Gajim - 2016-11-04

  1. tmolitor revision 1.5 is implemented...
  2. tmolitor now I'll implement the rest of sm3 :)
  3. vorner Hello. Admins in my workplace do something strange with the roster and gajim's roster versioning breaks (new employees are on the server-side roster, but not in gajim's and if I delete the roster version in ACE and restart gajim, they appear). Is there a way to turn roster versioning off? I don't really need the bandwidth saving.
  4. johannes So I have seen that is a Gitlab instance already keeping the python-nbxmpp repo. Are you interested in taking over what I have currently synced from the hg repo to GitHub? With the new "Mirror Repository" feature of GitHub one could then provide a synced Git Repo with an inbuilt Link to the authoritative repo on Gitlab...And I could switch off the custom sync-script from hg to git on my side...
  5. lovetox johannes, i found that useful when having hg, but what would be the advantage to have a synced mirror at github?
  6. johannes basically the same reason as it had before; increased visibility
  7. johannes i've seen people actually forking and starring that repo...
  8. johannes and for current use: it might be useful as a starting point for gitlab
  9. johannes and since github now marks mirrors as such with the original repo visible in a good manner, this might even be comfortable to use
  10. lovetox do you know a project that does this?
  11. lovetox would like to see how that looks
  12. lovetox ah found some
  13. johannes quite some apache projects seem to do it, i guess spark and flink are some of them
  14. lovetox i guess its better then what it is now
  15. lovetox i guess issue reporting is deactivated in mirroring, so thats good
  16. lovetox but yeah asterix has to do some work for converting stuff from trac to gitlab
  17. lovetox so this will take a whil
  18. lovetox e
  19. johannes ok, ping me if you need an update to the git-import, sometime the importer hangs and does not really update the github repo
  20. johannes I'll update it then. But I guess Gitlab is an okayish alternative.