Gajim - 2016-11-13

  1. lovetox haha i like his suggestion
  2. lovetox move to gtk3 before the stretch release
  3. lovetox :D
  4. lovetox like its a one hour job
  5. Link Mauve lovetox, btw, please review ef94ded683c7 from
  6. Link Mauve (Speaking of gtk3 migration.)
  7. lovetox ok, i hope i have time tomorrow
  8. lovetox thanks
  9. lovetox please dont rework any other tooltips, i have a patch for the other ones already that uses more newer gtk technics to show tooltips (for example GC contacts)
  10. lovetox this tooltip was broken or?
  11. lovetox i never saw it
  12. Link Mauve Martin, oh, Gajim seems to already support libsecret.
  13. Link Mauve I guess we can just remove support for GNOME-Keyring and for KWallet then, since any recent version of those will be available from dbus through libsecret.
  14. Link Mauve lovetox, you remember the bug where tooltips were shown anywhere on the screen?
  15. lovetox yes
  16. Link Mauve I actually wanted to fix the roster one in priority, but this one was using a similar technique and looked much simpler, so I went for this one first.
  17. lovetox i think its because gajim calculates where to put the tooltip window, and doesnt let gtk decide
  18. Link Mauve Yep, that’s stupid and shouldn’t be done that way.
  19. Link Mauve Since Gajim can’t know where it is positioned or anything.
  20. lovetox i know, i have a patch where we use the "query-tooltip" event that gtk triggers
  21. Link Mauve Great. :)
  22. Link Mauve That was exactly what I was going to do.
  23. Link Mauve Did you say you were working on that anywhere on trac? I haven’t seen any bug report so I assumed it was safe to work on it.
  24. lovetox i will review your patch, and add the last little details to mine, so then it should work for you
  25. Link Mauve Perfect, thanks!
  26. lovetox i started to look into it because you had that problem
  27. lovetox and then i saw that gtk provides a much easier and cleaner way of doing this
  28. lovetox so i started to rework the GC roster list
  29. lovetox actually one moment
  30. lovetox i upload it for you to test
  31. lovetox
  32. Link Mauve At least for this one tooltip though, my solution should be even better than using query-tooltip, fyi.
  33. lovetox i hope you can apply it
  34. lovetox yeah i didnt work on that anyway, i only reworked the GC roster one :)
  35. lovetox i have not enough time that i would trash a patch you made to do it myself again (probably worse :D )
  36. Link Mauve Haha, it crashed with “(gajim:23355): Gdk-WARNING **: Error 71 (Protocol error) dispatching to Wayland display.” :D
  37. lovetox :/
  38. Link Mauve [2295594.324] wl_display@1.error(wl_subcompositor@5, 0, "Cannot assign role wl_subsurface to wl_surface@35, already has role xdg_toplevel
  39. lovetox hm probably has something to do with the tooltip window
  40. lovetox maybe that
  41. lovetox self.set_type_hint(Gdk.WindowTypeHint.TOOLTIP)
  42. lovetox doesnt work correctly for days
  43. lovetox its sooo slow
  44. lovetox On Wayland, this function can also be used to attach a new GTK_WINDOW_POPUP to a GTK_WINDOW_TOPLEVEL parent already mapped on screen so that the GTK_WINDOW_POPUP will be created as a subsurface-based window GDK_WINDOW_SUBSURFACE which can be positioned at will relatively to the GTK_WINDOW_TOPLEVEL surface.
  45. lovetox i think i have to do this different for wayland
  46. Link Mauve It works fine from here, but I’ll let my colleagues know, thanks.
  47. Link Mauve ( I mean.)
  48. lovetox i think wayland and gtk popups are not the best friends
  49. lovetox Another problem with the GTK+ APIs around override-redirect windows is that Wayland does not give clients access to window positions, so the positioning callbacks that are used e.g. in gtk_menu_popup() won't work anymore.
  50. Link Mauve They actually are, they recently redesigned a lot of things internally to make it work properly everywhere.
  51. lovetox yeah but is this true also for older gtk version?
  52. Link Mauve Older versions won’t run Wayland.
  53. lovetox no i mean
  54. lovetox 3.18
  55. lovetox for example
  56. lovetox or something like this
  57. Link Mauve I use 3.22, btw.
  58. lovetox i know
  59. Link Mauve But no, if you use GTK+ 3.18 on a Wayland compositor it will use Xwayland instead.
  60. Link Mauve But no, if you use GTK+ 3.18 on a modern Wayland compositor it will use Xwayland instead.
  61. lovetox i think the problem is we use the mouse pointer as a reference to position the window
  62. lovetox and how we get the mouse position
  63. lovetox is deprecated in 3.22
  64. Link Mauve They changed from xdg_shell v5 to xdg_shell v6 for GTK+ 3.22, so you need compositor support for that.
  65. lovetox and i think this partly because this whole thing is redesigned
  66. Link Mauve Yep, you don’t need to use the mouse position at all.
  67. lovetox depends, for this patch i send you, the tooltip followed the mouse
  68. lovetox it was only a fun thing, look what we can do
  69. lovetox i will change that
  70. Link Mauve It isn’t consistent with most UI guidelines, you should avoid that. :)
  71. Link Mauve Btw I’m almost done axing support for gnome-keyring and kwallet.
  72. lovetox will this work on most linux systems?
  73. lovetox i mean libsecret
  74. Link Mauve No, only those with a service providing password storage, like GNOME or KDE.
  75. lovetox whats with unity?
  76. Link Mauve And only those from after 2012.
  77. Link Mauve No idea, they probably use GNOME’s too, I don’t have anything to test with.
  78. lovetox hm k i have ubunutu in a vm i will test it if i have time
  79. Link Mauve But what I’m removing is explicit support for legacy GNOME 2.x and KDE 3.x mechanisms.
  80. lovetox ah k
  81. lovetox i dont think we need this in default
  82. lovetox if someone runs gnome 2, he can use gajim016
  83. Link Mauve You can use secret-tool to try, btw.
  84. Link Mauve Yes, exactly.
  85. Link Mauve lovetox, please test 78d6ae9fc240 on the same repository.
  86. Link Mauve It should work as is on GNOME and KDE at least, most likely Ubuntu too.
  87. lovetox yeah thanks, but tomorrow im going to sleep now :)
  88. Link Mauve Sure.
  89. Link Mauve Good night. :)
  90. Link Mauve Btw for KDE it was 2011, in 4.8, when they introduced KSecretService.
  91. Link Mauve lovetox, oh also in your patch, whenever I move the pointer I get: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/linkmauve/packages/gajim-hg/src/gajim-hg/src/", line 530, in query_tooltip row, col, x, y = self.list_treeview.get_path_at_pos(x_pos, y_pos) TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable
  92. Link Mauve After having installed gnome-keyring I can confirm it works fine.
  93. Link Mauve Martin, so, there is nothing else to do than to apply that patch ( to make Gajim stop using gnome-keyring and kwalletcli. :)
  94. Link Mauve You can already remove the dependency in your current package, since it will always fallback on libsecret if gnome-keyring isn’t available.
  95. Link Mauve Oops, fixed here:
  96. lovetox
  97. lovetox try that for my tooltip patch
  98. lovetox maybe it doesnt crash now
  99. lovetox Link Mauve :)
  100. Link Mauve Works fine!
  101. lovetox ha seriously?
  102. lovetox nice
  103. Link Mauve It still starts at a random position, but then follows the pointer.
  104. Link Mauve Imo you should remove support for that feature.
  105. lovetox it was never a feature
  106. Link Mauve Or make it the default everywhere.
  107. lovetox i just tryed what i could do with the new event
  108. Link Mauve Heh. :)
  109. lovetox i never plan to make this into default
  110. lovetox i let gtk decide where to place the tooltip
  111. lovetox less code, less problems
  112. Link Mauve Yup.
  113. lovetox so i learned you have to set a transient for a window right in the init
  114. Link Mauve It’s actually not at a random position though.
  115. lovetox for wayland to work
  116. lovetox its the position gtk decideds
  117. lovetox then i move it to mousepointer
  118. lovetox you cant change that actually, you cant supply gtk with wish coordinates
  119. Link Mauve Oh, it’s at the perfect position initially, I can see it more clearly if I make the participants list very large.
  120. Link Mauve I got this error when I closed the groupchat window though: Gtk:ERROR:gtkrbtree.c:471:_gtk_rbtree_insert_after: assertion failed: (_gtk_rbtree_is_nil (tree->root))
  121. Link Mauve And then it aborted.
  122. lovetox yeah i get this also on the roster all the time
  123. lovetox i have to rework that, all the sorting in the roster with status etc
  124. lovetox this should all looked over in default
  125. lovetox its not working properly
  126. Link Mauve Nice. :)
  127. lovetox so few time .. so much to do
  128. Link Mauve Heh. ^^
  129. lovetox so now im really going to sleep, have a good night
  130. Link Mauve \o_
  131. Link Mauve Oh, suddenly 2am.
  132. Link Mauve Welp, I wanted to sleep early tonight. :(
  133. Martin Michael says thanks:
  134. Martin Am 13.11.2016 um 03:00 schrieb W. Martin Borgert: > On 2016-11-12 21:50, Michael Biebl wrote: >> gajim suggests python-gnomekeyring, which is long deprecated and going >> to be removed from the archive. It should switch to using the GObject >> Introspection bindings for gnome-keyring, gir1.2-gnomekeyring-1.0. > > I asked upstream and they immediately prepared a patch to use > gir1.2-secret-1 instead of gnomekeyring (or kwallet): > > > > I assume, that this code will be in the next release, and we > probably can apply it already, if necessary. Thanks for the super fast response! Cheers, Michael
  135. mathieui TypeError: Gtk.TextView.get_window() takes exactly 2 arguments (1 given) Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python3.5/site-packages/gajim/", line 1172, in on_configure_event if msg_textview.get_window() is None:
  136. mathieui I’ve got a ton of them in my standard output
  137. mathieui Also, the MAM preferences windows appears to pass localized values to the stanza, e.g. if I’m using a french locale, I’ll get <prefs xmlns="urn:xmpp:mam:0" default="toujours"> and not default="always"
  138. mathieui that will, predictably, always fail
  139. lovetox thanks i fix that if i have time today
  140. mathieui (I would have fixed it myself but I’m not familiar with gajim and a quick look gave me the impression that I needed to dig deeper into GTK)
  141. lovetox when i made that i think it took the value the combobox has and wrote it to the config
  142. lovetox i didnt think that it would have another text in another local
  143. lovetox :/
  144. mathieui well, the value in the interface should be localized, but a detail was probably forgotten when adding translations
  145. lovetox yeah but i took that value and did not map it to a english dict, for sending the command
  146. lovetox
  147. lovetox could you test that mathieui
  148. mathieui File "/usr/lib/python3.5/site-packages/gajim/", line 4213, in on_save_button_clicked default = self.default_dict_cb[iter_] KeyError: <Gtk.TreeIter object at 0x7fd319a1e288 (GtkTreeIter at 0x2163360)>
  149. lovetox wtf
  150. lovetox did the combobox has a value?
  151. lovetox when you pressed saved?
  152. lovetox or was none selected
  153. lovetox ah im an idiot
  154. lovetox
  155. lovetox here again please :D
  156. mathieui sure
  157. mathieui lovetox, now it appears to be fine stanza-wise
  158. mathieui but I get an error popup
  159. mathieui ("we got no response from the server")
  160. mathieui (even though I can see the correct iq result in the verbose output)
  161. lovetox does this happen everytime after saving?
  162. lovetox i let a 3 seconds timer run
  163. mathieui yeah, it happens everytime
  164. lovetox on which server are you?
  165. mathieui I’m in a train, though, so it’s possible that the timer is met
  166. lovetox ah ok
  167. lovetox maybe i should make it 5 seconds :)
  168. mathieui no, I get the result quite instantaneously
  169. lovetox could you post me the result iq
  170. lovetox or whatever it is
  171. lovetox that you get from the server
  172. mathieui I send 11/13/2016 13:09:54 (I) nbxmpp.client_nb raising event from transport: :::::DATA SENT:::: _____________ <iq xmlns="jabber:client" id="53350651-7d22-4706-b2c2-2c12d9372549" type="set"><prefs xmlns="urn:xmpp:mam:0" default="always"><always /><never /></prefs></iq>
  173. mathieui And I get 11/13/2016 13:09:54 (I) nbxmpp.client_nb raising event from transport: :::::DATA RECEIVED:::: _____________ <iq id='53350651-7d22-4706-b2c2-2c12d9372549' type='result' to=''/>
  174. lovetox yeah...
  175. lovetox hm should the server not respond with the full config values?
  176. lovetox <!-- In 13.11.2016 13:13:50 --> <iq from='' to='' id='71d47618-1459-4431-9e80-381fc3702798' type='result'> <prefs xmlns='urn:xmpp:mam:0' default='always'> <always/> <never/> </prefs> </iq>
  177. lovetox this is the return for me
  178. mathieui oh
  179. mathieui Link Mauve, ^
  180. mathieui maybe our prosody version
  181. mathieui oh right, “The server then replies with the applied preferences (note that due to server policies these MAY be different to the preferences sent by the client):”
  182. lovetox mathieui if we are on bugs currently
  183. lovetox what xmpp lib does poezio use?
  184. mathieui slixmpp
  185. lovetox in sleekxmpp
  186. lovetox there is a bug with 0202
  187. lovetox
  188. lovetox its also in poezio
  189. lovetox i tryed to fix it myself, but there is to much abstraction going on for a newb like me :D
  190. mathieui oh, I’ll fix that, thanks
  191. Link Mauve mathieui, thanks for testing that.
  192. Link Mauve Also ’morning.
  193. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [16206:97bd4027f912]: Dont use translated strings for MAM Preference command Dont use translated strings for MAM Preference command
  194. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #156 (SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED on http_upload) created Version: Gajim 0.16.6 OS: Linux / Windows 7 Server: ejabberd When uploading file with http_upload I get following error: Exception in thread Thread-61: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python2.7/", line 810, in __bootstrap_inner File "/usr/lib/python2.7/", line 763, in run […] • Ticket #156 (SSL: [] • Ticket #1[…]
  195. lovetox Link Mauve
  196. lovetox
  197. lovetox could you test that one
  198. Link Mauve Sure.
  199. lovetox this would be final
  200. Link Mauve Hum, Gajim refuses to start with a traceback due to libsecret. :x
  201. Link Mauve Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python3.5/", line 184, in _run_module_as_main "__main__", mod_spec) File "/usr/lib/python3.5/", line 85, in _run_code exec(code, run_globals) File "/home/linkmauve/packages/gajim-hg/src/gajim-hg/src/", line 513, in <module> interface = Interface() File "/home/linkmauve/packages/gajim-hg/src/gajim-hg/src/", line 2903, in __init__ gajim.connections[account] = Connection(account) File "/home/linkmauve/packages/gajim-hg/src/gajim-hg/src/common/", line 793, in __init__ self.password = passwords.get_password(name) File "/home/linkmauve/packages/gajim-hg/src/gajim-hg/src/common/", line 306, in get_password return get_storage().get_password(account_name) File "/home/linkmauve/packages/gajim-hg/src/gajim-hg/src/common/", line 192, in get_password 'server': server, 'protocol': 'xmpp'}, None) GLib.Error: g-io-error-quark: Could not connect: Connection refused (39)
  202. lovetox_ does that maybe have to do something with your patch to password storage?
  203. lovetox ah ok :)
  204. Link Mauve It isn’t applied.
  205. Link Mauve dbus issue it seems, meh.
  206. lovetox does this open for you
  207. lovetox
  208. Link Mauve Yep.
  209. lovetox maybe a issue with my provider then
  210. Link Mauve lovetox, so your patch works fine, except whenever I hover an area that has no participant I get this: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/linkmauve/packages/gajim-hg/src/gajim-hg/src/", line 531, in query_tooltip row = self.list_treeview.get_path_at_pos(x_pos, y_pos)[0] TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not subscriptable
  211. lovetox ah damn
  212. lovetox again, forgot that its None sometimes
  213. Link Mauve :)
  214. lovetox though why that happens only for you again i dont know
  215. lovetox i dont get that traceback
  216. Link Mauve What does it return instead?
  217. Link Mauve (Before the [0] I mean.)
  218. lovetox good question i will check
  219. lovetox (<GtkTreePath at 0x32214b0>, <TreeViewColumn object at 0x70af058 (GtkTreeViewCol umn at 0x32c6b10)>, 59, 13)
  220. lovetox always a treepath
  221. lovetox it does not matter where i go with the mouse
  222. Link Mauve And what is it pointing to?
  223. lovetox that does not matter in this case
  224. lovetox it returns a tuple of 4 values
  225. lovetox i get the first one
  226. lovetox afterwards i test if its None
  227. lovetox but on your traceback i cant even get the the first value
  228. lovetox because it doesnt return a tuple it seems
  229. lovetox are you getting this traceback only if you are over the treeview?
  230. lovetox or are you getting this if you have the mouse somewhere else
  231. lovetox i suspect the event fires if you are not over the treeview
  232. Link Mauve It does return FALSE if a row doesn’t exist, according to the documentation.
  233. Link Mauve I guess this will be converted to None in the Python conversion.
  234. lovetox hm you are right
  235. lovetox Returns: None if the row doesn’t exist at that coordinates or a tuple containing:
  236. lovetox but how do you point somewhere where no row exists?
  237. lovetox i cant do this here on windows
  238. Link Mauve Join a MUC where there are less participants than the height of the window, and put your pointer on an empty space.
  239. lovetox ahhh
  240. lovetox kk :) yeah im only in conversations and gajim :D
  241. Link Mauve ^^'
  242. Link Mauve Always test every edge case. :p
  243. lovetox Link Mauve, your service discovery window patch
  244. lovetox in what case do i get to see the tooltip?
  245. lovetox i clicked every button but it never comes
  246. Link Mauve If there is an unavailable service.
  247. Link Mauve Just hover it.
  248. Link Mauve Example is when you disco
  249. lovetox ah i have it now thank
  250. lovetox Link Mauve, about your patch
  251. lovetox do i understand this correctly
  252. lovetox we add the tooltip text to every row at start
  253. lovetox but it is then set to None once the row is updated with informations
  254. lovetox so the tooltip doesnt show for these rows
  255. Link Mauve lovetox, yes.
  256. Link Mauve Alright, time to watch a movie, see you in 1:43. \o_
  257. lovetox :)
  258. lovetox so Link Mauve, you said why would you implement IoT XEP in gajim
  259. lovetox its not so unrealistic to use a xmpp client to make use of devices that supprt the IoT XEP
  260. lovetox probalby there will be dedicated clients only for this, but its not unthinkable that there will be devices that would be of interest to an xmpp client like gajim
  261. lovetox thanks for the patch looks good, i adjusted a comment describing what values "state" holds
  262. lovetox to reflect the new bahaivour
  263. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [16207:bf2bfc1be419]: Replace ServiceDiscoveryTooltip with gtk_tree_view.set_tooltip_column(). Replace ServiceDiscoveryTooltip? with gtk_tree_view.set_tooltip_column().
  264. johannes after sometime on gajim/trunk on osx makes python take 100% on one core, any idea how to debug that?
  265. lovetox you made it run on osx?
  266. lovetox with that ?
  267. lovetox if you talk about trunk do you mean default branch?
  268. johannes lovetox: it runs on osx since a while now, however more rotten than nice. I'm using the gtk2 branch, since the gtk3 branch more or less instantly segfaults
  269. johannes that webpage is basically deprecated deluxe, also, there absolutely no integration into the os at all
  270. lovetox no the part for default branch and Brew
  271. lovetox is recent
  272. lovetox we use GTK
  273. lovetox so if gtk doesnt integrate well into the os ...
  274. lovetox we dont have os specific ui code
  275. lovetox if i get my hands on a make, we could try to make an installer
  276. johannes Have a look at Wireshark, as far as I know it's GTK and it is fully integrated into the os
  277. johannes the reasonable way would be to provide an .app package, that way all relevant libraries could be packaged in their required versions
  278. lovetox i think the problem lies not with gtk not available on mac
  279. lovetox its the display system
  280. lovetox X11 is not installed on mac
  281. johannes wrong
  282. johannes in both assumptions
  283. lovetox x11 is installed?
  284. johannes first: there is a native port using the window server, second, there is the x11 server in osx since more or less the beginning
  285. johannes of osx
  286. johannes native gtk port that is
  287. lovetox yes and i think the results are not that good with that one
  288. johannes i'm running it using that
  289. lovetox the last guy who got it to run, told me about various graphics artefacts
  290. johannes there are no graphics artefacts. the thing just starts to take 100% cpu at some point
  291. lovetox yeah you talking about gtk2
  292. lovetox im about the gtk3 branch
  293. lovetox could you try the gtk3?
  294. johannes it might be an option to get started with something that works first, and then extend to the rest
  295. johannes that way one would at least get to a point where .app package and maybe os integration would begin to appear
  296. lovetox but nobody will work on gtk2 branch so...
  297. lovetox try gtk3, at least i would be more willingly fix bugs there
  298. lovetox as i said 2 weeks ago someone got it running and updated the wiki page
  299. lovetox he had no segfaults
  300. johannes same crashes as before.
  301. lovetox with what error message?
  302. johannes (gajim:70602): Gtk-WARNING **: A node was inserted with a parent that's not in the tree. This possibly means that a GtkTreeModel inserted a child node before the parent was inserted. ** Gtk:ERROR:gtkrbtree.c:471:_gtk_rbtree_insert_after: assertion failed: (_gtk_rbtree_is_nil (tree->root)) Abort trap: 6
  303. johannes the entire stuff should definitly get into git after all, then we could at least get some ci and tests going to consistently see what works and what does not. and maybe even some proper nightly builds.
  304. johannes for all platforms, that is
  305. lovetox hm
  306. lovetox could you delete the gajim profile directory
  307. lovetox so it start empty?
  308. johannes that will not have any effects
  309. lovetox i wonder if that error still happens
  310. johannes I've tried, it works for some time, restart it and you'll have similar effects
  311. lovetox ok but that means it has to do with roster
  312. lovetox we have problems in default with the roster
  313. johannes the stuff needs to be tested and run in a reproducible manner, otherwise all results are bullcrap
  314. lovetox i get these errors too
  315. lovetox but it doesnt kill the application
  316. lovetox so do it, i dont even own a mac how should i test this?!
  317. johannes using e.g. what travis gives you
  318. lovetox i dont think its as easy as you make it seem
  319. lovetox the application has hundreads of functionalities
  320. lovetox to write test for everything
  321. lovetox takes a lot of time
  322. johannes the key here is to pick the most valuable ones. and yes: writing tests takes time. but it is time well spent
  323. lovetox just find a dev that has a mac and is willing to work on gajim
  324. lovetox is the more easy way
  325. lovetox and git will not change anything about it
  326. johannes because every mac is absolutely similar to the next.
  327. johannes especially across all versions, all ports-setups and the likes
  328. lovetox there is no one to write test, no mac dev that wants to work on it
  329. lovetox i dont argue that your suggestions are not good
  330. lovetox its just not helping the problem
  331. lovetox that there are not enough devs
  332. johannes QA: nobody got time fo' that.
  333. lovetox priorities, if i have a limited amount of time, i will work on the thing that most people gain from the most
  334. johannes I guess I'll stay with swift, psi or whatever then and observe what happens...
  335. lovetox johannes
  336. lovetox i think there is a profile tool for python
  337. lovetox run it with gajim
  338. lovetox then you see what method/function runs so often that it uses that much cpu
  339. lovetox
  340. lovetox and i will soon check whats the problem is with the roster treeview, because that makes problems on all platforms
  341. lovetox maybe afterwards gtk3 runs :)
  342. Link Mauve Wut, I said that? :D
  343. Link Mauve johannes, “Gtk:ERROR:gtkrbtree.c:471:_gtk_rbtree_insert_after: assertion failed: (_gtk_rbtree_is_nil (tree->root))”, I also get the same one on Linux, but not on start, when I close a room window.
  344. treaki_ hi
  345. treaki_ followning problem:, ive got a file using omemo and http upload from conversation (jabber client for android)
  346. treaki_ i have the omemo plugin as well as the http upload plugin in gajim
  347. treaki_ but in gajim i get just a link to the file with some hexcode after a hash (#) sign
  348. treaki_ so how can i decrypt that file now?
  349. treaki_ thanks in advance
  350. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8466 (got a popup window about a program error) created Bug description just clicking around and then there was thi9s window Steps to reproduce Software versions OS version: Debian GNU/Linux 8.6 (jessie) Gajim 0.16.6 A GTK+ Jabber/XMPP client GTK+-Version: 2.24.25 PyGTK-Version 2.24.0 Error message window: Es wurde ein Programmfehler entdeckt Der Fehler ist vermutlich nicht fatal, sollte aber trotzdem den Entwicklern ge[…]