Gajim - 2016-10-31

  1. matze Hi there, could anybody plz provide some help? I upgraded all of my PCs to Linux Mint 18 but my Desktop runs into troubles and refuses to start up Gajim.
  2. matze Gajim 16.5.1: The error is 'RLock object isn't callable' and seems to be fired by the omemo plugin. Unfortunatly reinstalling Gajim doesn't solved it and I'm unable to disable the plugin via CLI?
  3. matze Any ideas?
  4. lovetox upgrade to latest gajim
  5. lovetox matze
  6. lovetox and are you sure you are using the latest version of the plugin?
  7. lovetox 0.9.5
  8. jubalh why does gajim always automatically set the encryption on
  9. jubalh this is so annyoing
  10. jubalh "‎[01:56:09 PM] ‎This session is encrypted and WILL be logged ‎[01:56:09 PM] ‎Remote contact's identity not verified. Click the shield button for more details."
  11. jubalh and why can i not disable this by clicking on that shield button?
  12. lovetox you can disable it in the advanced config
  13. lovetox editor
  14. lovetox search for "autonegotiate_esessions"
  15. lovetox and "enable_essesions"
  16. lovetox but you also could just verify the contact
  17. lovetox and then you have an encrypted session
  18. lovetox you have to verify only once
  19. lovetox jubalh
  20. jubalh in the "advanced settings" ? how did you guys come up with this :) i think its fairly normal that i want to enable or disable that. so i would like to just click on the shield icon and say "no encryption for now please" (in case i know thta i want to read this from a device that doesnt have an OMEMO key yet and want to have it totally readable in MAM)
  21. lovetox if you use omemo, this should be automatically disabled
  22. lovetox so i guess you never used omemo on that account
  23. lovetox also why would you want to disable it?
  24. lovetox its a encryption that only works between gajim and gajim
  25. lovetox it provides you with more security without doing anything
  26. lovetox if you want to get rid of the message, just verify the key of your contact or leave iot
  27. lovetox jubalh
  28. lovetox also that has nothing to do with OMEMO
  29. lovetox its another encryption that only gajim uses
  30. lovetox you should be able to disalbe it through the advaned settings icon in every chat window
  31. Link Mauve lovetox, it’s sad that esessions is still the only widespread encryption mechanism that can be used with XMPP.
  32. lovetox widespread? does anyone else implement this?
  33. Link Mauve I mean, more than Jingle XML Streams, which is AFAIK not implemented anywhere.
  34. Link Mauve And more than draft-miller-xmpp-e2e, which has also zero implementation.
  35. Link Mauve The rest is only for body, not for XMPP.
  36. Link Mauve Oh, and OX too, but this one still doesn’t have any implementation I know of.
  37. lovetox did you not work on it for poezio?
  38. Link Mauve Yes, I have a half-finished implementation, that doesn’t count.
  39. Link Mauve I also have one for Jingle XML Streams.
  40. lovetox im working on adding a ui for mam preferences right now
  41. lovetox should be finished soon :D
  42. lovetox not that i would need it
  43. Link Mauve Great. :)
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