Gajim - 2016-11-03

  1. PickleJarBob Hi, can someone tell me why there suddenly random macbooks are appearing in my contacts roster?
  2. PickleJarBob Iam at my University wlan
  3. PickleJarBob its using the "local" profile
  4. Marzanna PickleJarBob: it's called bonjour
  5. Marzanna Or zeroconf
  6. PickleJarBob Marzanna: Ah okay. thanks :)
  7. Link Mauve PickleJarBob, that way you can chat with whoever is around you on the same network, without needing a server or anything like that.
  8. Link Mauve Err, exactly three seconds late. /o\
  9. beedaddy Here on KDE Plasma 5 (Arch Linux) I have the problem that the gajim tray icon does not blink on incoming messages. Its just a static (green) icon. Is this a known problem?
  10. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #154 (http-upload + OMEMO = doesn't work) created Instead of downloading and decrypting the given file by itself (via its added #… anchor key) http-upload just put the link into the chat which can be downloaded by the browser of course when clicked, but since it is encrypted, there is nobody exists to decrypt it afterwards, so the browser downloads just garbage. Please fix ht[…]
  11. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #147 (0.16.6-1 From the pictures sent via http-upload only last one shown …) updated cant reproduce this .. sometimes there is a bug that if you open a picture in the browser and close it, it doesnt matter where you click in the chat it opens the same picture again is this the case for you? in that case, try to click on the desktop once then go back to the chatwindow
  12. tmolitor does anyone know what xml has to be exchanged on stream initialisation to be allowed to send messages? I need to know the first possible time... @holger do you know?
  13. tmolitor background info: I want to implement Version 1.5 (2015-09-13) of the smacks xep...
  14. Asterix tmolitor:
  15. tmolitor asterix: thx...will take care of that :)
  16. tmolitor asterix: I also applied for commit right on :)
  17. Asterix yep got it
  18. Asterix way more easier to acces than with hg ;)
  19. tmolitor asterix: yes! :)
  20. tmolitor asterix: are there servers out there only supporting sm2 and not sm3?
  21. Holger For sure there are.
  22. Holger Unless you're only interested in the most-recent versions of each server, in which case I don't know the answer.
  23. Asterix I should really configure a dev server to test this kind of things
  24. Asterix but for the moment my few time goes to gitlab migration
  25. tmolitor holger, asterix: do you suggest to only support sm3 or should we support both (sm2 and sm3)?
  26. Asterix Gajim never supported several version of the same protocol, only the latest (at the time it was implemented)
  27. Asterix so if we support sm3, I'd drop sm2
  28. Asterix it's sometimes really hard to support several versions of the same protocole
  29. tmolitor asterix: okay...I'll remove sm2 support when implementing sm3 then :)
  30. Holger :3 adds support for 'location', but apart from that it only drops things.
  31. tmolitor asterix: yes...that's the reason I've asked :)
  32. tmolitor holger: and it adds the h attribute for failed resumes...
  33. Asterix and it seems to doesn't count from the same point
  34. tmolitor asterix: yes...but I don't know if gajim is implementing sm2 correctly in that respect...maybe it implements the sm3 counting already...
  35. tmolitor I have to investigate though...
  36. Link Mauve Btw, another issue of the current Stream Management implementation is that it will desync if the user sends anything from the XML console.
  37. tmolitor Link Mauve, really? that's strange...
  38. tmolitor what nbxmpp method is used to send strings from the xml console?
  39. tmolitor I'll add the stanza counter to this method then :)
  40. Link Mauve I’m not sure, I didn’t investigate.
  41. tmolitor Link Mauve, okay...if you find time it would be nice if you could help me find this strange method :)
  42. tmolitor but don't hurry...I'm gonna need some time to implement sm3 anyways :)
  43. Holger tmolitor: The 'h' thing is optional and came after the namespace bump. I.e. you can support it or not no matter what namespace you're checking.
  44. Link Mauve tmolitor, sure, but not anytime soon I fear. :(
  45. Holger (But I think supporting it is a very good idea.)
  46. tmolitor holger: so it would be possible to implement sm2 with this addition?
  47. tmolitor Link Mauve, no problem :)
  48. Holger tmolitor: Well if the server really just supports :2 it will never include an 'h' of course.
  49. tmolitor I'm still trying to understand the nbxmpp code with all it's callbacks....because I need to wait for the resource bind to be successful to resend remaining stanzas still in the queue (currently gajim silently drops those)...
  50. tmolitor holger: yes...but if it supports sm2 and sm3 it possibly will...
  51. tmolitor but: this discussion is purely academic...I'll implement full sm3 support anyways...
  52. Holger Yup.
  53. Holger Hrm now that we talk about it, strictly speaking the server should probably not include that 'h' with the <failed/> element if the client requested :2.
  54. Holger Asterix: "it seems to doesn't count from the same point"?
  55. Asterix Holger: it's what the reporter wrote in the issue:
  56. Holger No idea what he's referring to.
  57. tmolitor asterix, holger: I have no idea, too....maybe he refers to the bug I found 10 month ago?
  58. Asterix maybe
  59. tmolitor
  60. Holger Ah, "begins ticking on the client after it sends", I guess this was followed by an element name which was eaten by Trac?
  61. tmolitor this one :) after a reconnect the stanza counters were out of sync...
  62. Holger <enabled/>, presumably.
  63. tmolitor well...that is not really an issue for gajim because the stream initialisation things are blocking as far as I can subsequent stanzas are only send when smacks is successfully enabled anyways...
  64. tmolitor but I'm not 100% sure because I didn't reach that point in code yet ;)
  65. Asterix ouch .. if the convertion breaks all elements ....
  66. tmolitor asterix: that would be really did you do the conversion?
  67. tmolitor if it's in php, just add an extra htmlspecialchars() around the text....
  68. Asterix
  69. Asterix I took that and modified it as needed
  70. Asterix I'll investigate ... later ... if I don't forget
  71. tmolitor asterix: I'll remind you :)
  72. Asterix thanks
  73. Asterix GN guys
  74. tmolitor asterix: gn8
  75. Holger tmolitor: BTW without knowing the code I would assume that Gajim just sends the XML console input verbatim to the server, no? So in order to fix the counting issue Gajim would rather need to parse the input (to count the stanzas), first.
  76. tmolitor holger: could be possible...
  77. tmolitor we definitely need more investigation on this...
  78. tmolitor but currently I'm implementing sm3...
  79. Link Mauve Holger, that was my understanding too, including the fact you can easily receive a not-well-formed error that way.
  80. Holger Been there, got the t-shirt :-)
  81. Link Mauve :D
  82. Link Mauve My t-shirt says <presence/>. :p
  83. Link Mauve Except if I turn my back to you.
  84. Holger Hah.
  85. Link Mauve Then it says <presence type="unavailable"/>. :p