Gajim - 2016-11-20

  1. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7818 (Gajim roster doesn't show some contacts) updated One of my accounts is refusing to connect, which used to connect just fine before. I am getting a similar message in the terminal: 05:05:09 (W) gajim.c.x.tls_nb Unable to load SSL certificates from file /usr/share/gajim/src 05:05:10 (W) gajim.c.x.tls_nb Unable to load SSL certificates from file /usr/share/gajim/[…]
  2. SaltyBones groans at vim clipboard usage again.
  3. SaltyBones For some reason poedit uses a version of vim that does not copy to the damn x clipboard
  4. SaltyBones anyway...
  5. mathieui poedit probably just uses $EDITOR
  6. SaltyBones "The file %(file)s has been fully received, but it seems to be wrongly " "received.\n" "Do you want to reload it?" Anybody got a clue what this means? Don't know how to translate it.
  7. SaltyBones Sounds like "received but not really"
  8. SaltyBones code doesn't really clear it up either
  9. SaltyBones if file_props.type_ == 'r':
  10. SaltyBones How do I request push right or submit a patch? (hg noob)
  11. kalkin SaltyBones: not sure what poedit is, but at least in Fedora you need vim-X11 and set clipboard=unnamedplus
  12. lovetox SaltyBones, you can export the patch from your hg
  13. lovetox and send the file
  14. lovetox for example upload it here to the channel with httpupload
  15. SaltyBones kalkin, yeah, I have that set but somehow accidentally set poedit to use a vim package without x support and then couldn't find where it had stored that.
  16. SaltyBones But setting $EDITOR helped.
  17. SaltyBones lovetox, I shall try...
  18. SaltyBones patch export [x]
  19. SaltyBones http upload... crap need to fix my server
  20. SaltyBones
  21. SaltyBones lazy solution for now :p
  22. SaltyBones lovetox, î
  23. SaltyBones
  24. SaltyBones anybody got a good unicode symbol input method?
  25. lovetox thanks for the work
  26. SaltyBones question
  27. SaltyBones maybe you don't know
  28. SaltyBones but how do I get this into default as well?
  29. lovetox the files are no different
  30. lovetox i will commit just to both branches
  31. lovetox i hope they are not differen ^^
  32. SaltyBones :)
  33. SaltyBones tries to check.
  34. lovetox i did notify the maintainer of the patch, hope he adds it in the next days, i never updated the translation
  35. SaltyBones there is a maintainer of a patch?
  36. SaltyBones O_o
  37. lovetox no of gajim
  38. lovetox hm the patch imports without problems into gajim_0.16
  39. lovetox but not into default, seems that its indeed different
  40. lovetox which is not good in my opinion..
  41. lovetox probably this can be merged somehow
  42. zak How is jingle file transfer from Gajim to Gajim? Should it work?
  43. zak I remember that it doesn't work stable, but don't know what the limitations are.
  44. lovetox should work :)
  45. lovetox i never tried it though
  46. SaltyBones what's a jingle?
  47. lovetox thats the name of the protocol
  48. lovetox files are transfered with it in xmpp
  49. lovetox its a negotiation mechanic on the terms of the transfer
  50. SaltyBones hm...okay
  51. lovetox its p2p
  52. lovetox zak i just tried
  53. lovetox and it works windows -> ubuntu
  54. zak very good
  55. lovetox with a small text file :)
  56. lovetox without proxys or anything fancy
  57. zak yes, I need to transfer a file >50MB, and the server doesn't allow that for http updload
  58. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [16214:2faa34b18a19]: Fixed typo and updated German translation Fixed typo and updated German translation
  59. zak so... please keep jingle code in Gajim. Better than nothing.
  60. lovetox i never intended to delete it
  61. lovetox but probably
  62. lovetox there should be something like in conversations
  63. lovetox try http upload for small files, if it doesnt work try jingle
  64. Link Mauve lovetox, Jingle isn’t necessarily p2p, it can also use various kinds of proxies or even in-band bytestream.
  65. Link Mauve lovetox, Conversations already does that, the fallback to Jingle.
  66. lovetox yeah i meant we need something similiar :)
  67. lovetox and jingle from gajim016 to default
  68. lovetox seems broken for me
  69. Link Mauve Using which transport, which application?
  70. lovetox i dont know, i just click on file transfer in gajim
  71. lovetox i cant chose anything
  72. lovetox i mean gajim016 -> default
  73. lovetox a file transfer between each branches
  74. Roland I've 0.16.6 installed under Win10. Why there is no "chatrooms" section in roster?
  75. lovetox did you set the chatroom to minimze on close?
  76. Roland How can I set a chatroom to minimize on close. I've set german language. In chatroom settings there is a flag "minimize on automatic join". I set it but no change.
  77. lovetox click the option button in the chatwindow
  78. lovetox if you set this option, its only for this particular chatroom
  79. lovetox and you will only see the chatroom in the roster if you close the window
  80. lovetox otherwise it should be in your taskbar
  81. Roland Thanks, now the chatroom is in the rooster when it is closed.
  82. rhn hello
  83. rhn can anyone tell me how to get rid of extra spaces after sent messages in 0.16.6?
  84. rhn I noticed that now I'm sending <p> tags which add unnecessary spaces on both ends
  85. kalkin rhn: do you have otr enabled?
  86. Link Mauve rhn, disable OTR.
  87. kalkin Link Mauve: lol
  88. rhn hm, I'll try
  89. Link Mauve Asterix, hi, I recently wrote a patch to remove support for gnome-shell and kwalletcli, both have been deprecated for years, you can see it here:
  90. Link Mauve Other people have been uneasy to apply it because it removes features.
  91. rhn how to disable OTR properly? I deactivated and uninstalled the plugin, but I'm still getting "toggle end-to-end encryption" option in chat properties
  92. mathieui that’s different
  93. kalkin rhn: I think this the S2S enceyption
  94. kalkin rhn: I think this the S2S encryption
  95. mathieui no
  96. mathieui it’s and old spec
  97. mathieui it’s an old spec
  98. rhn in that case, OTR didn't work for fixing the extra spaces issue
  99. rhn is there anything else I can try?
  100. Asterix Link Mauve: I'm not against that. README should be updated too
  101. Asterix in default only of course
  102. Link Mauve Oh, I forgot about the README, I’ll amend that commit.
  103. Link Mauve Thanks.
  104. Link Mauve Asterix,
  105. Asterix nice. No time to get it and commit it for now. I'll try to keep that in mind if you don't commit it
  106. Link Mauve Ok.
  107. Link Mauve It’s already commited, it only needs someone with push access to do it, I can ask someone else like lovetox when he’s back.
  108. Link Mauve Thanks. :)
  109. SaltyBones just to mention
  110. SaltyBones it's not a great ideat to localize the names of languages
  111. SaltyBones because how are you going to switch if you cannot understand the names :)
  112. Link Mauve General practice is to localise them into their own language.
  113. SaltyBones Yeah, that would make more sense...
  114. Link Mauve Where are you seeing that?
  115. SaltyBones in the translation file
  116. SaltyBones but maybe it's unused or used for something else...