Gajim - 2016-10-22

  1. lovetox so it only appends, and doesnt make them the same
  2. Holger Ah, I see. Thanks.
  3. lovetox from what i could figure out here from code, no guarentee
  4. lovetox :)
  5. lovetox yeah if both works, PEP is master, we querry for pep, afterwards we query for xml
  6. lovetox and if in the xml is something new, we add this to pep
  7. lovetox actually this is pretty thought through :D
  8. lovetox the only fault was for not thinking that a server could drop support for pep, after having it working once
  9. Holger From what I know, just had some homebrewn crippled PEP support in the past ,which was tailored to work with mood/activity/tune nodes and not much else. They did this to cope with performance issues.
  10. Holger I *think* they now switched to a more full-featured module.
  11. Holger So"it worked in the past but it does no longer" sounds a bit surprising to me.
  12. Holger But I'm not sure about that switch, would have to ask.
  13. lovetox thats what the admin told me just now :)
  14. Holger Hah.
  15. Holger Evgeniy?
  16. lovetox no maybe not an admin
  17. lovetox but someone who know
  18. lovetox _vt
  19. lovetox he is in conversations channel also
  20. lovetox but he is moderator in support channel
  21. lovetox :)
  22. lovetox so thats actually something we will here about in later again
  23. lovetox because it seems they now locked people out of theire bookmarks
  24. lovetox its just that gajim didnt care when pulling the bookmarks, for supported features
  25. lovetox on the other hand, there are i believe no clients who support pep bookmark storage
  26. lovetox so only gajim users will feel this
  27. Holger I think Poezio lets you choose the backend.
  28. lovetox is this the only way to see a mailinglist
  29. lovetox
  30. lovetox or are there clients dedicated to showing this?
  31. mathieui Holger, yeah, but it tries to autodetect on the first run
  32. Holger lovetox: I still don't quite understand the effect. In the past, reading and/or writing PEP bookmarks worked?
  33. Holger With
  34. Holger mathieui: Ah, I see.
  35. lovetox yes it seems before they updated their pep, #publish-options was enabled
  36. lovetox so gajim wrote all bookmarks to pep
  37. lovetox now they disabled this, but gajim still pulled from pep, because when reading bookmarks it didnt check the publish-option
  38. lovetox then the user edited a bookmark
  39. lovetox and gajim would publish to xml
  40. lovetox but then reading from pep again
  41. lovetox which overruls xml in gajim
  42. Holger lovetox: There's just web archives. Gmane has an archive of many mailing lists and exposes it via NNTP, which is much nicer. But I'm not sure they have the standards list.
  43. lovetox so thats what i changed now, if we cant write to pep we also dont read from pep
  44. Holger lovetox: Ahh, I see. I would not have expected they supported publish-options in the past.
  45. lovetox probably with there custom thingy?
  46. lovetox by accident somehow
  47. lovetox i dont know :)
  48. Holger Yeah but as I said the goal was to support as little as possible :-)
  49. lovetox this is only a theory that gajim wrote the bookmarks to pep
  50. lovetox maybe theire is some client who does this
  51. Holger Yes, maybe by accident :-)
  52. lovetox without checking the publish option
  53. lovetox but we didnt found one until now :)
  54. lovetox Link Mauve
  55. lovetox Close branch osx_newbuildsys, which never got merged but isn?t wanted anymore.
  56. lovetox whats the story behind this?
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  59. lovetox Holger, arune sorry testmessage :)
  60. arune 😖
  61. arune 😉
  62. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8453 (How many interlocutors in group sending message, so many times sounds …) updated yes i can reproduce this its Shift + Left Mouse there should be no notification in this case
  63. Link Mauve Holger, this would be scary, if every had their bookmarks world-readable.
  64. Link Mauve Holger, this would be scary, if every user had their bookmarks world-readable.
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