Gajim - 2016-11-17

  1. Link Mauve lovetox, I was looking at the reason why I have an empty line in the View menu in the roster, it’s because the “Show Roster” item I can see in the GtkBuilder file isn’t displayed.
  2. lovetox hm
  3. lovetox i dont have that also
  4. lovetox i have Show offline contacts
  5. lovetox show active contacts
  6. lovetox transports
  7. lovetox file transfer
  8. lovetox history
  9. Link Mauve It should be in fourth position, before the separator.
  10. lovetox ah i think you are in a different mode than i
  11. lovetox what window behaviour do you have in preferences?
  12. Link Mauve What is that?
  13. Link Mauve Oh btw, for my crash when I open the preferences window, it’s “fixed” if I remove the gstpulse Gstreamer plugin.
  14. lovetox ok
  15. lovetox the question is
  16. lovetox when under which conditions
  17. lovetox does the menu entry Show Roster even exist
  18. Link Mauve No idea. :)
  19. Link Mauve I don’t even use that software. :p
  20. lovetox :D
  21. lovetox if you go to preferences
  22. lovetox there is combobox
  23. Link Mauve Grep for show_roster_menuitem if you want to see where it’s used.
  24. lovetox window behaviour
  25. Link Mauve “Detached roster with single chat” currently.
  26. lovetox # Hide the show roster menu if we are not in the right windowing mode.
  27. lovetox maybe they changed something in gtk and we cant just use hide() anymore
  28. lovetox on a menu item
  29. Link Mauve Maybe.
  30. SaltyBones Is it possible to turn of join/quit messages in mucs?
  31. SaltyBones set the topic to test
  32. arune SaltyBones: yes, there's a config parameter in the advanced config editor
  33. arune I think you'll find it if you filter for print
  34. SaltyBones print_status_in_muc set to none
  35. SaltyBones let's see
  36. SaltyBones seems to work
  37. SaltyBones thanks!
  38. jubalh ‎[09:24:52 PM] ‎This session is encrypted and WILL be logged ‎[09:24:52 PM] ‎Remote contact's identity not verified. Click the shield button for more details
  39. jubalh can somebody tell me how this message can happen when i removed those otr and omemo plugins?
  40. jubalh what in the world is then encrypting?
  41. lovetox jubalh
  42. lovetox gajim itself has encryption inbuild
  43. lovetox to deactivate it disable "autonegotiate_esessions" and "enable_esessions" for the account
  44. lovetox in the ACE