Gajim - 2016-10-21

  1. lovetox the "new" one not supported by prosody
  2. lovetox ..
  3. lovetox omfg
  4. lovetox
  5. lovetox im not implementing that one ever, just look at the size whatever it is lol
  6. Link Mauve Gajim isn’t an IoT device, why would you implement it?
  7. lovetox i didnt read it :D
  8. lovetox another question
  9. lovetox gajim right now loses all entity caps of a contact
  10. lovetox once it goes offline
  11. lovetox loses is the wrong word
  12. lovetox it ignores it
  13. lovetox i find this a bit weird
  14. lovetox i think the argument would be, because there are multiple resources, and each of them supports different things
  15. lovetox lets do nothing
  16. Link Mauve lovetox, err, if someone is offline, there is no resource.
  17. Link Mauve If someone has two resources, you can use either the union or the intersection of the features, depending on how conservative you want to be.
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  19. cuc is there a way to move the contact list to the right in single window mode?
  20. arune cuc: we have tabs on left so I think right also should work
  21. lovetox arune, he was talking about contact list though
  22. lovetox cuc i dont know, but you can look at the afdvanced config editor
  23. lovetox maybe there is a setting there
  24. cuc i did already... found nothing
  25. zak Hi there. Just updated the OMEMO plugin to 0.9.5. Is it correct that the OMEMO button is now gone?
  26. zak Doesn't seem so :(
  27. zak Ah, had to activate the plugin again after the update.
  28. zak This is a little bit annoying.
  29. cuc yep had the same "issue" ;)
  30. lovetox really? hmm .. yeah i never really update the plugin because im always on the latest version
  31. lovetox but i look maybe i can do something about that
  32. lovetox important thing is that is works ^^
  33. lovetox im always thankful if after an update not everything breaks :D
  34. zak I think this is not OMEMO specific is it? Meaning that the plugin gets disabled after upgrade.
  35. lovetox hmmm good question :D
  36. zak Whatever it is, it should be fixed ;)
  37. NK hi, anybody help me? don't work an actions with bookmarks j-confereces, try on 0.15.4, 0.16.6 and hg Action... example: delete one of bookmark, delete and restart gajim - bookmark stayed,exist
  38. lovetox whats your server?
  39. lovetox NK
  40. lovetox open the xml console for your account
  41. lovetox delete a bookmark
  42. lovetox and post what xml stream is happening to
  43. NK lovetox:
  44. NK ok, try it
  45. Link Mauve NK, lovetox, someone else on reported the same bug, it was using PEP to download the bookmarks and Private XML for everything else.
  46. NK lovetox:
  47. NK in psi, psi+, vacuum - allright
  48. NK in log don't see error and deleted my bookmark, but if restart gajim - bookmark founded
  49. lovetox NK, right now Gajim doesnt handle Bookmarks correctly
  50. lovetox most server dont care and do it anyway
  51. lovetox but ignores it
  52. lovetox can you edit your bookmarks from another client?
  53. lovetox afterwards gajim should get the right bookmarks
  54. lovetox or are you using only gajim
  55. lovetox ?
  56. NK lovetox: try it, delete in psi+ and vacuum, start gajim - bookmark too
  57. lovetox you mean nothing changes if you edit them from another client?
  58. NK yes
  59. NK sorry for bad english
  60. lovetox hm i have a patch for that in another branch
  61. lovetox i will add the patch to the 0.16.6 branch
  62. lovetox i hope today, afterwards you can try again
  63. lovetox with the version from hg
  64. NK lovetox: branch default or gajim_0.16 ?
  65. lovetox gajim_0.16
  66. lovetox default should work
  67. lovetox but its alpha status
  68. lovetox so other bugs in there
  69. lovetox just wait i add this patch to gajim_0.16
  70. NK ok, wait
  71. NK this is how - bookmark saves on other server special for gajim
  72. NK and, i don't know why, but maybe this error from upgrades on, yet 0.16.5
  73. lovetox yeah i dont know why this just happens now, we never had reports of it not working
  74. lovetox also its weird that if you change a bookmark in another client
  75. lovetox it doesnt translates to gajim
  76. NK yes, that's exactly what's happening(
  77. NK and very interesting... why?
  78. Link Mauve Because those other clients are using Private XML, and Gajim fetches them from PEP.
  79. Link Mauve I already said that earlier.
  80. Link Mauve Everyone should move to PEP already…
  81. lovetox but why is it in pep?
  82. Link Mauve lovetox, because?
  83. Link Mauve It’s how the XEP is designed.
  84. lovetox you said yourself these client dont use pep
  85. Link Mauve Only an older version was recommending Private XML.
  86. lovetox so someone has to store it there
  87. Link Mauve lovetox, those clients have not been updated.
  88. Link Mauve lovetox, ah, dunno, maybe yet another client is only using PEP?
  89. lovetox but the last reported couldnt also name the client who did this
  90. Link Mauve Or maybe changed something that made Gajim bail out of its PEP codepad.
  91. Link Mauve Or maybe changed something that made Gajim bail out of its PEP codepath.
  92. lovetox i slowly suspect jabber ru , stores it itself there
  93. Link Mauve Unlikely.
  94. Link Mauve lovetox, most likely it was Gajim.
  95. lovetox thats unlikely, because doesnt fullfill the requirements
  96. lovetox we talked about this last time
  97. Link Mauve Maybe it used to, before an update.
  98. lovetox hm that could be indeed
  99. lovetox so gajim stores it there, afterwards we only pull from there but cant store there again
  100. lovetox so nothing changes ever
  101. lovetox ok but the patch will solve this good
  102. lovetox the problem was that gajim accepts pep over xml, without testing server features
  103. lovetox but for storing it tests
  104. lovetox so it pulls form pep, but can not store there
  105. Link Mauve lovetox, have you sent an email to 0223’s author to clarify that issue?
  106. lovetox no i did not, because i cant articulate what the alternative would be
  107. lovetox i have no knowledge how pep works
  108. lovetox if this makes sense, or another thing would make more sense
  109. Link Mauve It’s just PubSub on a JID.
  110. lovetox no i meant because of security
  111. lovetox i dont know how these things are configured etc
  112. Link Mauve Just report the issue to standards@ then.
  113. lovetox what issue? i have only a question, is this the correct behaviour or not
  114. lovetox and then they ask me, why should it not?
  115. lovetox and what would be my response to this?
  116. lovetox i dont know, i just ask questions for fun
  117. lovetox :D
  118. lovetox i think we had only a issue, because we believed there was a client who ignores the xep
  119. lovetox but we didnt found one yet
  120. lovetox indeed your theory is much better
  121. lovetox that the server supported all features before an update
  122. lovetox so gajim stores there correctly
  123. lovetox but did not afterwards, and gajim doesnt check features when pulling
  124. lovetox but anway how do i report to @standards?
  125. Link Mauve Just register and send an email.
  126. Link Mauve Like any mailing list.
  127. Link Mauve
  128. lovetox ok so i registered, and now i just write an normal email to
  129. lovetox sorry for asking dumb stuff, but never used a mailing list :D
  130. Link Mauve Yes.
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  132. lovetox NK
  133. NK lovetox, in hg-repository Copyright © 2003-2014 Gajim Team maybe for next time " Copyright © since 2003 Gajim Team " ?
  134. NK
  135. lovetox can you import a patch
  136. lovetox
  137. NK patch -pX --verbose < file.patch in sources?
  138. lovetox and try
  139. lovetox i think just go into the folder where you cloned hg
  140. lovetox and type hg import patchname
  141. lovetox tough check before if you are on the correct branch
  142. lovetox hg update gajim_0.16
  143. NK can you help me with commands?
  144. lovetox yes
  145. lovetox go into the directory where you cloned gajim to
  146. NK patch -Np1 --verbose -i bookmark.patch ?
  147. NK i'm about this
  148. lovetox hm i dont know your commands
  149. lovetox i do it like this
  150. lovetox and type: hg import bookmark.patch
  151. NK ok)
  152. NK hmm, interesting) thx // one moment
  153. NK lovetox, ? hg clone /tmp/gajim.hg cd /tmp/gajim.hg hg update gajim_0.16 && hg branch hg import bookmark.patch
  154. NK > hg import PATH/to/bookmark.patch
  155. lovetox i dont know what hg branch does
  156. lovetox but does this work?
  157. lovetox just try it, you cant lose anything here, other then you have to clone again
  158. NK It's works!
  159. NK lovetox, Link Mauve thx thx thanks
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  161. lovetox great i will merge this patch with hg
  162. lovetox tell your friends on if they have the same problem :)
  163. NK wait, one moment, final test
  164. NK =)
  165. Nk good
  166. Nk and cool)
  167. lovetox nice :)
  168. lovetox i really should get into this pgp stuff, it seems many people use gajim with pgp
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  170. nk_ but question: where are saved me oldest bookmarks?) before delete in gajim w/ bookmark.patch
  171. lovetox what do you mean?
  172. lovetox after the patch you had no bookmars at start?
  173. nk_ Now, i install gajim 0.16.6 - problems and old bookmarks stay
  174. lovetox of course.. 0.16.6 is not hg
  175. lovetox ..
  176. lovetox you have to wait for 0.16.7
  177. lovetox bookmarks are saved in a feature called PEP
  178. nk_ no-no, insteresting where saved this is info about my old_bookmarks?)
  179. nk_ hmm
  180. lovetox the problem is
  181. lovetox to write new or edit bookmarks to PEP
  182. lovetox the server requires some features
  183. lovetox which it seems now after the server update does not anymore
  184. lovetox so gajim cant write anymore to PEP
  185. lovetox but in 0.16.6
  186. lovetox it could read from PEP
  187. lovetox so it read always from PEP
  188. lovetox but couldnt write or delete something from there
  189. lovetox so new version fix is, that if gajim cant write to pep
  190. lovetox it also doesnt read from pep
  191. lovetox so i hope your other clients like psi etc, use also the old xml storage for boomarks
  192. lovetox so gajim will use also now xml storage for boomarks
  193. lovetox and everything can sync with each other
  194. Holger If PEP works, Gajim will use both?
  195. Link Mauve Holger, yes, IIRC.
  196. Link Mauve It will read from PEP and store to both.
  197. Holger Store just changes to both I guess?
  198. Link Mauve There is no concept of changes, writes are atomic.
  199. Holger Or will both end up being identical?
  200. Holger Not at the protocol level, but if a user adds a bookmark, Gajim could just add that bookmark to both and leave the (possibly differing) remaining bookmarks untouched.
  201. Link Mauve Oh.
  202. Link Mauve No, it doesn’t do that.
  203. Link Mauve That would require it to load from both at any time, since another resource may have changed the Private XML..
  204. Link Mauve That would require it to load from both at any time, since another resource may have changed the Private XML.
  205. Holger Right. I'm not saying it should, just wondering how it works.
  206. Link Mauve That was the main reason to switch to PEP, so that other resources would get the changes as they happen.
  207. Holger Yup.
  208. Holger PEP totally makes sense for this of course. Assuming the node is stored persistently ...
  209. Holger And what's the issue with
  210. Link Mauve And isn’t accessible by other people.
  211. Holger should probably read backlog.
  212. Link Mauve They don’t expose something Gajim checks for, IIRC.
  213. Holger (But it's so much easier to have you guys explain everything again for me!)
  214. Holger Ah.
  215. Link Mauve (Hehe. :p)
  216. lovetox so Holger, about this bookmarks best practice xep
  217. lovetox if i write a email to @standards, would you add what the questions are regarding this
  218. lovetox because i cant really articulate it :D
  219. Holger Erm, I think I have no questions? :-)
  220. Holger Except I'd be interested in what exactly gets wrong.
  221. lovetox so what, the xep makes sense now and is correct?
  222. lovetox because then i write no email :)
  223. Holger Oh sorry, now I know what you mean.
  224. lovetox because it seems there are no servers who enable the options that the xep wnats
  225. lovetox so either admins dont know about it
  226. Holger You mean our discussion from a few days ago and expect me to still remember even though it's ... a few days ago!
  227. lovetox or they think its wrong :)
  228. Holger Yes, the question is what exactly the intention behind using pubsub#publish-options in this XEP is and whether people think it should stay that way (despite servers not supporting it).
  229. Holger And if they do I have some follow-up questions regarding the details. I'll post them in that case, yes.
  230. lovetox nice k i write the mail now thanks
  231. Holger Sounds good.
  232. Holger The intention might be to double check that the pubsub#persist_items and pubsub#access_model node configuration options are really set. I.e. to check this whenever bookmarks are stored, as opposed to just checking this once at the beginning of the session or whatever.
  233. Holger I could understand that intention, but the question is whether it wouldn't be more pragmatic to drop it given the missing support.
  234. Holger But if we don't drop it, I think it's clearly underspecified how exactly this is supposed to work.
  235. Holger If I'm just overlooking the details, or if they are clarified by a 0060 update, I'd add server-side support.
  236. Holger "I've never used a mailing list" lets me feel sooo old BTW!
  237. lovetox haha :D
  238. lovetox btw Holger, when gajim gets bookmarks from private storage
  239. lovetox and there is a new bookmark in there, it adds this and publishes to pubsub