Gajim - 2016-11-14

  1. arune treaki_: the hexcode after hash are the encryption key
  2. treaki_ arune, and what encryption algorythm should i use if it is a symetric encryption key?
  3. treaki_ and how can i do that using debian gnu/linux
  4. treaki_ where is the documentation about this procedure?
  5. treaki_ or is there maybe a browser user script which would detect those keys behind a hash behin a url that would decrypt it in browser?
  6. lovetox treaki_, gajim doesnt support decrypting files yet
  7. lovetox on linux you could add this
  8. lovetox
  9. lovetox its called image downloader but does files aswell
  10. lovetox you can tell gajim to open links with this java programm
  11. lovetox just put the path in "custombrowser" setting of gajim
  12. treaki lovetox: thanks ill try that when i find time
  13. treaki it would be grate if gajim would get the ability to decrypt files
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