Gajim - 2016-11-21

  1. SaltyBones is the archiving preferences window used yet?
  2. lovetox SaltyBones, there are two archiving preference windows
  3. lovetox one in gajim0.16 its for an older xep which is not in use much so you will not see the option for that often
  4. lovetox the other is the new archiving preference window, only in default branch
  5. lovetox but i dont think you can easily translate that
  6. lovetox or maybe, i dont know how good that merging of po files does work
  7. lovetox i will ask Asterix about it
  8. erik uses msgmerge to merge po files
  9. lovetox yeah we too :)
  10. lovetox so if i think about it, i guess just edit the default branch po files
  11. lovetox but we have to first make them new, because the newer uis are not in them i think
  12. lovetox Link Mauve, pushed
  13. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [16215:f6197b419a24]: Remove support for GNOME Keyring and KWalletCLI, instead always use … Remove support for GNOME Keyring and KWalletCLI, instead always use libsecret.
  14. sdelafond hi fellows
  15. sdelafond the Debian Security Team had a report of some security issue in gajim
  16. sdelafond the original reporter couldn't find a way to securely communicate the problem to gajim upstream, so he instead gpg-encrypted an email to us
  17. sdelafond how would you guys like this issue to be transferred to you ?
  18. lovetox maintainers email is:
  19. sdelafond lovetox: I can't find a GPG key for that email address though
  20. lovetox why has this to be encrypted?
  21. sdelafond it's a bad one
  22. sdelafond I mean, I'm happy to forward that report unencrypted, but it's a decision for you guys to make, not me :)
  23. mathieui sdelafond, it’s not CVE-2016-9107, right?
  24. sdelafond afaik it doesn't have a cve but let me check
  25. sdelafond mathieui: nope
  26. mathieui (just asking because that one is fairly recent)
  27. lovetox and already fixed mathieui
  28. mathieui lovetox, I know :)
  29. lovetox do you know if asterix uses gpg?
  30. lovetox on his mail
  31. sdelafond seems to be his
  32. mathieui lovetox, I don’t know :/
  33. sdelafond is there a way on your trac to open a private ticket ?
  34. sdelafond or am I better off gpg-encrypting an email to Yann Leboulanger <>
  35. lovetox try the gpg mail
  36. mathieui I think that would be better, yeah
  37. sdelafond all right
  38. lovetox i will remember that, and see if he got it :)
  39. lovetox thanks :)
  40. sdelafond lovetox: np
  41. sdelafond I'll idle in here until I get that confirmation
  42. mathieui thanks
  43. vorner It seems there are more and more discovered vulnerabilities recently, all over the place. Or am I just paying more attention to that?
  44. lovetox i think because people acitvely looking for it now
  45. lovetox and probably more knowledge on how to find vulnerabilites
  46. vorner I guess it's better they are found and fixed than rotting there, but seeing so many of them does make me uneasy. Where are the times when having a good door and a dog provided enough security.
  47. cuc those times are long gone.. :/
  48. SaltyBones hm...did anybody see my previous messages
  49. SaltyBones this one: "[11:32:51] ‎Oh, no rush. I am at work, too. :)" ?
  50. lovetox no saltybones
  51. jsk .
  52. jsk Aye
  53. jsk Does Gajim have themes?
  54. lovetox you can change some colors
  55. lovetox preference -> style
  56. Link Mauve jsk, you can use any GTK+ theme.
  57. jsk Ah kk
  58. jsk And is there a NSA backdoor in Gajim?
  59. lovetox it wouldnt be a good backdoor if everybody would know about it
  60. Holger "We could tell you, but we'd have to kill you."
  61. lovetox Im under a Gag Order, dont trust anything i say
  62. jsk Lol