Gajim - 2016-10-29

  1. JBBgameich Hello
  2. LNJ Here are two noobs who want to make a new QML-based gui
  3. SouL =O
  4. lovetox LNJ, JBBgameich
  5. lovetox what is QML
  6. lovetox Qt
  7. lovetox and you think porting gajim to Qt is easier then making a new client from scratch with some xmpp lib Oo
  8. Marzanna I tried to use nbxmpp with QML but ran into problems with threading :/
  9. linus Sounds like a train wreck kind of idea :p
  10. LNJ I'm not sure about it
  11. LNJ I initiallay wanted to have something like conversations also on desktop and on other mobile platforms
  12. lovetox you wanted a smartphone UI on the desktop?
  13. lovetox sounds horrible
  14. LNJ not the UI, the functionality
  15. LNJ I want to have a client for desktop that work perfectly with conversations on android
  16. lovetox so what functionality are you missing?
  17. LNJ I'm new to gajim, and my first impression is very good! Therefore I would like to only rewrite the ui in qml
  18. lovetox only
  19. lovetox haha
  20. lovetox thats like 70 % of the work of a new client
  21. lovetox but have a go at it :)
  22. Link Mauve lovetox, not really, the UI isn’t that huge really.
  23. lovetox it is, basically everything i do all day is UI stuff
  24. lovetox everything has to do with it
  25. lovetox it all about how to show this or that and where
  26. Link Mauve So you’ve never touched the core?
  27. lovetox no, because thats not where gajims problems lie
  28. lovetox its not that gajim cant fetch mam, its how its displayed for example
  29. Link Mauve It doesn’t fetch it from MUC though, that would be a good improvement. :)
  30. lovetox pure stanza code for getting or setting something is easy and many libs do this for you
  31. Link Mauve Yes.
  32. lovetox its how you display all this in a good way to the user
  33. lovetox that separates a good client
  34. lovetox from a bad one
  35. sergepv Hello. Can't find how to post xhtml-im links as links in gajim. When sent from pidgin it looks like this: test link <>. And gajim receives and shows it. But how can I send such link in gajim?
  36. lovetox hmm
  37. lovetox and if you post it like that
  38. lovetox <a href='​'></a>
  39. lovetox asd <a href='​'></a>
  40. lovetox na not working :/
  41. Link Mauve sergepv, I think you need to enable ReST support, IIRC.
  42. Link Mauve Have a look in Help > Features and look for that.
  43. sergepv Link Mauve: hm... it's enabled... can't find how to post links as RST either :)
  44. sergepv Is there some button I'm missing?
  45. Link Mauve sergepv, try writing something like `something <>`_
  46. Link Mauve sergepv, try writing something like :download:`something <>`_
  47. sergegj Link Mauve: something like :download:`something <>`_
  48. sergegj still doesn't work :(
  49. Link Mauve sergepv, dunno then, I thought it was possible.
  50. sergepv Link Mauve: Maybe it does work, I just have not found how to do that yet...
  51. lovetox hm i dont think its possible right now
  52. lovetox did you install docutils maybe?
  53. lovetox
  54. lovetox then try activating in the advanced config
  55. lovetox rst_formatting_outgoing_messages
  56. sergegj lovetox: docutils installed, something like :download:`something <>`_ ... What's the correct syntax to send the link?
  57. lovetox hm im looking into that myself right now
  58. Nick Hi, I’m trying to use the python script to migrate my psi logs to gajim, but there is probably something I’m doing wrong. It takes hours to create "os" "sre" "time" files and the gajim logs.db doesn’t change. I waited 5 hours, it seems a lot… Any ideas?
  59. lovetox what python script
  60. Nick the script available here:
  61. lovetox hm i can try it afterwards
  62. lovetox it does not create files though
  63. lovetox what are you seeing in console
  64. lovetox and i hope you are using the 2014 version of the script
  65. lovetox there should constant log output
  66. lovetox does psi save the messages in textfiles?
  67. Nick in the console (debian jessie), I see nothing, it’s executing the script for a lonnng time. I’m using the 2014 script. At the end of the script, some messages are supposed to be printed in the console (building logs…) but I don’t get there…
  68. Nick yes, in text fils
  69. Nick files
  70. lovetox do you see this when you start
  71. lovetox print 'Starting Psi Logs Migration' 273 print '======================='
  72. Nick no, I think it stops before that
  73. lovetox are you on unix?
  74. Nick my "OS" file get to 7.6MB…
  75. Nick yes, linux debian
  76. lovetox and you are running this with python23
  77. lovetox python2
  78. Nick yes, python 2.7.9, I could try with python3 too, but given the age of the script…
  79. lovetox no its a python2 script
  80. lovetox it wouldnt work with python3
  81. Nick I just type: ./
  82. lovetox and no output whatsoever after this?
  83. lovetox in the console
  84. Nick I also try I think "python"
  85. Nick no, it hangs and slowly build the files named at the beginning of the script
  86. lovetox thats not files
  87. lovetox that are just libraries to import
  88. lovetox we need for the script
  89. lovetox you should not see this
  90. lovetox this seems weird
  91. Nick but I do get files created
  92. lovetox make a file
  93. Nick most of them appear only when I interrupt the process with a right click
  94. lovetox write this into it
  95. lovetox import os print(
  96. lovetox run it with python
  97. lovetox look if it prints something to console
  98. Nick with, it prints: posix
  99. Nick but I got something interesting
  100. Nick if I type python, it prints posix
  101. Nick but if I type ./ (being in the folder), it hangs
  102. Nick so let me try again with python
  103. Nick I will disconnect Gajim and I come back in 5/10 minutes
  104. lovetox im gone to for half an hour
  105. Nick Lovetox: Hi again, great, it worked in 1 minute… I just have to edit the script now because I use psi+ but it should be ok… Thanks for your help. i don’t see why it didn’t work with ./ but for now, problem solved!
  106. lovetox k nice to hear
  107. Nick Lovetox: thanks again for your help !
  108. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8458 (After upgrade Ubuntu 16.04-16.10 and update omemo 0.9--0.9.5 plugin …) created Bug description Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/a/.local/share/gajim/plugins/plugin_installer/", line 338, in on_plugin_downloaded plugins = self.scan_dir_for_plugin(plugin_dir) File "/home/a/.local/share/gajim/plugins/plugin_installer/", line 434, in scan_dir_for_plugin module = impor[…]
  109. zak Hi there. I am just testing the LatexPlugin. It works so far, but after sending a formula (to myself as a test), I get a link in the chat window at first. After I click it, I see the resulting picture.
  110. sergegj download `something <>`_ ... Does it work?
  111. zak I see "download something" and something is a http link
  112. zak yes it works, but with the LatexPlugin, I would assume to see the picture at once
  113. lovetox i have to try this, never installed it
  114. sergegj lovetox: `It works`_! Thank you for your hint about rst_formatting_outgoing_messages! .. _It works:
  115. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8458 (After upgrade Ubuntu 16.04-16.10 and update omemo 0.9--0.9.5 plugin …) updated you have to downgrade protobuf to 2.6.1 sudo pip install protobuf==2.6.1
  116. lovetox and how did you do it?
  117. lovetox ‎sergegj
  118. lovetox what is the syntax for sending a link?
  119. sergepv lovetox: It's either "text `link text <somelinkhere>`_ text" or a long version: text `link text`_ text .. _link text: somelinkhere
  120. zak text `helloworld`_ moretext
  121. sergepv zak: You need python-docutils installed to have "RST Generator" enabled in About/Features, then you need to set rst_formatting_outgoing_messages in advanced preferences.
  122. lovetox text `link text <>`_ text
  123. lovetox ah sorry
  124. lovetox wrong client i have it not installed here ^^
  125. lovetox text `link text <>`_ text
  126. lovetox ah nice
  127. zak Whoa... I never recognized that dialog in Gajim!
  128. zak Does Gajim indeed have Audio/Video support??
  129. lovetox yeah though i dont know how it works
  130. lovetox :)
  131. lovetox it also only works gajim -> gajim
  132. sergegj found link syntax examples in `Markup Specification`_ of `reStructuredText docs`_ .. _Markup Specification: .. _reStructuredText docs:
  133. lovetox i read this
  134. lovetox but you syntax is not in there
  135. zak text `helloworld`_ moretext
  136. lovetox text `link text`_ text
  137. lovetox you have to add the <
  138. zak text `helloworld <>`_ moretext
  139. zak ahh..
  140. zak but the syntax is complicated
  141. lovetox yeah
  142. lovetox though we could add this with a simple button
  143. lovetox and input field
  144. zak yeah... but in the end I don't think it is so important
  145. zak you can just write: Go to Gajim:
  146. zak easy enough
  147. lovetox test
  148. lovetox test2
  149. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8458 (After upgrade Ubuntu 16.04-16.10 and update omemo 0.9--0.9.5 plugin …) closed invalid: it's a plugin issue. Please report it ​there
  150. sergegj ‎lovetox‎> but you syntax is not in there Long version is in `Hyperlink Targets: 2. External hyperlink targets <>`_ section, and long version is in `Embedded URIs and Aliases <>`_ section. :)
  151. sergegj *and short version is ...
  152. sergegj zak, about latex plugin question, maybe you also need Image or Url image preview plugin enabled?
  153. zak $$a^2 + b^2 = c^2$$
  154. zak Have everything installed.
  155. zak I first get a link which I need to click. Then the formula/image is displayed.
  156. zak Maybe this is the way it needs to be. But still it would be nice not to have to do this.
  157. sergegj Maybe it's self-only? I mean I just see the $$ ... $$ text, no links, no images.
  158. zak hmm... could be. after I clicked your link, I now see three dots as an image :)
  159. lovetox if i have time i look into it, i guess it could be made much better
  160. lovetox but there are not many people acutally using this
  161. zak Yes I guess so.
  162. zak It would be nice, if the plugin would send the picture, so even Conversations for example which does not know anything about the LatexPlugin could display the formula.
  163. lovetox thats a good idea
  164. zak But as you said, it might not be used by so many people. There are probably more important things you are working on?
  165. lovetox yeah getting the gtk3 branch stable
  166. lovetox and chatmarkers are currently reviewed, which i have written as a new feature for gtk3
  167. zak Thats so cool...
  168. zak How is the work going for gtk3? Still much work to do?
  169. lovetox tell me :) install gajim-default-nightly
  170. zak Uh... maybe I will do that, but not right now.
  171. zak But your impression?
  172. lovetox usable, still some UI bugs, like size stuff of elements, but mostly in features that are not used much
  173. lovetox some plugins in gtk3 are not up to date
  174. lovetox omemo is on 0.9 for example
  175. lovetox image preview is also not at the latest version
  176. zak sound like there is still much to do :-/
  177. danonyb .
  178. danonyb lovetox: Does ubuntu 16.10 support the OMEMO-Plugin for gajim?
  179. lovetox yes of course
  180. lovetox but it only works with protobuf 2.6.1
  181. lovetox and 16.10 has per default 3.0.0
  182. lovetox so you have to downgrade that
  183. danonyb how can i downgrade that?
  184. lovetox sudo pip install protobuf==2.6.1
  185. danonyb ok, i am trying
  186. danonyb lovetox the pip command does not work
  187. lovetox why?
  188. danonyb i do not known
  189. lovetox there has to be an error..
  190. lovetox why do you think it doesnt work?
  191. danonyb it could not be found
  192. lovetox sudo pip install python-protobuf==2.6.1
  193. lovetox try that
  194. danonyb ok...
  195. danonyb still not working
  196. danonyb pip command could not be found
  197. lovetox oh
  198. lovetox then you have to install pip
  199. lovetox sudo apt-get install python-pip
  200. danonyb ok...
  201. danonyb installing...
  202. danonyb it looks like pip 2.7.11-2 is installed
  203. danonyb lovetox: now i am installing protobuf
  204. lovetox i guess you installed all other dependencies also?
  205. lovetox or is you question in general what is needed to get it working?
  206. danonyb i am doing this right now
  207. danonyb sudo pip2 install crytography--upgrade failed
  208. danonyb ok protobuf 310 is installed
  209. danonyb lovetox: what is the next step?
  210. lovetox dont install everything with pip
  211. lovetox use your package manager
  212. lovetox sudo apt-get install python-cryptography
  213. lovetox sudo apt-get install python-axolotl
  214. lovetox and after all that is installed
  215. lovetox downgrade with pip
  216. lovetox sudo pip install protobuf==2.6.1
  217. danonyb which thing first?
  218. lovetox in that order
  219. danonyb sucess
  220. lovetox then go into gajim plugin manager and download gajim-omemo
  221. lovetox and activate it
  222. danonyb ok..
  223. lovetox at first activation it could hang 5 seconds because it generates keys
  224. danonyb the plugin is downloaded
  225. danonyb how can i install it?
  226. lovetox it should show up in installed plugins
  227. lovetox after a restart