Gajim - 2016-11-23

  1. jsk SaltyBones?
  2. SaltyBones you're erik?
  3. jsk No
  4. SaltyBones ^^
  5. Link Mauve lovetox: something else that needs to be switched to GLib is dbus support, it comes for free in GtkApplication.
  6. lovetox yeah
  7. lovetox oplife, you have to downgrade protobuf to 2.6.1
  8. lovetox look at the wiki on github
  9. lovetox Link Mauve
  10. lovetox D-Bus is a message bus system, a simple way for applications to talk to one another. This module is heading towards planned deprecation. It will continue to be supported and API/ABI stable throughout the GNOME 2.x series, but we do not recommend using it in new applications unless you require functionality that has not already been moved elsewhere.
  11. lovetox oh its moved to here
  12. lovetox
  13. lovetox though i think this would be something more for linus :D
  14. lovetox my knowledge about linux and dbus is a bit limited :)
  15. lovetox
  16. lovetox hm to port to GMenu, this is a lot of work, because we cant build menus on "clicked" event of the menu itself anymore, every window like xmlconsole, or startchat has to have an account chooser combobox
  17. lovetox i think this is why menus dont work now in unity
  18. lovetox because when the menu is exported
  19. lovetox the application cant receive signals for it anymore
  20. lovetox so every submenu stays empty because we only build the menu on that signal
  21. lovetox this is a lot of work *sigh*
  22. lovetox but i will do this till the end of week !
  23. lovetox no, i start right now !
  24. arune lovetox: you are brave!
  25. SaltyBones ah tag in the repo corresponds to the released version, right?
  26. SaltyBones and the first part of the changeset is a counter?
  27. SaltyBones I am trying to figure out in when the OTR leak was fixed but I can't figure out how to match the commit to a version tag. Any hints? :)
  28. Asterix Link Mauve: your gnomekeyring patch break compatibiulity :/ all gnome keyring saved pw are not translated to libsecret :/
  29. Link Mauve Asterix, doesn’t recent gnome-keyring already do that automatically?
  30. Link Mauve I seem to have read that somewhere.
  31. Asterix Link Mauve: we save gnomekeyring: in our config file
  32. Asterix I just updated and started Gajim, and it told me that password was wrong
  33. Link Mauve Hmm, if you sed ^gnomekeyring: into secret:, does it work?
  34. mathieui Asterix, did you get the security issue email?
  35. Asterix yes and replied to it instantly
  36. Asterix hmm they must be stored differently becaus it doesn't
  37. Asterix it must be the gnomekeyring to libsecret migration that fails. The pw that is retrieved by libsecret is "gnomekeyring:"
  38. bot pushed commits to branch __ of _python-nbxmpp_ <>:
  39. Asterix hm??
  40. Marzanna Gajim counts corrected message as two (unread) messages. Is that normal behaviour?
  41. lovetox probably not intended
  42. lovetox but in reality a corrected message are 2 messages
  43. lovetox lets say its probably not a simple thing to change that without introducing new bugs :)
  44. lovetox and very little gain
  45. lovetox like you are the first that i heard found this out, i didnt know this until now
  46. Marzanna lovetox, :D
  47. lovetox :D
  48. lovetox i know for a fact if i mess with the notification system, i will introduce a new bug down the line
  49. lovetox :D
  50. Asterix gajim-plugins is now on
  51. Asterix work is neede for the wiki
  52. Asterix work is needed for the wiki
  53. Asterix arg showing LMC is still broken in default :/
  54. arune Great work with gitlab!
  55. Asterix only gajim itself remain. Will be the next step
  56. arune Big step
  57. lovetox nice, thanks asterix
  58. erik who was asking me about my msgmerge use, yesterday?
  59. kalkin Asterix: 😍 gold work with gitlab πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“
  60. kalkin Good
  61. kalkin lovetox: i think we could move omemo to official gajim-plugin repo this year
  62. kalkin (Me assumes that gitlab is mostly as good as github)
  63. lovetox yeah we only have to move the wiki
  64. lovetox and maybe make the github page to a mirror of the gitlab repo (github supports this i heard)
  65. lovetox and disable issue creating
  66. kalkin lovetox: yes
  67. kalkin It does
  68. johannes you could just take the current state of the hg-git mirror as a starting point for the gajim-git repo
  69. johannes looks like one needs to be more apache than something else to get the "mirrored from" line apache has, however, a post-recieve hook in gitlab + a matching repo description would probably do all that is needed in our cas
  70. lovetox johannes, the problem is not migrating git to hg, the problem is to transfer 400 issues and create accounts for the issue reporters
  71. lovetox *hg to git
  72. johannes well then you could provide the one thing first and add the complicated one later...
  73. lovetox one could, but it seems asterix wants to have it perfect :)
  74. johannes perfect is the enemy of done
  75. johannes And I hope gitlab has some oauth or another popular, federated identity system integrated and active or noone is going to register there as well...
  76. lovetox yes you can configure it for example for login with github accounts