Gajim - 2016-11-19

  1. lovetox Link Mauve
  2. lovetox did you have time to test the new tooltip
  3. Link Mauve Ah, let’s do that. :)
  4. Link Mauve You didn’t change anything since the last time?
  5. lovetox no but i did send two links
  6. Link Mauve lovetox, works perfectly, thanks!
  7. lovetox you are testing the roster?
  8. Link Mauve Yes.
  9. lovetox k nice :)
  10. Link Mauve The tooltips are placed at the expected place, they are not popping from anywhere on the screen, etc.
  11. lovetox i have to change one thing, i init the gtk.window, with super().__init__
  12. lovetox i should do it with Gtk.Window.init
  13. lovetox because on ubuntu it tells me this is deprecated
  14. lovetox and to be honest i dont know the difference :D
  15. Link Mauve There are so many deprecation warnings here… ^^'
  16. lovetox yeah but i hope that one is gone
  17. lovetox ./home/lovetox/gajim/src/ DeprecationWarning: Gdk.DeviceManager.get_client_pointer is deprecated device = self.tree.get_window().get_display().get_device_manager().\
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  19. lovetox Link Mauve do you work with GTK?
  20. Link Mauve Sometimes, yes.
  21. Link Mauve More GLib than GTK+.
  22. lovetox so are you familiar with the fairley new CSS stuff ?
  23. lovetox because i get how to load a css and provide it to a widget on creation
  24. lovetox but i dont get how i modify one property of that widget at runtime, like with the press of a button change the background
  25. lovetox im not even able to reload the css file, because i cant manipulate it from gtk ..
  26. Link Mauve No, never did that.
  27. lovetox hm maybe i ask on stackoverflow
  28. lovetox or it theere something like a gtk xmpp channel
  29. Link Mauve lovetox,
  30. lovetox hm yeah thanks but doesnt help much :/
  31. Link Mauve Basically you define .stuff { … } in your CSS, and then set and unset classes on your elements.
  32. lovetox oh ok
  33. Link Mauve Anyway, time to eat some crêpes, see you. \o_
  34. mathieui crepês*
  35. lovetox but this still needs predefined classes in the css
  36. lovetox what if want something like a colorchoser, a user choses a color and i want to set it on the widget