Gajim - 2016-10-24

  1. Asterix Hi, I've migrated python-nbxmpp repos + trac to gitlab here: what do you think about that?
  2. arune wow cool
  3. Holger Cosmetic question; wouldn't it be nicer to avoid the product name in the URL, i.e. to use or or something instead?
  4. Holger Either way, very nice!
  5. Holger s/ even :-)
  6. Asterix it was ...
  7. Holger I would've asked the same question back then :-)
  8. Holger I thought it would be nice e.g. to not have URLs depend on the web frontend's name. But as I said, that's just cosmetics of course.
  9. Holger *Git URLs
  10. arune maybe also skip gajim in the prefix ->
  11. Asterix I was about to put all these 3 project (nbxmpp, gajim, gajim-plugins) in the same group (gajim)
  12. Asterix but there will probably be no other groups in this gitlab ...
  13. linus Well, we could keep individual forks on the same server
  14. linus Like lovetox/gajim
  15. Asterix then it will be
  16. linus That way we can use gitlab's merge requests
  17. linus Yeah
  18. linus Oh yeah, that's not a group but a person
  19. Asterix but main repos can still be /gajim instead of /gajim/gajim
  20. linus Yeah
  21. Asterix it seems I have to re-runn the fill transfer to have it without /gajim group :/
  22. linus That seems silly
  23. Asterix hmmm and it seems projects MUST be un a group or under a username
  24. Asterix so /gajim/gajim is better than /asterix/gajim
  25. Asterix arune: so doesn't seem to be possible
  26. linus Yeah I guess
  27. linus and gajim/plugins rather than gajim/gajim-plugins I guess?
  28. linus Perhaps gajim/core as well.
  29. Asterix /gajim/plugins ... well the git repository will be names plugins instead of gajim-plugins then ... same thing for core. git repository will be named core rather than gajim ...
  30. Asterix so ... something else? git. -> it's not only git, it's also wiki and bug tracker code. -> same comment
  31. Holger "development" or "devel"? Whatever, if you prefer gitlab just ignore me :-)
  32. Asterix short URLs are not that bad.
  33. Holger Sounds good to me.
  34. Asterix other opinions?
  35. vorner is more about the content rather than the tool used.
  36. linus I like dev too
  37. linus As for the repo names: the repo name on the server doesn't have to be the same as that of the clone
  38. Asterix yes ... if you provide a name when you clone
  39. Asterix but this also means that the project is names plugins. if one day we have plugins for python-nbxmpp, it will be /gajim/python-nbxmpp-plugins? not consistent with /gajim/plugins
  40. vorner You have gajim/plugins and nbxmpp/plugins.
  41. Asterix ok so /gajim/python-nbxmpp should be /python-nbxmpp/core
  42. Asterix I like, but I don't like those /core
  43. Link Mauve The main disadvantage of /core is that users will clone the repository using this default name.
  44. Asterix I'm more in favor of /gajim/gajim /gajim/gajim-plugins /gajim/python-nbxmpp (or /python-nbxmpp/python-nbxmpp for the last one, but it's heavy ...)
  45. vorner Also, core is a stupid name, because some people tend to have core files lying around O:-)
  46. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #150 (Notification color should be set to normal after sending a message) created The plugin changes the backround color of the message input field. If a certain message length is exceeded, the background is dyed. After sending the message the input field stay dyed. It should be set back to the orginial background color.
  47. Asterix there are problems with attachements. It seems they are only added with the next comment if there is no comment in the file attachement
  48. Asterix fixed
  49. Asterix can you access
  50. Asterix not sure DNS is already propagated
  51. Link Mauve DNS doesn’t propagate, it’s cached.
  52. Asterix yes but if you try to access it whil it doesn't exist, it chaches a 404. then you update bind and you need to wait a long time before you can access it
  53. Asterix Link Mauve: and can you access it?
  54. arune I like better than gitlab...
  55. arune thx
  56. Link Mauve Asterix, yes.
  57. Asterix ok thanks
  58. Link Mauve No, there is no concept of 404 in DNS.
  59. mathieui NXDOMAIN?
  60. Asterix arf .. you know what I mean. It keep in cache that domain doesn't exist
  61. Link Mauve mathieui, ah, yeah.
  62. arune I can access
  63. Asterix perfect
  64. Asterix so python-nbxmpp has officially moved. now redirect to
  65. Asterix and hg repos is no more available
  66. Link Mauve Is there any reason to continue to support X-MESSENGER-OAUTH2? Does Microsoft still maintain their XMPP service?
  67. Asterix no
  68. Asterix AFAIK
  69. Link Mauve What are they using for Linc/Skype?
  70. lovetox Asterix
  71. lovetox did you delete the user base?
  72. lovetox in the gitlab i registered a month ago
  73. lovetox ok no, just got my password reset
  74. lovetox everything alright :)
  75. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #148 (http-upload and #anchor on images) closed invalid
  76. arune Asterix: did you setup login with xmpp so that Link Mauve also can login? 😉
  77. lovetox :D
  78. lovetox Asterix
  79. lovetox the ssl cert is not correct for
  80. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8455 (Programming error - non-fatal) created Bug description Steps to reproduce Software versions OS version: GTK version: PyGTK version: Traceback (most recen[…] • Ticket #8455 (Programming error - non-fatal) updated I am brand new to Gajim. not sure if I filled this out correctly. Traceback (most recent call last): Fil[…]
  81. arune Will gitlab be used for issues as well?
  82. lovetox yes
  83. Asterix lovetox: thanks, fixed