Gajim - 2016-10-26

  1. juan It happened to me that I couldnt reach thru FTP or HTTPS and had to switch back and forth between them in deb's sources.list. Is this a known issue?
  2. linus For gitlab, it would be nice if the page shown when you go to listed the projects rather than asking you to sign in
  3. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8457 (Regular Error "Unexpected Fingerprint Collision") created I have a similiar issue to #8451, however with a different stacktrace: In regular intervals, an error message with the stacktrace below pops up. I know that some of my contacts are using the PGP plugin, however I am not (but did before). Strangely, the fingerprint collision is not for a currently logged in user, sometimes I even get it for completly other keys (which I never used i[…] https://trac.gajim.or[…]
  4. Zash Uh, so python-nbxmpp has moved?