Gajim - 2016-11-26

  1. Betal I can see this on xml console ( ), but it don't show up in message window. It is a message sent from another client/resource on the same account. Any idea how to debug this?
  2. lovetox Betal look in the error log
  3. lovetox btw whats that
  4. lovetox message stamp='2016-11-25 22:14:56.690'
  5. lovetox in never saw a attribute "stamp"
  6. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8468 (Cannot login in MUC if it's already present in roster) created When I get an invite to a MUC, the conference is automatically added to my roster; I cannot join the conference if I have it in my roster because the join dialog says it's not a conference name. I have to delete it from my roster and only then I can finally join. Steps to reproduce I use PyVK transport to, it sends invites to mu[…]
  7. Marzanna Isn't it known bug for a quite of time?
  8. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8469 (muc omemo no text entry is possible) created In the version 16.5 did not submit text and in the 16.6 can he be sent (he disappears from the text field). The error only occurs in MUC. Ubuntu 16.07 Gajim 0.16.6-27dc479797a7 Plugins aktuell
  9. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8469 (muc omemo no text entry is possible) updated Ah, I have a non current person banned from the room and now it works again.
  10. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8469 (muc omemo no text entry is possible) closed worksforme
  11. treaki_ hi
  12. treaki_ this is a report of a bug i just stumbled accross
  13. treaki_ is sending file problem_gaijim_converting_startus_messages_with_links_to_klickable_objects.png ...
  14. treaki_
  15. treaki_ do you see what i mean, this is resoulting in a 404 error but the user who has set the status has done everything right...
  16. treaki_ gajim insertet a ) behind the actual url and than recognized the whole think as a url afterwards
  17. treaki_ thats wrong behavior...
  18. treaki_ please notice that in your issue tracking system and fix that!
  19. treaki_ thanks
  20. arune treaki_: if you are actually interested in this issue the report this yourself
  21. arune I have not seen that myself so I'm not very interested in reporting an issue for you
  22. Asterix treaki: the thing is that ) is allowed in URLs ...
  23. Link Mauve It’s generally good practice to count the number of matching (), [], "", etc. in URLs.
  24. Link Mauve Of course that’s impossible to do in standard regular expressions.
  25. Asterix it's also generally a good practive to embed URLs in <>
  26. Link Mauve Yup.
  27. treaki_ Asterix, i know, but if the user sets a status with an valid url the messenger client shouldnt convert it in somethin invalid
  28. treaki_ Asterix, i know, but if the user sets a status with an valid url at the end the messenger client shouldn't convert it in something invalid
  29. treaki arune, i have just tryed but: Submission rejected as potential spam Content contained these blacklisted patterns: '(?is)(?:http.*http.*http|www.*www.*www)'
  30. treaki so if your f* system isnt working i cant report a bug that way...
  31. treaki i hate such systems which thinks they can make dissensions that shall be only made by real beings not by stupid automatons...
  32. treaki i have just given some url inside a code block so not even clickable
  33. Asterix treaki: you seem a bit aggressive against ppl working gracefully for you on their free time on an _open source_ software
  34. treaki sorry i dont want to offend anybody, it was just a hard week...
  35. Asterix and for spam, here is an information: there are 9493 spam tickets submitted for the last 7 days. So without an antispam system, the bug tracket would be unusable!
  36. treaki and i get a bit steamed up if i have to deal with systems that think they can act as humans
  37. Asterix 9495
  38. Asterix 9496
  39. treaki like if i am calling a hotline and some automaton indtroduses itself as I which isnt the case...
  40. Asterix 9497
  41. Asterix 1 spam every 30 seconds ...
  42. Asterix I can't delete spam every 30 seconds, I have a life
  43. Asterix if you have a better solution, tell me
  44. treaki dont take including urls as the only criteri for detecting spam
  45. Asterix hehe it's not the only criteria for sure!!
  46. treaki i had to create an account to report issues or is it also possible to report withot?
  47. treaki i had to create an account to report issues or is it also possible to report without?
  48. Asterix there is a bayesian filter and some external spam services too
  49. Asterix it's not.
  50. Asterix in a near future we'll switch to a new bug tracker
  51. treaki and as i had reported the issue i first got an capcha and that error and then after i entered the capcha correctly there was still that error
  52. Asterix let's hope it will be better
  53. Asterix yes ... bot are also able to do all that too unfortunatly
  54. treaki its acceptable, not good but still acceptable, if i have to enter a chapcha if the system thinks (even if an automation cant think at all it can just compare 1 and zeros) it is spam, but why first asking for a chapcha and then denying to create issue after all...
  55. treaki cant you just kick out users that are doing spam or request email/chapcha confirments for new users and then disable all spamchecks for signed in users?
  56. Asterix becaus as I said, captcha just give you some bonus points, it's not the only thing that is tested
  57. treaki so there it is now without examples:
  58. treaki its a bit odd to say that on todays world whith countless usefull links including links is a criteria for Spam...
  59. treaki_ so why you dont request an valid email when creating a account onto your ticket system, that would rule out all that spammers i guess...
  60. treaki and why cant i find my thicket now under mytickests section of the site?
  61. Asterix 1/ I never found a working trac configuration to do that 2/ it's IMHO very easy for spammer bots to handle that
  62. Asterix anyway. No need to continue on that, we'll switch to a new bug tracker soon
  63. Asterix I know it's annoying
  64. Asterix but believe me or not, it is also very very very ... very annoying for me too to fight against spam
  65. Asterix time to sleep. GN guys
  66. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8470 (wrong conversion of urls in status messages) created Bug description see the screenshot, gajim set the whole status in braces but it done the url detection (to make them click able) afterwards instead of before that string manipulation and generated thathow an invalid url. Steps to reproduce one us[…] • problem_gaijim_converting_startus_messages_with_links_to_klickable_objects.png attached[]
  67. treaki_ ok there hes gone, thanks for your help anyway
  68. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • 161126_bug_to_be_reported_to_gaijim_but_the_system_diddnt_accepted_it attached to Ticket #8470 the full report of that issue including the content that has been denied do to faulty Spam check of that ticket system