Gajim - 2016-11-24

  1. Martin When I go to the new site, I get a "signin" page. Is this expected?
  2. Martin Also, what would be the new git URL(s) for the plugins?
  3. jere hello?
  4. jere I can't chat with the "local" account.
  5. jere I see the contacts but I can't send a message.
  6. jere Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/nbxmpp/", line 549, in _process_events return IdleQueue._process_events(self, fd, flags) File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/nbxmpp/", line 413, in _process_events obj.pollout() File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/gajim/common/zeroconf/", line 502, in pollout self._do_send() File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/gajim/common/zeroconf/", line 591, in _do_send self._on_send() File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/gajim/common/zeroconf/", line 622, in _on_send self._owner.on_message_sent(self.fd) File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/gajim/common/zeroconf/", line 220, in on_message_sent self.on_ok(id_) File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/gajim/common/zeroconf/", line 349, in on_send_ok chatstate=None)) File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/gajim/common/", line 74, in push_incoming_event if event_object.generate(): File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/gajim/common/", line 1614, in generate if not self.automatic_message: AttributeError: 'MessageSentEvent' object has no attribute 'automatic_message'
  7. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8250 (Keep pgp message until decrypted) updated I'm also experiencing this issue with Gajim 0.16.6 on Arch Linux. Are there any plans for a fix or is this up for grabs?
  8. SaltyBones Gitlab? Login? whatwhatwhat?
  9. SaltyBones Is gajim migrating away from trac?
  10. SaltyBones The links at don't work anymore. :(
  11. Asterix SaltyBones: yes we are migrating to git
  12. Asterix
  13. Asterix nbxmpp and plugins are already there
  14. Asterix Link Mauve: any news about the gitlab + XEP-0070 plugin?
  15. SaltyBones okay...
  16. SaltyBones Well, the nice thing is I don't have to figure out mercurial anymore. :p
  17. SaltyBones The downside is I have no clue how to figure out when that OTR leak was fixed anymore now.
  18. SaltyBones But I assume issues and fixes and everything will be migrated so I'll wait.
  19. Asterix yes of course
  20. Asterix Trac is still used for gajim for now
  21. SaltyBones hm...
  22. SaltyBones so given
  23. SaltyBones How do I map this to versions in hg/git?
  24. Asterix this is a trac-plugins, so yes it's on gitlab. So now it is:
  25. Asterix ticket number haven't changed
  26. Asterix SaltyBones: commits ID have changed. This one is now:
  27. Asterix this is very bad :/ That would be nice to fix all those links in tickets !
  28. SaltyBones eh...I'm not sure how bad it really is I just don't have any experience with git in large projects
  29. SaltyBones so if I want to log at say a history with all the tags to find the first version with this commit, what do I do?
  30. SaltyBones s/log at/look at/
  31. Asterix there is no tags in plugins repository. Every commit changes plugin version (or nearly all commits)
  32. Asterix the commit itself show you that it is 1.9.5 version
  33. Asterix
  34. SaltyBones ah...
  35. SaltyBones okay, thanks
  36. SaltyBones Asterix, different question: How does localization work? Do we have completely separate transltions for 0.16 and default?
  37. SaltyBones Because I tried generating pot files in 0.16 and the Makefile doesn't work
  38. SaltyBones and looking at the po files it seems that there are quite some differences between 0.16 and default (which might of course be because po reformats itself all the time)
  39. Asterix
  40. SaltyBones yeah, I've read that
  41. Asterix currently no translation has been done in default branch
  42. Asterix I have to msgmerge translations from 0.16 branch to default to get all translation work done in 0.16 branch
  43. Asterix in 0.16 the makefile works
  44. Asterix at least for me
  45. SaltyBones hm...I tried make gajim.pot maybe that's not intended
  46. SaltyBones let me try again
  47. jsk Lol.sec
  48. jsk Wait
  49. jsk SaltyBones ur a dev?
  50. SaltyBones For gajim? No :-)
  51. jsk Is Asterix?
  52. Asterix I am, yes
  53. SaltyBones Asterix, I think you actually have to re-run autogen to get a working makefile...
  54. Asterix yes
  55. SaltyBones I just reran configure and make after switching branches
  56. jsk Ah cool
  57. jsk Asterix add me my JID is
  58. Asterix jsk: why?
  59. SaltyBones creates a second clone for the 0.16 branch.
  60. SaltyBones I'm going to try to merge my 0.16 translations into default....
  61. SaltyBones Asterix, so there are no manual translations in default and I can just create a new pot and msgmerge the 0.16 translations?
  62. SaltyBones wants a fucking diff tool for po files that understands the file format.
  63. SaltyBones :)
  64. Asterix SaltyBones: I'd just copy the po file, and re-run the make update-po
  65. Asterix SaltyBones: you can use poedit to edit po files, you'll easily see fuzzy and untranslated strings
  66. SaltyBones Yeah, I've done that already what I'm not clear about is the following:
  67. SaltyBones IF we have translations in 0.16 and default that are not in the do we merge the PO files?
  68. SaltyBones What exactly does update-po do?
  69. Asterix it's why I started by "no translation have been done in default branch"
  70. Asterix update-po marges the po files with a new pot file
  71. SaltyBones experiments.
  72. SaltyBones Asterix, is there a way to mark things that should not be translated in code?
  73. Asterix yes
  74. Asterix if there are things in pot file that should not be translated, we should fix that in code. don't hesitate to list me those things
  75. SaltyBones #: ../data/gui/chat_control.ui.h:7 msgid "<b>7</b> pqrs" msgstr "" #: ../data/gui/chat_control.ui.h:9 msgid "<b>9</b> wxyz" msgstr ""
  76. SaltyBones But if you tell me how I can do it myself. ;)
  77. SaltyBones Are keyboard shortcuts imported from translations or do I break things if I translate _Clear to _Klear?
  78. Asterix they are in ui files. So open this file with glade, and for this string, check the "Do not translate" case. But those string could be translated. For languages not useing 0-9 numbers (I don't know if that exist) or a-z chars
  79. SaltyBones Yeah, I haven't looked at where they came from yet but they looked like some temporary or debug stuff...
  80. Asterix you don't break, but you change shortcuts. You'll have to press k instead of C to select this widget
  81. SaltyBones Yeah, of course...
  82. Asterix no it's not. It's the phone keyboard
  83. Asterix BBL
  84. jsk ^^
  85. SaltyBones what's the phone keyboard?
  86. SaltyBones hahaha
  87. SaltyBones fuzzy translations man
  88. SaltyBones 12 = 1
  89. SaltyBones xD
  90. SaltyBones Asterix, I started fixing a translation in default but it would be nice if we only had to maintain one file for both branches. Any ideas on how to accomplish that?
  91. SaltyBones Maybe we can merge the generated POT files to get one that needs all strings and then build the .po file based on that...
  92. SaltyBones ah..apparently this can be done with msgcat
  93. SaltyBones tries.
  94. SaltyBones Yeah, looks good.
  95. jsk Aye guys
  96. jsk Wherez the git?
  97. SaltyBones So I suggest we create a merged POT file and then translate that and keep the same PO file in both branches.
  98. SaltyBones jsk, still hg afaik
  99. jsk ??
  100. SaltyBones What's your question?
  101. SaltyBones hg aka mercurial is a different type of version control software ;)
  102. jsk Wheres the git
  103. SaltyBones Oida wos suachst?
  104. lovetox Asterix could merge the changes from gtk2 to the default branch
  105. lovetox and then we could all stop translating gtk2 and only work on default :)
  106. SaltyBones I thought we keep 16 for Python 2?
  107. lovetox we do, but i wouldnt actually put any work in it anymore
  108. lovetox its not a dual system approach
  109. SaltyBones Well, if we're going to ignore we also don't need translations of course. ;)
  110. lovetox its people that use stoneage system can use the old version
  111. lovetox and the rest use the current
  112. lovetox we dont implement any new features anymore into gtk2
  113. SaltyBones sure, sure
  114. Holger The 'default' branch crashes for me during startup on Debian testing:
  115. Holger
  116. Holger ... if I go online with my main account. Other test accounts are fine.
  117. lovetox yeah holger, nasty bug, i cant find whats causing it
  118. lovetox the has 6000 lines of code :/
  119. lovetox whithout that bug i would say lets release it
  120. Holger Ah it's known?
  121. lovetox yeah i suffer also from it from time to time, but cant reproduce it
  122. lovetox some day i cant go online, the next it works ok
  123. lovetox are you using metaaccounts?
  124. lovetox i guess not
  125. Holger Nope.
  126. lovetox could you try to start and go immediatly offline so it doesnt load the roster
  127. lovetox or does it crash instantly
  128. Holger No that works.
  129. Holger I managed to disable the account before the crash, in order to avoid it :-)
  130. lovetox could you try to go to preference
  131. lovetox and disable all checkboxes in Roster Appearance
  132. lovetox and try to see if you can go online
  133. SaltyBones huh... if msg_textview.get_window() is None:
  134. SaltyBones seems pretty clear that something is missing here, no?
  135. lovetox thats not what causing this
  136. SaltyBones That's what Holger's trace says...
  137. lovetox but the crash is not related to the trace
  138. SaltyBones oh x)
  139. lovetox its related to the GTK error afterwards
  140. SaltyBones It still looks like a bug, though. :D
  141. lovetox it is
  142. lovetox but one i havent had time to fix
  143. lovetox and i dont understand what the method that throws this error actually does, because no functionality is missing
  144. lovetox even if it doesnt work :D
  145. SaltyBones Maybe it shows extremely useful errors for the other problem. ;)
  146. lovetox this error only shows up if you open a chat window
  147. SaltyBones id_ = self.msg_textview.connect('configure-event', self.on_configure_event)
  148. SaltyBones no fucking clue what's going on :p
  149. lovetox its a one minute fix
  150. lovetox but fixing somethig that does something that is not missed by the user
  151. SaltyBones Well, yeah but I was wondering why it's never called...
  152. lovetox we should first think about what that does, and if we still need it
  153. SaltyBones We clearly agree ^^
  154. lovetox and i hadnt had time for that, also i dont experience this same problem on windows
  155. lovetox which tells me there is something deeper to learn here
  156. SaltyBones Maybe windows gtk doesn't support this event.
  157. SaltyBones I honestly cannot tell from the description when it would fire. :p
  158. lovetox it should fire on every change of size of the window
  159. lovetox or not window
  160. lovetox its the box where we type our messages in the chatwindow
  161. lovetox basically if you resize the chatwindow, also the box resizes and the event should be fired
  162. lovetox but it doesnt on windows
  163. lovetox and there is no reason why this shouldnt be supported on windows, it is for other widgets
  164. jsk Spam me
  165. SaltyBones Hm...maybe it's broken because there is also this
  166. SaltyBones bleagh...there is a fuzzy clock module that is basically impossible to translate
  167. SaltyBones not sure if it's used anywhere
  168. lovetox i dont think its much used
  169. lovetox gajim has many features which are not used anymore
  170. SaltyBones
  171. Asterix lovetox:
  172. SaltyBones bloody hell...some of the fuzzy translations are so wrong the translation has nothing to do with the original message
  173. lovetox Asterix, are you using Zeroconf?
  174. lovetox
  175. lovetox this should fix the problem
  176. lovetox but i couldnt test it because i cant use zeroconf
  177. lovetox the problem should be easy reproducable, the traceback should show on every sent message over a zeroconf connection
  178. Link Mauve Asterix, no, I never tried to work on gitlab, I have two half-finished MediaWiki and Trac plugins though.
  179. bullgard4 "A programming error has been detected. It probably is not fatal." Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nbxmpp/", line 497, in dispatch handler['func'](session, stanza) File "/usr/share/gajim/src/common/", line 1868, in _messageCB conn=self, stanza=msg, File "/usr/share/gajim/src/common/", line 76, in push_incoming_event self._generate_events_based_on_incoming_event(event_object) File "/usr/share/gajim/src/common/", line 98, in _generate_events_based_on_incoming_event if new_event_object.generate(): File "/usr/share/gajim/src/common/", line 1167, in generate if form['FORM_TYPE'] == 'urn:xmpp:ssn': File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nbxmpp/", line 1721, in __getitem__ raise IndexError('No such field') IndexError: No such field
  180. lovetox Asterix i come the roster window bug closer
  181. lovetox for some reasons there can be a situation, where gtk events call the methods, but the changes the methods do to the GTK Window are not seen on the screen
  182. lovetox this can be catastrophic when you have treeview, because the model in code is then different from what is shown on the screen
  183. Link Mauve Asterix, if you are using nginx, you can make every ticket redirect properly using something like “location /ticket/ { return 301$request_uri }” in your trac-plugins section.
  184. Link Mauve Asterix, if you are using nginx, you can make every ticket redirect properly using something like “location /ticket/ { return 301$request_uri; }” in your trac-plugins section.
  185. jsk Asterix accept me
  186. Holger lovetox: Still crashes after disabling all checkboxes in Roster Appearance.
  187. lovetox thanks holger, i think i have a idea of the problem
  188. Asterix jsk: why?
  189. Asterix Link Mauve: isn't it you that told me you were about to do a plugin for gitlab?
  190. Asterix Link Mauve: I use apache, I could do the same
  191. Asterix but for changeset it can't be done :/
  192. Asterix lovetox: I can test the local account
  193. Link Mauve Asterix, no, I never said that.
  194. Link Mauve I haven’t touched gitlab once.
  195. Asterix hmmm ok. For trac, it's too late :)
  196. Link Mauve Ok.
  197. Asterix does anyone has an idea on how to do a link old changeset number to new one?
  198. Asterix bullgard4: can you reproduce? Can you get the XML received when you get this error?
  199. Asterix it seems someone sent you a wrong form
  200. Link Mauve Asterix, you can’t, hg and git use two totally different internal representations.
  201. Link Mauve You have to keep a map of every changeset to the other one.
  202. Link Mauve hg-git should already have that internally, try to reuse it.
  203. bullgard4 Asterix, let me see…
  204. bullgard4 Asterix, no, I cannot. I had open the page I cannot remember if I tried to establish a connection to one friend or another. Both connection are still actve and I should not interrupt them. - Sorry.
  205. Asterix bullgard4: wow you use 0.16! 2 years old release!
  206. bullgard4 Asterix, My OS is Debian stable. An upgrade is due at the beginnning of next year.
  207. lovetox bullgard4: there is a recent version of gajim
  208. lovetox in debian backports
  209. lovetox i dont see a reason why you should not use that
  210. Asterix bullgard4: anyway bug was still here and it's now fixed
  211. bullgard4 Asterix, thank you.
  212. Asterix bullgard4: you should have the fix in about 2 years now ;)
  213. bullgard4 :-)
  214. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [16217:63d0d2393b63]: don't crash when we get a wrong feature negotiation form don't crash when we get a wrong feature negotiation form • Changeset [16218:a7ce6e82a6e6]: fix sending zeroconf messages fix sending zeroconf messages
  215. Asterix It's now possible to log it to with a google account or a github one
  216. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [16219:b8382e8e3a57]: don't crash when we get a wrong feature negotiation form don't crash when we get a wrong feature negotiation form • Changeset [16220:27dc479797a7]: fix sending zeroconf messages fix sending zeroconf messages
  217. Asterix GN
  218. lovetox nice thanks Asterix