Gajim - 2016-10-23

  1. nick Hi, I'm extending the gajim appindicator plugin. I'm changing icons and behaviour a bit and now I wanted to add notification supprt... But now I want to add the icon of the contact person. I have it as gtk.image and gtk.pixbuffer. But I need for the python notification library an image path. Does somebody know how can I achieve a filepath?
  2. cuc hm why does gajim always expand the the window to max width of my monitor in single window mode... ?
  3. cuc it remembers my window sizes+position perfectly with detached roster...
  4. cuc known bug?
  5. Link Mauve lovetox: someone switched Gajim to some obscure build system in order to get OS X support (their own IIRC), but they dropped maintainance.
  6. lovetox cuc
  7. lovetox its a bug which is already fixed in hg
  8. cuc great thx
  9. lovetox
  10. lovetox Hi nick
  11. lovetox its best to look at gajim code for getting those things
  12. cuc thx i will apply the diff to my gajim install
  13. cuc yihaa fixed :)
  14. lovetox nick: in your case that would be gajim.AVATAR_PATH
  15. lovetox and what do you mean by notification support
  16. lovetox i get notifications just fine with it, otherwise the plugin would make no sense
  17. lovetox at least with ubuntu
  18. kruks23 Hello everybody! lovetox: I would like to ask about the new version of omemo plugin. The plugin is working great in mucs but i can't see the previous message despite in restore_muc_lines i have the value 100.
  19. kruks23 Is a known issue?
  20. lovetox you cant display history in the chat window in encrypted mucs
  21. lovetox history is only in history window
  22. lovetox if thats what you mean
  23. lovetox with restore_muc_lines, you will only get those message into the chat window, that you never received before
  24. lovetox that are new to you
  25. lovetox if you would join the channel a second time, the chat window would be empty, as no new messages, all old messages would be in the history window
  26. lovetox kruks23 :)
  27. kruks23 lovetox, but in others mucs I can see previous messages
  28. lovetox yeah it works like that
  29. lovetox if we join a chat channel
  30. lovetox we tell the server, send us the last 100 messages
  31. lovetox but in encrypted mucs, these messages are encrypted
  32. lovetox and OMEMO allows only for decrypting ONCE
  33. lovetox you can never decrypt the same message twice
  34. kruks23 the mucs I say are with mam
  35. lovetox are you talking about gajim ?
  36. lovetox gajim doesnt support mam in mucs
  37. lovetox what you are seeing are the last X messages in the chat
  38. kruks23 yes I was talking about gajim
  39. lovetox not the complete history
  40. kruks23 ah, now I understand
  41. kruks23 I supposed that gajim already supported mam in mucs
  42. kruks23 lovetox: thank you for the explanation
  43. lovetox but even if gajim supported mam in mucs
  44. lovetox you would see history not in the chat window
  45. lovetox gajim shows chat history only in history window
  46. kruks23 muc_restore_lines isn't work for that?
  47. lovetox the name is kind of wrong
  48. lovetox muc_restore_lines, does not restore history
  49. lovetox it requests actuall messages from the server
  50. lovetox the last X
  51. kruks23 ah
  52. lovetox we get these messages from the server in that moment, so its technically not history
  53. kruks23 but this could change when gajim implements mam in muc?
  54. kruks23 in 1 to 1 chats, the property restore_lines works great
  55. lovetox yes, in 1 to 1 ist actually a restore from the DB
  56. lovetox we could do the same for mucs
  57. lovetox someday
  58. kruks23 some more work then
  59. lovetox but just to make it clear, you should not lose message when you are offline
  60. lovetox if you have muc_restore 100
  61. lovetox if not more than 100 messages were written during your offline time
  62. lovetox and the server actually supports sending you the last 100 messages
  63. lovetox they are just shown only the first time in the chat window
  64. lovetox afterwards -> histroy window
  65. kruks23 you loose messages if you have pending more than 100 messages
  66. lovetox yes because the server sends you only 100
  67. kruks23 exactly
  68. lovetox muc is work in progress in general :)
  69. kruks23 yes :)
  70. kruks23 I can't wait for mix :)
  71. kruks23 but there is a lot of work to do for mix
  72. lovetox yeah hope they work out the xep :)
  73. lovetox Asterix
  74. lovetox i worked the last weeks on a bigger patch to integrate XEP-0333
  75. lovetox do you have time to look over it
  76. danonyb Gajim cannot receive pictures. How can gajim receive OMEMO-encrypted pictures?
  77. lovetox install url_image_preview plugin
  78. lovetox set the size of the picture in the plugin options
  79. lovetox this works only if conversations uses httpupload for transfering the file
  80. lovetox if the server doesnt support httpupload, you cant send encrypted files to gajim
  81. danonyb lovetox: how can i install the Plugin?
  82. danonyb Is there link?
  83. lovetox plugin manager of gajim.
  84. danonyb lovetox: For Linux or windows?
  85. lovetox both
  86. danonyb lovetox: Thank you
  87. lovetox if you use linux, you should also check if you have the package, python-cryptography installed
  88. lovetox plugin works without it, but slower
  89. Asterix lovetox: wow excellent!
  90. Asterix I'll have a bit of time tomorow and on tuesday
  91. lovetox ok i send it to you in the evening
  92. danonyb lovetox: thanks
  93. danonyb Afk
  94. Asterix lovetox: got your mail. Will read that tomorow
  95. q55 hello guys, is there a standard procedure to backup one's Gajim messagging history?
  96. Asterix q55:
  97. q55 Asterix, thank you kindly!