Gajim - 2016-11-25

  1. Link Mauve SaltyBones: fuzzy only means the merge couldn’t find a proper translation, you can safely ignore them if you prefer to start from scratch.
  2. SaltyBones Link Mauve, I'm not sure what you're answering to. :)
  3. SaltyBones I assume fuzzy means it found something that looks like it could be right. I'm not sure how many fuzzy translations made it into released versions but they're pretty awful. ;)
  4. Link Mauve SaltyBones, well, they don’t get used, they are just here to potentially help a next translator.
  5. SaltyBones Link Mauve, so if they aren't explicitly marked as non-fuzzy they aren't used for translation and the original string is displayed instead?
  6. Link Mauve Yes.
  7. SaltyBones Good to know, thanks!