Gajim - 2016-11-16

  1. LogicalDash I'd like to run Gajim on Linux Mint 18 but it freezes the entire OS whenever I run it. Nothing much even shows up in the traceback.
  2. LogicalDash I've tried 0.16.5, 0.16.6, nightly, and git master
  3. LogicalDash It doesn't freeze right away, things get slow until I can't even kill the process
  4. LogicalDash How could I get more information on why gajim is freezing my system?
  5. Link Mauve LogicalDash, maybe start with looking at a system monitor, like htop?
  6. Link Mauve See if it doesn’t use too much memory or if it doesn’t create many processes or something.
  7. LogicalDash can i make htop log to a file
  8. LogicalDash for when my display freezes
  9. Link Mauve Oh hmm, do you have another computer you could ssh from?
  10. LogicalDash My phone, I guess?
  11. Link Mauve Maybe that won’t help, but it could.
  12. Link Mauve Yeah.
  13. mathieui you could also try another client and see if dubious things happen as well
  14. LogicalDash I suspect it's related to the broke-ass video drivers
  15. LogicalDash maybe i should try with nouveau...
  16. LogicalDash brb
  17. LogicalDash nope, nothing to do with the driver
  18. LogicalDash I'm here in Pidgin on the computer in question, so it's doing nothing amiss
  19. spicewiesel hi all. Is it possible to place the roster to the right in a "single-window-for-everything"?
  20. Link Mauve spicewiesel, yes, look in the ACE (Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Advanced configuration editor), and set roster_on_the_right to True.
  21. Link Mauve … I think.
  22. spicewiesel that option does not exist and I already searched for roster and right and similar words :D
  23. Link Mauve Weird, it exists here.
  24. spicewiesel I am on 0.16.6
  25. lovetox i dont have that option aswell link mauve
  26. Link Mauve I haven’t tried in Gajim, but I definitely have it in my ~/.config/gajim/config.
  27. lovetox its in the default branch
  28. lovetox spicewiesel, do you use any plugins?
  29. spicewiesel Link Mauve, is it boolean?
  30. Link Mauve I also have it in the ACE.
  31. Link Mauve spicewiesel, yes.
  32. Link Mauve lovetox, btw, any reason for the View menu to have a blank item at the end?
  33. lovetox i dont have blank item there ^^
  34. lovetox last one should be History
  35. spicewiesel I just tried to set it in the config, but it did not work :)
  36. lovetox spicewiesel, its only in default branch the setting
  37. lovetox are you using any plugins right now?
  38. Link Mauve lovetox, yes, I have one after History.
  39. spicewiesel lovetox, yes. clients-icons, HttpUpload, OMEMO and url-image-previewer
  40. lovetox hm then you cant switch to default branch :/
  41. spicewiesel then I will have to live without the single window :)
  42. arune Or live with single window and roster on left 😬
  43. lovetox GC Roster tooltip is pushed
  44. lovetox i start now on the normal Roster tooltips, Link Mauve :)
  45. lovetox i will free you from the pain of deprecated messages and random spawning tooltips :D
  46. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [16208:c44805f8d96b]: Refactor GC Roster tooltip Refactor GC Roster tooltip
  47. Link Mauve lovetox, woohoo! :)
  48. LogicalDash I am no closer to understanding why gajim freezes my computer
  49. Link Mauve LogicalDash, did you get any hint from ssh?
  50. LogicalDash Link Mauve: only that the SSH server freezes at the same time as everything else
  51. LogicalDash Is there some logging feature I could use? Log to a file? I think that might survive the crash, what with journaling and all
  52. Link Mauve Ow, so probably a kernel issue.
  53. Link Mauve So it happens only with Gajim?
  54. LogicalDash Yeah Gajim's the only thing I've observed this behavior in
  55. LogicalDash Hmm maybe I could use python's trace library
  56. Link Mauve LogicalDash, oh, just remembered that bug!
  57. Link Mauve Are you on Ubuntu and running that module?
  58. LogicalDash what module? there are several in the trace in that bug page
  59. Link Mauve brcm stuff.
  60. LogicalDash I do have a Broadcom card
  61. LogicalDash It's pretty common in laptops...
  62. LogicalDash Well, I added myself to the people affected
  63. Link Mauve Try the workaround in comment #9.
  64. Link Mauve If it works please report it to your vendor instead.
  65. LogicalDash I guess you mean ubuntu?
  66. Link Mauve I’d say your proprietary driver.
  67. Link Mauve The one that trivially allows your whole system to be taken down by any user program.
  68. LogicalDash There *is* alternative driver available
  69. LogicalDash Ok, everything's working now
  70. Link Mauve Great. :)
  71. Link Mauve But remember that any program can take advantage of this vulnerability.
  72. LogicalDash That /proc bug has been around for like a year with no activity, what the hell
  73. Link Mauve Yeah, that’s astonishing…
  74. lovetox Link Mauve
  75. Link Mauve lovetox
  76. lovetox oh my fucking god, there is SO MUCH in the roster tooltip :D
  77. Link Mauve Right.
  78. lovetox its like 300 lines of code or more :D
  79. Link Mauve lovetox, btw, could you review/push and please?
  80. lovetox yeah of course
  81. Link Mauve lovetox, maybe you’ll need to rebase them, though.
  82. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [16209:dcdd99cdc1e7]: Remove the SRV feature, since the switch to Gio it’s always enabled. Remove the SRV feature, since the switch to Gio it’s always enabled.
  83. lovetox i test the libsecret patch on ubuntu these days
  84. lovetox and inform asterix, those kind of patches that remove stuff, i dont want to do it without some form of consensus :)
  85. Link Mauve In this case it’s pretty safe.
  86. Link Mauve The two alternatives were legacy already.