovetox: worked on that, but there is a final step that is not working: uploading the build installer from the build system to our repository
  66. lovetox SaltyBones i can trigger a build if you want
  67. lovetox and upload it to the server
  68. SaltyBones only if it's no hassle :)
  69. lovetox hm our build enginge seems down
  70. lovetox could take till tomorrow
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  74. lovetox Br0nek
  75. lovetox try to do a merge request now