Gajim - 2016-11-18

  1. jubalh What Kind of encryption?
  2. Holger jubalh: XEP-0116.
  3. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [16210:2f47c7e8a9c0]: Create GCTooltip window only when parent is available Create GCTooltip window only when parent is available
  4. SaltyBones fyi: the "remember my decision" thing on the MitM warning does not work
  5. SaltyBones new gajim installed
  6. SaltyBones a bleeding edge hg build!
  7. SaltyBones Can somebody recommend a python ide like thingy that works well for gajim? What do YOU use?
  8. johannes I guess IntelliJ Ultimate or maybe also Community can be recommended
  9. SaltyBones it's friday...i'll even try intellij :p
  10. Link Mauve SaltyBones, I personally use vim, without anything special targetting Python.
  11. Link Mauve And generally helpers like cython, pyflakes, pylint, etc.
  12. SaltyBones Link Mauve, got somethingtags working?
  13. SaltyBones Because I also use bare vim right now and I am so sick of grepping and opening files and blablabla...
  14. Link Mauve ctags?
  15. Link Mauve I don’t mind grep, sorry.
  16. SaltyBones Yeah, I mean there are a couple of flavors and you need a good tag generator, etc....
  17. Link Mauve Try jedi.
  18. SaltyBones alrighty
  19. cippaciong vaguely related
  20. sofa hi
  21. sofa I just wanted to report back two issues I have with gajim quite regularly:
  22. sofa 1. sometimes gajim asks me to upgrade the OMEMO plugin. usually I agree and I click "Install/upgrade" in the update/upgrade dialog and then forget about it. hours or days later, I restart the client -> OMEMO is magically disabled and I'm trying to chat with people with unencrypted messages
  23. sofa this seems like an oversight since why would a user not want to use the plugin anymore after explicitly agreeing to upgrade it? since especially for encryption it can mean accidentally sending things unencrypted, it'd be nice if it was fixed/addressed
  24. sofa 2. 50% of the time when I suspend my laptop for a longer amount of time and wake it up again, gajim will be completely frozen and I need to kill it and restart it
  25. sofa oh and there's also another small UX problem: 3. if gajim shows me as offline and I'm clicking the status box and choosing "Available", I get absolutely no feedback that it is doing something and also no feedback when it failed (except that after a while, still nothing happens) and when I would need to try again
  26. SaltyBones the 0.16 branch in hg doesn't have the patch for the new syntax of octal that something that should be fixed in that branch or not?
  27. SaltyBones s/octal modes/octal numbers/
  28. Link Mauve SaltyBones, isn’t that only for 3.x?
  29. SaltyBones you mean does it work in 2.something?
  30. SaltyBones then yes, it does
  31. SaltyBones but the old 0770 doesn't work in 3
  32. SaltyBones or are you saying I should running gajim with python 2?
  33. SaltyBones
  34. Link Mauve SaltyBones, the gajim_0.16 branch is exclusively for python2, the default branch exclusively for python3.
  35. Link Mauve There is no dual-language support in either, that’d be way too much work.
  36. SaltyBones ah ok
  37. SaltyBones fixes his launcher skript.
  38. lovetox sofa these are known issues
  39. lovetox on every upgrade from a plugin you have to reactivate
  40. lovetox is your laptop a windows laptop?
  41. SaltyBones so I was trying to be a total boy scout and add some translations
  42. SaltyBones but gajim isn't picking up on them...could it be using the translation files from a local install?
  43. SaltyBones (I have package management install + hg)
  44. Link Mauve SaltyBones, you have to install them for them to be effective, yes.
  45. Link Mauve I don’t remember why it was done so, but I don’t have the time right now to find the instructions on how to use the repository ones.
  46. Link Mauve Look into how gettext handles that.
  47. SaltyBones hm...maybe there is a configure option or something to set a path
  48. SaltyBones Link Mauve, thx
  49. Link Mauve I don’t think so, but you can probably tell gettext at runtime where to find the mo files.
  50. Link Mauve Btw, have you correctly compiled the po files into mo?
  51. SaltyBones uhm..dunno..I used make :)
  52. SaltyBones i verified that my change were picked up in po/.intltool-merge-cache
  53. SaltyBones bleagh
  54. lovetox which branch are you using now?
  55. SaltyBones 0.16 right now
  56. SaltyBones this has something on the matter
  57. SaltyBones but doesn't look like I can customize it to do what I want
  58. lovetox i think there is a wiki on
  59. lovetox
  60. lovetox Or if you want to update an existing file: edit po/XX.po file (we recommend with a simple editor) and update the translation send us the new file so we update it into Gajim on the mailing list:
  61. lovetox should be pretty easy
  62. lovetox ..
  63. Link Mauve So change the call to bindgettextdomain in Gajim.
  64. Link Mauve So change the call to bindtextdomain in Gajim.
  65. Link Mauve It seems it’s already done in the “if == 'nt':” in, just do it in the other one too.
  66. Link Mauve Actually you could even just remove that condition, SaltyBones.
  67. lovetox is there a way to make translations for python like with transifex?
  68. Link Mauve lovetox, Transifex is just a web UI for gettext.
  69. lovetox em, yeah but other programs can have the translation strings in xml
  70. lovetox and dont have to compile anything
  71. lovetox i think
  72. lovetox also changes can easily be tracked
  73. SaltyBones Link Mauve, I though about it but I assumed nt was windows which I do not have and I didn't find any other calls to it...
  74. Link Mauve lovetox, in which way is gettext’s po file an issue?
  75. lovetox you tell me, why SaltyBones, cant just open the file in the editor and translate the strings?
  76. SaltyBones actually I can, that part is fine...the problem is getting gajim to use the files
  77. SaltyBones which is at least somewhat orthogonal
  78. lovetox you mean gajim doesnt use the file?, so what if you delete the file, is the translation still there?
  79. lovetox not everything is translated through that file
  80. lovetox for example buttons etc
  81. lovetox this is GTK translated, gajim doesnt do that
  82. lovetox for most standard buttons
  83. SaltyBones I suppose I could delete the file from the pkg manager...
  84. SaltyBones tries.
  85. lovetox oem .. just go to the directory and rename the folder
  86. lovetox why would you mess with the package manager
  87. SaltyBones because the self-built gajim uses the translation file from /usr/share/bla...?
  88. SaltyBones and I can just replace the file there to make it do what I want...pretty hacky of course
  89. lovetox ahh i get the problem now, hg uses another dir
  90. SaltyBones I don't know I don't even install the hg version I run it from the build dir using the launcher script.
  91. SaltyBones but yeah it would probably be in /usr/local/share/locale/....
  92. lovetox there is nothing to install
  93. lovetox you just run the python programm
  94. Link Mauve SaltyBones, nt is indeed Windows, just remove that check and it should pick your newer mo files.
  95. SaltyBones Link Mauve, you mean remove the check and change the DIR?
  96. Link Mauve Remove the if, DIR should be fine I think.
  97. SaltyBones lovetox, but it comes with a make install
  98. lovetox hm i dont actually know what that does :D
  99. lovetox probably exactly the thing we looking for
  100. lovetox creating and moving the po files in the correct dir
  101. SaltyBones I think it will do everything including creating a gajim executable in PATH....
  102. SaltyBones which is why I'm not using it because I want that to be stable version
  103. lovetox so
  104. lovetox just edit the po file
  105. lovetox compile it
  106. lovetox and move it to where the file is in the stable version
  107. lovetox then start the stable version :)
  108. SaltyBones yeah, that works but now I am overwriting the translation files for the stable version...and I don't care so it's fine but it's not pretty ;)
  109. lovetox its only translation ..
  110. lovetox :)
  111. SaltyBones I don't even have to starte the stable version, the hg version uses the same files. Which is actually important because the stable version doesn't have all the strings. ;)
  112. SaltyBones Link Mauve, I tried, it doesn't start. "unsupported locale setting"
  113. Link Mauve SaltyBones, remove the os.environ stuff.
  114. SaltyBones are you guessing? :)
  115. SaltyBones because it also wants to use intl.dll which...I'm not surprised it cannot find ^^
  116. lovetox i dont get what you want to achive? i thought you wanted to edit translation files and use them
  117. SaltyBones nothing important, just a cleaner solution to the same problem
  118. lovetox you want to use 2 versions of gajim with different translation directorys?
  119. SaltyBones yes
  120. lovetox then just change the path to the translation files in the hg version
  121. SaltyBones easier said than done
  122. SaltyBones I welcome all suggestions :)
  123. Link Mauve SaltyBones, wut, you are only removing line 85, right?
  124. Link Mauve The intl lines are commented out here.
  125. Link Mauve Are you sure you are on the default branch?
  126. lovetox no he is on 0.16
  127. SaltyBones Link Mauve, no, right now I'm on 016
  128. lovetox he said that before
  129. Link Mauve Ah, sorry, I’m still working on work…
  130. SaltyBones np, sorry
  131. SaltyBones I'll get to default in time. x)
  132. Link Mauve I hope there won’t be any more release of 0.16 and default will be released soon.
  133. lovetox where the fuck is the path to the mo dir
  134. lovetox it has to be hardcoded somewhere
  135. Link Mauve I started looking at the Gstreamer issue last weekend, but didn’t get to anything.
  136. lovetox for what is that for the video thing?
  137. Link Mauve Audio and video.
  138. SaltyBones lovetox, it's a system wide thing that depends on your locale and involve this whole gettext mess ;)
  139. lovetox that has to go, nobody has time to maintain that, and other application make that way better
  140. SaltyBones lovetox, you think video support in general should go or gstreamer?
  141. lovetox video/audio support in general
  142. Link Mauve lovetox, wat, why would you remove features which work?
  143. lovetox it does not work
  144. Link Mauve It sure does.
  145. lovetox not even in 0.16
  146. lovetox not for me
  147. Link Mauve And some colleagues are working on WebRTC support atm.
  148. lovetox for gajim?
  149. Link Mauve It works for me.
  150. Link Mauve For farstream.
  151. lovetox and what does that bring gajim?
  152. lovetox are you implementing that?
  153. lovetox i bet there are even greater technologies that are invtented
  154. Link Mauve That brings interoperability with web clients without needing anything server-side.
  155. Link Mauve (Like Jitsi Meet’s server part.)
  156. Link Mauve (What is it called again, video bridge?)
  157. lovetox i know, but not for gajim if nobody implements it
  158. Link Mauve Right.
  159. lovetox so if your opinion that every feature has to work, until default can be released
  160. lovetox i think the day will never come :)
  161. lovetox jitsi lacks vital xeps
  162. Link Mauve What else is not working? So far I count Avahi support and Jingle video support.
  163. Link Mauve Jingle audio already works on default.
  164. lovetox thats how demanding it is to keep that audio/video thing going
  165. lovetox they dont have time for something else
  166. lovetox We need a whole new notifications system
  167. Link Mauve Err, no, their audio/video part is working fine, since even before they started moving to XMPP.
  168. lovetox Status icons do not work on most system
  169. Link Mauve Ah right, I don’t have a system bar so I never noticed that. ^^
  170. lovetox then sometime someone should look at jingle file transfer, i guess there are things to improve
  171. lovetox standby/wakeup, gajim has problems with that
  172. lovetox plugins like httpupload, imageprieviewer still lack features, and should maybe implemented in gajim directly
  173. lovetox at least httpupload i dont see a reason to keep that as a plugin
  174. Link Mauve It’s still a hack, tbh.
  175. Link Mauve Jingle file transfer is much more useful.
  176. lovetox the chatcontrol needs to be reworked (i dont already most of that), so we can show on each message if it was encrypted or not
  177. lovetox to make it possible to inject messages in the correct positions
  178. lovetox when we query mam when the window is open
  179. lovetox to show history in the chatwindow when scrolled to top
  180. lovetox all that are things have for me more gain and priority, then making a new skype client
  181. Link Mauve You mean Skype support?
  182. Link Mauve That should stay in transports imo.
  183. SaltyBones no he meant making an alternative
  184. lovetox no i mean a audio/video feature
  185. Link Mauve It was something people seemed to absolutely want before 0.14.
  186. SaltyBones now the bloody msgmerge -U doesn't work either because this poedit thing somehow inserts empty messages if they get to long
  187. SaltyBones dafuq
  188. Link Mauve They would all jump to XMPP the day it would work.
  189. SaltyBones I certainly would love a way to ditch skype. Doesn't even have to be xmpp. :p
  190. lovetox i just want to be in something excellent, and not focus on 20 things at the same time
  191. Link Mauve I haven’t installed it even once in my life, I have no contact who’s using it.
  192. Link Mauve lovetox, I think fixing usability issues on default like you’ve done recently is a very good first step for that.
  193. lovetox yeah and i dont want to remove audio/video code, but i dont want to hold us back when at the current time no one has time to maintain it
  194. SaltyBones lovetox, it might be a good idea to add a big "experimental feature" warning.
  195. Link Mauve lovetox, that’s why I started looking into how to support it properly, also on Wayland.
  196. Link Mauve SaltyBones, audio/video support has been around since 0.14, you can hardly say it’s experimental.
  197. SaltyBones Link Mauve, well I haven't done any testing or heard anything I just concluded from the sample that you two just provided that it doesn't work reliably ;)
  198. Link Mauve So far it’s always been working reliably for me, not sure why.
  199. lovetox i probably does, i never bothered to really get it working
  200. lovetox also i have no webcam
  201. lovetox :/
  202. Link Mauve You should still be able to use audio-only, or the fake video source.
  203. SaltyBones Link Mauve, does it work on windows? >:)
  204. Link Mauve AFAIK audio-only.
  205. SaltyBones right, so I can't figure out how to use msgmerge...
  206. SaltyBones bloody hell I didn't expect translating to be this hard x)
  207. SaltyBones I think I may have misunderstood what this does. :p
  208. Link Mauve SaltyBones, make should be enough.
  209. Link Mauve I don’t think you should do anything else.
  210. SaltyBones well if you edit the actual po files
  211. SaltyBones but the translation site has something about creating copies and using msgmerge -U
  212. SaltyBones which I misunderstood as a process to merge my changes into the other files
  213. SaltyBones and I'm not sure what it is doing but that's not it :p
  214. lovetox
  215. lovetox Link Mauve
  216. lovetox please test this, should work importing onto tip
  217. Link Mauve Thanks, please remind me tonight when I’ll be back from work.
  218. lovetox sadly i have to go to work at night for the next days :/
  219. lovetox but i drop you a message :)
  220. lovetox
  221. lovetox forgot to add the ui file into the patch ^^