Gajim - 2016-11-08

  1. Link Mauve lovetox: hi, got a new traceback: Traceback (most recent call last): File /usr/share/gajim/src/", line 1172, in on_configure_event if msg_textview.get_window() is None: TypeError: Gtk.TextView.get_window() takes exactly 2 arguments (1 given)"
  2. lovetox hmm
  3. lovetox do you know how to reproduce this Link Mauve?
  4. Link Mauve Not really, no.
  5. Link Mauve Probably in the chat control.
  6. Link Mauve I saw that long after having closed Gajim.
  7. lovetox k thanks
  8. beedaddy Here on KDE Plasma 5 (Arch Linux) I have the problem that the gajim tray icon does not blink on incoming messages. Its just a static (green) icon. Is this a known problem?
  9. lovetox did it blink on another system?
  10. beedaddy lovetox: Years ago, using KDE 4, it did blink.
  11. lovetox you dont use the app indicator plugin or?
  12. lovetox just the out of the box tray icon?
  13. beedaddy yes
  14. lovetox and it shows a different image on a message?
  15. lovetox so are you able to see that there is a new message
  16. lovetox or doesnt it change at all no matter what happens
  17. beedaddy No I'm not able to see that there is a new message. That's my main problem. :(
  18. lovetox thats definitly a bug then
  19. lovetox you use gajim 16.6?
  20. beedaddy Yes I do.
  21. beedaddy I gave gajim a try in the beginning of KDE Plasma 5 and I'm quite sure that I had the same problem then. So this might be an old bug or I'm doing something wrong. :)
  22. lovetox hm you could try the app indicator plugin
  23. lovetox it makes a statusicon with another api
  24. beedaddy Ok it's installed now. I'll give it a try and report ... tomorrow or so. Thanks a lot!
  25. lovetox another thing
  26. lovetox in the preferences
  27. lovetox advanced config editor
  28. lovetox there is a setting
  29. lovetox trayicon_blink
  30. lovetox check it
  31. lovetox beedaddy
  32. beedaddy lovetox: Yes I've already checked this setting.
  33. lovetox hm k, i will install KDE in a VM if i have time and trace this down
  34. beedaddy Thanks a lot. I'll come back with this topic.
  35. lovetox Link Mauve, i looked into this, yeah its not calling with the right amount of arguments, but i cant even get this configure-event to fire
  36. Link Mauve I got it a bunch of times, but no idea how. :x
  37. lovetox hm ok, maybe now that you know we find out sometime
  38. lovetox ok notifications are a mess on linux
  39. lovetox until some time ago, there was GtkStatusIcon which works from windows to nearly every linux distribution
  40. lovetox thats deprecated
  41. lovetox i dont see any replacement
  42. lovetox the serious tip from gtk devs is: use system-specific APIs
  43. Link Mauve GNotification?
  44. lovetox that does on every system something different
  45. lovetox its not an icon, i cant put a menu on it
  46. Link Mauve If you want notifications, you don’t want a menu on it.
  47. lovetox i do in some cases
  48. lovetox on unity i want to hide the application, so i need a way to show it
  49. lovetox i can do that with a system tray icon
  50. lovetox as it seems to me i cant do this with gnome shell
  51. lovetox i guess every system has his idea how things work
  52. lovetox but the problem is, i dont want to accomodate 3-4 different design choices
  53. lovetox how notifications are displayed to a user, and what they can do
  54. lovetox at this point, i would scrap the tray icon all together
  55. lovetox it seems some systems dont want it anymore
  56. lovetox and i wonder what does GNotifications on windows?
  57. lovetox probably nothing
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  59. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8463 (I encountered this when installing some plugins) updated It seems you have the whiteboard plugin installed and python-goovanvas not installed, right? Could you try to replace the line import goocanvas in ~/.local/share/gajim/plugins/whiteboard/, line 24 with this one: goocanvas = __import__('goocanvas')