Gajim - 2016-11-06

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  2. c0cac01a I need help! Crash log: System: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Seems like the github wiki is right about protobuf but even forcing version 2.6.1 as suggested doesn't make it work
  3. lovetox i never saw this error
  4. lovetox are you sure you use gajim 16.6
  5. lovetox ?
  6. lovetox and a recent version of python-axolotl
  7. lovetox it should be at least 1.7
  8. c0cac01a I used the Ubuntu repo version of Gajim
  9. lovetox and that is?
  10. lovetox it should be at least 16.5
  11. c0cac01a 0.16.5-1.0
  12. c0cac01a Sorry, it says 0.16.5-0.1
  13. c0cac01a In apt-cache that is
  14. lovetox i dont think it makes a difference
  15. lovetox plugin downloaded from plugin manager?
  16. c0cac01a Yes
  17. c0cac01a And installed python-axolotl
  18. lovetox this seems like a problem with protobuf again
  19. lovetox maybe deinstall
  20. lovetox and install again 2.6.1
  21. lovetox did you install 2.6.1 via pip?
  22. lovetox or package manager?
  23. c0cac01a Pip
  24. lovetox and python axolotl which version?
  25. c0cac01a 0.1.7
  26. lovetox could you try upgrading to 0.1.35?
  27. lovetox
  28. lovetox
  29. lovetox via pip maybe
  30. lovetox i can also only recommend to upgrade to gajim 16.6
  31. lovetox because it has many unrelated bugfixes
  32. lovetox python-axolotl from pip probably installs protobuf 3 again
  33. c0cac01a With axolotl 0.1.35 and protobuf 3: same crash. With axolotl 0.1.35 and protobuf 2.6.1: same crash.
  34. c0cac01a I got it working a few months ago on Linux Mint and don't remember how.
  35. lovetox the same traceback?
  36. lovetox with all these options?
  37. c0cac01a Yes
  38. lovetox thats very weird
  39. lovetox did it ever work on that installation?
  40. c0cac01a Okay it works now. I had installed python-axolotl from apt and that brought protobuf with it. Uninstalling those and getting everything from pip did the trick. Now I can't install the OMEMO plugin for some reason.
  41. lovetox error in the log?
  42. lovetox what do you mean with install, it should already be installed otherwise you wouldnt had these problems or not?
  43. c0cac01a Well, I don't know. It doesn't show in the plugin installer in the list of installed plugins, and installing it again doesn't help with that
  44. lovetox start gajim with
  45. lovetox -l gajim.plugin_system=DEBUG
  46. lovetox and look for the error
  47. lovetox not showing means a import goes wrong
  48. c0cac01a Log just fills with HttpuploadPlugin and ImagePlugin
  49. c0cac01a No OMEMO or similar things at all
  50. lovetox look into the plugin folder
  51. lovetox if its really there
  52. lovetox and you could download the plugin from git
  53. lovetox
  54. lovetox there are a few fixes
  55. lovetox regarding import errors
  56. lovetox so it should show you whats the problem
  57. lovetox and not just dont show at all
  58. lovetox maybe that helps
  59. lovetox i have to go :/
  60. lovetox see you later
  61. c0cac01a It is in the plugins folder
  62. c0cac01a Okay, just for completeness: manually installing Gajim 0.16.6 helped. No errors, no missing plugins, no nothin
  63. zak Just to be sure: If I send a picture using http upload with OMEMO, it is stored encrypted on the server, is it?
  64. lovetox_ yes
  65. lovetox_ you can easily proove this when clicking the link
  66. lovetox_ your browser will show nothing
  67. zak ok great thanks.
  68. q55 hey guys, is this the right place to ask about the OMEMO plugin for Gajim?
  69. q55 I'm just wondering if it is possible to send out OMEMO-encrypted media like pictures.. I can use HTTP Upload but the stuff I send is always plain text. Maybe it's not currently possible and you may know so that I won't keep trying to no avail :)
  70. arune q55: I think this is planned
  71. q55 sounds great!
  72. q55 that plugin really changes things I find, paired with message carbons I already get a comfortable experience. It makes trustworthy IM encryption an everyday life thing, finally! Yay yay yay, keep it up Gajim people!
  73. cippaciong q55, HTTP Upload already works with OMEMO
  74. q55 cippaciong, I'm trying but I still send out plain text. I'm using Gajim's nightlies and up-to-date Conversations as the recipient. Any idea?
  75. q55 also, when I get an OMEMO-encrypted picture I can't decrypt it in Gajim
  76. cippaciong Then I don't know, maybe things are different for nightlies because for the stable release it works out of the box
  77. cippaciong I guess lovetox is the right person to ask
  78. cippaciong q55, to decrypt images you need another plugin or an external componeng
  79. cippaciong *component
  80. cippaciong The plugin is url image preview
  81. q55 I'm using that too
  82. q55 it can decrypt HTTPS, not OMEMO
  83. lovetox do you have python-cryptography installed?
  84. cippaciong q55, HTTPS is not encrypted
  85. cippaciong not the content I mean
  86. Link Mauve “HTTPS is not encrypted” :DDD
  87. q55 lovetox, I read about that, I can't "pip install" or "pip2 install" for that. It says there is no candidate for that
  88. lovetox try apt-get?
  89. lovetox should be in every distro
  90. q55 cippaciong, I mean the web server connection, that's what URL image preview can decrypt
  91. q55 lovetox, let's see
  92. cippaciong q55, url image preview decrypts also images encrypted using omemo
  93. lovetox yeah but only if he has python-cryptography installed, otherwise not
  94. q55 lovetox, still not found
  95. lovetox what distor are you on?
  96. q55 Mint
  97. lovetox then try
  98. lovetox only "cryptography"
  99. q55 oh, no "python-" ?
  100. lovetox
  101. q55 oh you mean with pip
  102. lovetox no
  103. lovetox try it with your package manager first
  104. lovetox is mint not based on debian?
  105. lovetox its definitly there
  106. cippaciong lovetox, ubuntu
  107. q55 not there :\
  108. lovetox yeah then go for pip
  109. cippaciong q55 which version of mint?
  110. q55 something apparently went wrong but it did find and download it
  111. q55 cippaciong 17.2
  112. cippaciong i think python-cryptography is available only in Ubuntu >=16.04
  113. lovetox if its installed restart gajim, and then you should be able to send encrypted pictures, and decrypt them
  114. cippaciong 17.2 is based on 14.04
  115. lovetox but only pictures for now, no files
  116. q55 lovetox, should I use the picture option in HTTP Upload as opposed to the regular file button?
  117. lovetox shouldnt make a difference
  118. q55 cippaciong, I will upgrade soon
  119. q55 ok lovetox, let me restart Gajim
  120. lovetox with the picture option it sends some xhtml stuff with it
  121. lovetox but that was a bit of a useless feature
  122. lovetox i think we scrap it in the next version
  123. cippaciong I was wondering, why some of the features like http upload are not moved to python-nbxmpp rather than implemented as external plugins?
  124. q55 still can't upload stuff but I will blame the OS now, I'm glad to hear it is possible. Such a timesaver!
  125. erik I am running Mint with nightlies and I had to install omemo manually. Since that time, OMEMO the plugin won't correctly install itself over or on top of omemo.
  126. q55 (encrypted stuff)
  127. erik also, gajim seemed to want the plugin directory to be named gajim-omemo instead of plain omemo
  128. lovetox q55, start gajim with
  129. lovetox -l gajim.plugin_system.httpupload=DEBUG
  130. erik is this a known issue?
  131. lovetox and post the log when uploading something
  132. q55 ok
  133. lovetox when did you install the nightly?
  134. lovetox eric
  135. erik lovetox, it updates itself weekly.
  136. erik just a minute ago, in fact.
  137. lovetox uhhh
  138. erik s/weekly/regularly/
  139. erik but the symptom has been there for weeks (months?)
  140. lovetox so could you try if you have problems installing other plugins?
  141. erik not that I'm aware of.
  142. lovetox so you go to the plugin download manager, click download omemo
  143. lovetox and it doesnt install into the plugin folder?
  144. q55 it did send out the pic, as always, it wasn't encrypted and the last line in the log panel was "No handlers could be found for logger "axolotl.sessionbuilder""
  145. erik I have installed the http upload plugin after manually installing the omemo plugin.
  146. lovetox that not what we are searching for
  147. lovetox the log says nothing else?
  148. erik lovetox: hold on, I need to remove the gajim-omemo manual install first to know for sure, but basically: it says it downloaded, but it never *replaces* the other plugin.
  149. q55 well, nothing that looks interesting
  150. lovetox ah i know erik
  151. erik (and originally, I couldn't install without doing it manually)
  152. lovetox delete all folders that are named omemo out of your plugin dir
  153. lovetox then download again
  154. erik ok. I'll do that, restart and be back in a bit.
  155. lovetox but do you get httpupload output q55?
  156. q55 yes I do, with all the upload progress
  157. q55 slot request, upload percentage and then that error
  158. lovetox ok mom
  159. lovetox its not an error, its just that the axolotl lib cant write to the log
  160. lovetox nothing that has to do something with
  161. q55 oh I see!
  162. lovetox so dumb question
  163. erik indeed it now reports the omemo plugin to be active without doing anything manual (that is, gajim now downloaded that into the plugins folder)
  164. lovetox did you activate omemo for that contact
  165. lovetox ?
  166. lovetox erik the problem was, that gajim doesnt care how a folder of a plugin is named
  167. lovetox it just loads what in it
  168. lovetox when you installed manually from git
  169. erik ok. and that conflicted.
  170. lovetox git names the folger gajim-omemo
  171. lovetox after wards you download from plugin manager
  172. erik which appears before omemo
  173. lovetox its called omemo
  174. lovetox but gajim loads not double
  175. erik ok.
  176. erik thanks for the help!
  177. lovetox =)
  178. erik I love the direction that Gajim has taken so far! (using it since 0.16.3 or .2)
  179. lovetox thanks
  180. erik my remote colleague and I tried the remote whiteboard, but that can't compete with Lync's yet.
  181. lovetox we try to make it better, but not so much devs have time :/
  182. erik the idea would have been great.
  183. lovetox yeah though people want everything in one client, thats pretty hard and you need many people for it
  184. lovetox audio/video/chat/encryption
  185. lovetox ..
  186. erik lovetox, I once tried to start working on it by debugging a problem I had, but there were too many logs and too little to understand from it. Maybe I find time in the rebound. It's a hugely useful tool as it is. the chat is the most important: we already have encrypted VOIP through asterisk.
  187. lovetox because we have not so many devs right now, i try to concentrate on the xmpp chat part
  188. lovetox and supporting XEPs
  189. erik I completely agree with that. I mean, if all the tools I had tried to be great at their core functionality, I would definitely have much better tools for what I use them for.
  190. erik I think it's the best choice to make.
  191. lovetox q55: dumb question, did you activate omemo for the contact where you sending links too
  192. erik needs to head to bed
  193. lovetox have a good night :)
  194. erik thanks again for th great tool!
  195. q55 yep I did, and I still send out plain pics, but I had an error when installing cryptography
  196. lovetox do you have any of these lines in the log
  197. lovetox log.debug('Cryptography Import Error: ' + str(e))'Decryption/Encryption disabled due to errors')
  198. q55 no, not in the log coming from that command you typed above
  199. q55 or you mean during the installation itself of "cryptography"?
  200. lovetox no
  201. lovetox from the httpupload log
  202. lovetox thats really weird
  203. q55 nope, I don't have that
  204. q55 lovetox, it's probably because I'm using a distro based on 14.04
  205. q55 I should upgrade and see
  206. lovetox why ..
  207. lovetox at least we have to had an error then
  208. Asterix run python and try to type "import cryptography"
  209. q55 ok
  210. erik lovetox: one more remark: in conversations (upright mode on my phone) this channel has a meaningless title "Welcome to the officia..."
  211. Asterix erik: a room doesn't have a title, it has a topic
  212. q55 Asterix: I get this "ImportError: No module named cryptography"
  213. erik My mint has python-crypto
  214. Asterix q55: then it's not installed correctly indeed
  215. lovetox conversations uses the topic as title
  216. lovetox kind of
  217. erik (17)
  218. lovetox that is not too great in every case
  219. lovetox python-crypto is not cryptography i think
  220. lovetox then its not installed q55
  221. lovetox then you have to have an error in the log,
  222. erik Then 17 doesn't have it either
  223. lovetox its not possible that you dont, but its only once at start
  224. lovetox check something other
  225. cippaciong Only Mint 18+ has it
  226. lovetox if you go to the plugin install menu
  227. cippaciong In the repo I mean
  228. lovetox click on the httpupload plugin
  229. lovetox and read the description
  230. lovetox this should say cryptography is not installed
  231. lovetox cippaciong, but does that matter if he installs it from pip
  232. lovetox i think the distro doesnt matter for pip
  233. cippaciong nope, pip it's fine
  234. lovetox so q55, i think you had a compiling error
  235. lovetox when installing cryptography
  236. lovetox tell me what it was
  237. q55 lovetox, indeed that's what I'm reading in the log
  238. q55 it's a long log
  239. lovetox sudo apt-get install build-essential libssl-dev libffi-dev python-dev
  240. lovetox try that and then try installing again via pip
  241. q55 InstallationError: Command /usr/bin/python -c "import setuptools, tokenize;__file__='/tmp/pip_build_feuerhack_2/cryptography/';exec(compile(getattr(tokenize, 'open', open)(__file__).read().replace('\r\n', '\n'), __file__, 'exec'))" install --record /tmp/pip-AA_HqR-record/install-record.txt --single-version-externally-managed --compile failed with error code 1 in /tmp/pip_build_feuerhack_2/cryptography
  242. q55 lovetox I run your command, let's see
  243. q55 same story
  244. lovetox puh
  245. q55 well, python 2.7.5-5ubuntu3 ? Prehistoric?
  246. lovetox maybe i dont know, so it boils down to, you have to get cryptography installed, without it you can decrypt/encrypt
  247. lovetox but im out of ideas :/
  248. q55 don't worry, I know I had installation issues and I'll try on another machine
  249. q55 or just upgrade to Mint 18 anyway, which I should do soon