Gajim - 2016-11-05

  1. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8461 (Crash after wakeup from standby) created Bug description Gajim crashes, every time the PC wakes up from standby Steps to reproduce let gajim run and set the pc to suspend / standby after you wakeup the pc gajim crashes Traceback (most recent call last): File "_ctypes/callbacks.c", line 314, in 'calling callback function' File "c:\python27\lib\site-packages\", line 1331, in _callback File "src\common\zerocon[…]
  2. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8461 (Crash after wakeup from standby) updated do you have your Local account activated? Could you try if this also happens if you disable it? Should be listed under Accounts.
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  4. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [16181:66fcb7c9a012]: Fix ad-hoc command window only displaying a very small area Fix ad-hoc command window only displaying a very small area
  5. Link Mauve Hi, I fixed a bunch of compiling errors found with Cython (just simply trying to compile the existing files), please review those and then push:
  6. Link Mauve lovetox, linus, anyone else, ^
  7. lovetox thanks will do
  8. q55 hey guys, I'm trying to backup my messages history by converting logs.db to a .sql database, as I read here . The only problem is when I try to open the .sql database I created in a database browser to check it up it just fails, saying it's not a valid sqlite3 database. I'm wondering if that should concern me
  9. q55 if that helps, when I open the .sql backup with a text editor I can see my messages, but I also tried having "gedit" highlight SQL syntax and it seems every apostrophe sign in a message breaks the code.. maybe it's non-sense...
  10. lovetox why not just copy logs.db?
  11. lovetox as a backup
  12. q55 I don't know... why wouldn't that wiki recommend that in the first place?
  13. lovetox i dont know
  14. lovetox it just seems to dump everything from on sql db into another
  15. lovetox seems kind of a waster
  16. lovetox :)
  17. arune Does gitlab have some ci like Jenkins or Travis? Would be useful to run the same checkers as Link Mauve on every commit
  18. q55 you surely make sense to me :)
  19. pep. arune, you could do that with gitlab yes
  20. lovetox Link Mauve, i dont get the XDG patch
  21. lovetox i dont see dead code here
  22. lovetox to be honest i dont know what xdg is, bar if its available we pull basedirectory from it it seems
  23. johannes does someone know if travis can be made to talk to gitlab? then one could get multi-platform slaves for free
  24. johannes there's free ci for windows, mac and obviously linux now as far as I know
  25. lovetox travis works only for linux and osx, at least thats what the doc says
  26. lovetox
  27. Link Mauve lovetox, try __import__(xdg) in your python console.
  28. Link Mauve And see which exception it raises.
  29. Link Mauve You can facepalm now. :p
  30. johannes lovetox right, but there is another - I guess it was circleci or appveyor - that does windows that I see pretty widespread within github repos
  31. lovetox but appveyor works with github
  32. lovetox but i think not with gitlab, at least not out of the box
  33. johannes I wonder if it could be made to run with gitlab
  34. johannes or one could use them by using a mirror of the gitlab repo on github to run stuff
  35. lovetox thats a good idea actually
  36. lovetox thats a good reason to have a mirror :D
  37. johannes is there something like this protected branches and review thingy that github now has?
  38. johannes actually it's pretty useable compared to your average gerrit/psv setup
  39. lovetox hm dont know what you are talking about
  40. johannes github has a feature that allows to run ci against all new pull requests. the ci then adds a mark to the pr if the pr passes the defined tests and blocks the merge if desired such that the master is already in a stable state
  41. johannes (a concept that is known as pre-submit-verification)
  42. lovetox ah i know what you mean
  43. johannes and just recently they added a pretty nice review feature where one can add comments to single lines of a pull request. the comments may also be used to block submission
  44. lovetox i think gitlab can do this too
  45. lovetox Link Mauve
  46. lovetox so it should be __import__('xdg')
  47. lovetox but what is the rational behind eliminating that code?
  48. lovetox because it didnt work until now, we dont need it?
  49. Link Mauve lovetox, it was never used.
  50. Link Mauve Yes, exactly.
  51. Link Mauve It’s a useless dependency.
  52. cippaciong q55, you can't open the dump sql file with a database browser. logs.db is the binary db file, when you dump the database the output is a file containing all sql instructions to recreate an exact copy of the original database.
  53. cippaciong if you want to "explore" it you have to recreate the database first, similarly to what the wiki article says
  54. cippaciong someting like sqlite3 /my/backup/path/logsbackup.db < backup.sql
  55. q55 cippaciong, thanks a lot
  56. cippaciong I don't know very much about dbs but I think that the reason you should prefer dump over just copying the db is that it may perform some writes or consistency checks before dumping to make sure your db is in a consistent state
  57. q55 sounds sensical
  58. cippaciong That said, I think that if you copy the db file when gajim is not running, nothing bad should happen, but again, I don't know very much about dbs.
  59. q55 I see
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  61. lovetox Link Mauve, thanks for the patches
  62. lovetox about that XDG patch i will let asterix look at this, i think there might be something intended here, even if it didnt work until now
  63. lovetox and with 2 patches i had to make small adjustments, so you might bring your gajim repo back in sync
  64. Link Mauve lovetox, I see one change (the del one), what was the other one?
  65. lovetox you changed iq_obj.xxxx to obj.xxxx
  66. lovetox but i think the stanza is in obj.stanza
  67. Link Mauve Oh.
  68. Link Mauve Thanks.
  69. lovetox do you know if the timegm function
  70. lovetox was inbuild in python2?
  71. lovetox ah fuck i can try that myself :D
  72. Link Mauve I love phases so much in hg. <3
  73. Link Mauve No, it most likely wasn’t.
  74. lovetox ah i think it doesnt show for me because i only have pyflakes for python3
  75. Link Mauve I haven’t tried pyflakes yet, it will likely give a lot more errors.
  76. Link Mauve I used Cython here.
  77. Link Mauve But it requires type annotations to be any helpful.
  78. Link Mauve (More than the small amount of errors it already found.)
  79. lovetox the name errors show all up for me in pyflakes
  80. Link Mauve Ok.
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  82. Asterix Link Mauve: Thanks for the fixes
  83. Link Mauve You’re welcome. :)
  84. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [16205:f1752fd85edf]: Remove unused xdg code and make it check for absolute paths Remove unused xdg code and make it check for absolute paths