Gajim - 2016-11-11

  1. lovetox nice
  2. lovetox is this fixed in the official pillow lib?
  3. lovetox or is this some patch only in one distribution?
  4. lovetox so i think this is not released
  5. lovetox i think it will be fixed in 3.5
  6. Link Mauve lovetox: for the get_window() traceback from the other day, actually just opening a chat with anyone, starting to write a message or sending said message will trigger it. No usability issue seems to occur though.
  7. lovetox this has to be some gtk version issue again, i cant trigger that event at all, thanks for the info
  8. beedaddy lovetox: I just want to give you the promised feedback: My status icon on KDE Plasma 5 does not blink - with and without the app indicator plugin.
  9. lovetox with app indicator it should not blink
  10. lovetox but it should change color
  11. lovetox i dont think a future statusicon we develop will blink
  12. beedaddy It does nothing, I'm afraid.
  13. lovetox but you see the appindicator?
  14. lovetox it should look different from the gajim statusicon
  15. beedaddy I just see the green gajim-symbol. Wait, when a message arrives, I think there's an additional empty (no graphic!) icon.
  16. lovetox and you have no errors or tracebacks in the console?
  17. beedaddy (What I would like to have is that the gajim icon somhow shows me that there are new messages. Blinking is not required, but the icon shoul change somehow.)
  18. lovetox it does :)
  19. lovetox this is a error specific to your configuration
  20. lovetox probably with KDE
  21. lovetox can you run in the console
  22. lovetox and look for errors?
  23. lovetox i dont want to install arch because its to complicated for me
  24. beedaddy Yes I can try with console. So am I the first one with this problem on KDE?
  25. lovetox kde on arch i guess
  26. lovetox i dont think you would have a problem on kubuntu
  27. beedaddy So it *should* work even without this plugin?
  28. lovetox yes
  29. lovetox i install now kubuntu and test
  30. lovetox beedaddy
  31. lovetox it seems to be a KDE problem in general
  32. lovetox i have it on kubuntu too
  33. lovetox though
  34. lovetox you could disable the trayicon
  35. lovetox you have a notification in the taskbar
  36. beedaddy What do you mean with notification in the taskbar? I would like to close all gajim-windows and only have the trayicon which should show me when a new message arrives...
  37. lovetox yeah but thats not possible at the moment
  38. lovetox so deactivate that gajim minimize to tray
  39. lovetox so you see when you have a new message
  40. beedaddy Ok but ... this is a gajim bug then?
  41. lovetox yes
  42. linus Does anyone know what the process is to report/fix errors in XEPs?
  43. lovetox write to the standards mailing list
  44. linus Cool, thanks!
  45. linus Also, any news on the transition to gitlab?
  46. lovetox you have to ask asterix that
  47. linus I started some work on updating url_image_preview but was hoping to be able to transition to git before moving on with it
  48. beedaddy Thanks for your support, lovetox.
  49. lovetox ah i think he never tried to transfer the plugin repo
  50. lovetox we should ask him
  51. lovetox should be less of a problem
  52. lovetox thoug linus
  53. lovetox migrating to gitlab brings improvements for issues and the likes
  54. lovetox but hg can do nearly everything git ca
  55. lovetox i found out how to squash commits recently
  56. lovetox you can rebase
  57. lovetox so .. whats holding you back?
  58. Holger linus: For simple typo/error fixing you can also just submit a PR.
  59. Holger linus: ... against <>.
  60. cippaciong beedaddy: did you install libappindicator-gtk2 from the repo along with the gajim plugin?
  61. beedaddy cippaciong‎: libappindicator-gtk2 was installed. In the meanwhile I installed libappindicator-activate-gtk2 from AUR.
  62. beedaddy cippaciong‎: When I now try to go back to libappindicator-gtk2 I get the console-error: "ImportError: No module named appindicator"
  63. cippaciong
  64. cippaciong There is a no-python.patch, might this be the clue?
  65. cippaciong I'm not much into either libappindicator or python I'm afraid
  66. beedaddy cippaciong‎: Thanks but no, it didn't help... :(
  67. cippaciong I made some tests, I installed libappindicator-gtk2 without the no-python.patch and enabled the appindicator plugin. Now there is an additional empty space beside Gajim icon and I can open the roster or the chat window clicking on that space but no icon animation yet
  68. Nothing4You hey there
  69. Nothing4You i just found a bug that crashes gajim on windows if you have very long url
  70. Nothing4You and you hover it so gajim tries to show a tooltip
  71. Nothing4You ticket for that doesn't seem to exist yet
  72. Nothing4You is there someone here that could test if it also occurs on linux?
  73. Nothing4You just trying to collect some info for a bug report as in which systems are affected
  74. Nothing4You nvm found someone to test with
  75. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8465 (Crash when hovering extremely long link in html message to create a tooltip) created Bug description Gajim crashes when trying to hover a very long link that is in an html message, which get automatically generated e.g. when sending an url via pidgin. This might also be security related? Maybe something could get written at bad places in memory? It was tested on linux aswell and it doesn't occur there. Steps to reproduce Receive a li[…][…]