Gajim - 2016-11-09

  1. BomberMan how to enable remote control&
  2. lovetox advanced config editor
  3. lovetox remote_control
  4. erik weird: I'm trying to install the omemo dependencies (python2-cryptography), but when I run pip install python2-cryptography then pip says "Could not find download that satisfies the requirement"
  5. erik (on Linux Mint) any idea how to deal with that situation?
  6. lovetox hm hard eric
  7. erik lovetox, hi.
  8. lovetox linux mint is not really mint :D
  9. erik lol
  10. lovetox it has only very old package repos
  11. lovetox :D
  12. erik ubuntu/debian derivative...
  13. lovetox first i think its called only "cryptography"
  14. lovetox try that
  15. lovetox but another user had not luck in getting omemo to run
  16. lovetox yes but mint is based on ubuntu i think
  17. lovetox which version of mint do you have?
  18. erik ok. no, only kopete-cryptography meets the 'cryptography' search.
  19. erik 17.3 Rosa
  20. lovetox ah its not in the package repo at all i remember now
  21. lovetox but its in the pip repo
  22. lovetox pip install python-cryptography
  23. lovetox i think
  24. erik that's why I'm running pip install python2-cryptography
  25. erik yup that too.
  26. lovetox no only python-cryptography
  27. erik where's a search/listing of the pip repo?
  28. lovetox pip install cryptography
  29. lovetox try that
  30. erik ok. then something starts happening
  31. erik something is happening, but it's failing another dependency.
  32. lovetox what is the error?
  33. erik libffi is missing
  34. lovetox sudo apt-get install build-essential libssl-dev libffi-dev python-dev
  35. erik (installing that now)
  36. erik ok. it's running install for cryptography now.
  37. erik hmm.
  38. erik openssl-dev also required
  39. erik turned out I needed libgnutls-openssl-dev
  40. erik bah.
  41. erik doesn't work.
  42. lovetox maybe you can get help on stackoverflow .., as i said another user also couldnt install cryptography on mint
  43. lovetox it should be possible, i have no problems installing it under ubuntu 14.4
  44. lovetox it should be possible, i have no problems installing it under ubuntu 14.04
  45. erik problem is that openssl's libs are called 'libssl'
  46. erik should get further now.
  47. lovetox i posted that above
  48. lovetox sudo apt-get install build-essential libssl-dev libffi-dev python-dev
  49. erik ok. read over the libssl-dev
  50. erik the others I did.
  51. erik yup. that works now.
  52. erik *something* seems to have worked.
  53. lovetox what is the problem? cryptography is only an optional dependecy
  54. lovetox its not a must
  55. erik I wanted to make sure I have all the dependencies installed.
  56. erik so that it can only be my chat partner's machine that's the problem.
  57. erik only axolotl is a firm dependency then?
  58. erik Conversations still says the chat session is missing keys
  59. lovetox yes and its dependencys